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Catching up with Bronxdj

Real Name – Brian Banda

Location – Netherlands,

So take us on a journey, where does it all begin? – It all begun from home where we had a P.A & Disco’s for hire. So I basically grew up surrounded by 12inch, 15inch speakers, but hadn’t found the passion of being a Dj then. In high school I was well known for walking around with walk man & Discman with 4-6batteries all glued together just so I could listen to music. But by then it was all about music till I finished my high school. Hooked up with the best RnB & hip Hop Dj in town Mellow T, he then schooled me the next level. He taught me the basics & important steps to being a real club DJ. I remember I used to carry his bag and spend the week with him at his place burning disc’s just so I know what I was putting myself into, and by then I didn’t have enough disc’s myself, but have to admit, I had so much excitement to finally play at a club. He then introduced me to the real club scene and to other club DJ’s the likes of, DJ Dynamite, DJ Mataka, DJ Skillz and they helped me understand what the real DJ club scene was all about. At that time it was hard for me trying to balance my dream, getting a club residency & making it official that I wanted to be a DJ at home, because my family thought I was in it for the girls & enjoying the late nights out at an early age. That was my biggest problem and I went through I a lot just to convince them that I was all about the music nothing else. After that, that’s when I finally got my feet in the game and decently played my way up to where I am today, it’s been a long & stressful 8years. 

Brian Banda "Bronxdj"
Brian Banda "Bronxdj"

Who is your inspiration (Life) – My inspiration is my mum, that sweet young beautiful lady keeps me going I get strong each day. She is solid strong been through a lot with her & wont stop being her ambassador. 

Who is your inspiration(music) – That would be Patrick L Chappell, his a good friend of mine who keeps pushing me to get better & be strong, very few people in life would do that to you at no charge and do it with a smile. What inspires me the most is the way he got to where he is today, his done tracks with all major producers & Dj’s and yet still keeps a very humble and down to earth personality. 

People have a certain perception about Djs, Party life, alcohol, and women! What’s your take on that? – Its a touchy issue but will try not to be general, well I do it for the love of music, the passion behind and that facial expression I see when I play that track that people love, those are priceless moments. What I’ve learnt through the years is, Dj life is all about self discipline!! Dj’s have always been judged as casannova’s, players & all those tags because, as a DJ you can have it all in one night that’s a fact, but if you have self discipline and you know why you came to the club all that is but a rumour .Truth is if you a DJ and you play a good set and girls have a good time(clean version) the club will be alive, but on the other hand some DJ’s (very few I must say) they do it to show off all because he is the DJ he can hook up wit the hottest lose lady in the club, that’s real but trust me very few guys do it for the ‘hook up’s’. Party life is fast and very dangerous that’s real talk, for DJ who can wake up in 2-4different cities in a week, then you have to keep up and with jetlegs & no sleep it gets really heavy, that’s when we’re tagged to be on drugs & all that, but truth is not everyone does that! Basically it’s a rough job which needs your A game at all times and if you can handle it you are a happy sober someone :-) ) 

Where do you normally play? – Since I’ve been based in the Netherlands been around Europe, Netherlands obviously, few spots in Germany, Antwerpen & Brussels in Belgium, Birmingham, London in the UK 

So what does it really mean to be a Dj to you? – Its about telling your story and giving your crowd a good time and having your own signature, because anyone can wake up and say they are a DJ but how he/she does, it stamps a trademark to the crowd. To me it’s not always about commercial stuff but its the Dj’s job to introduce new staff and give the crowd a good night out. Personally every clubber’s night is special so I’ve got to make it count, giving them something to talk about through the week. Then I know it was a good day at the office :-) ) 

Any plans of playing in the UK or when next are you around? – I’m actually spending my summer in the UK *hopefully awaiting my visa* so will be in and around a few cities that’s for sure. I’m definitely in London attending 2boat parties i.e Kasiluv Luxurious Boat cruise party and Slick 7th anniversary, Manchester, aswell some Record Label nights, Birmingham with my 2friends The Houstronauts DJ Standish & DJ Skizo still to confirm a few more gigs, depending on the schedule might attend Savanna Lake in Leeds. I always love being in the UK the crowd goes all out my kind of thing!! 

For more information contact Dj Bronx or Nancy on:

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Tel: +31652313543(Netherlands), +447466448140(UK)

Mixes on www.qhradio.nl 2100hrs Amsterdam time, 2000hrs London time

Download his mixes from http://djbronx.podomatic.com  (updated weekly)