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Downings boss stabbed former employee

HARAMBEE Holdings chief executive officer, Mr David Govere, reportedly stabbed his former senior employee in the face after he demanded payment of his outstanding salary amounting to US$38 000. The incident, which occurred in Borrowdale on Wednesday, left the former executive – Mr Muchengeti Kutsirai with a deep cut under the right eye.

Mr Muchengeti Kutsirai with a deep cut under the right eye
Mr Muchengeti Kutsirai with a deep cut under the right eye

Mr Kutsirai was employed by Harambee Holdings’ subsidiary Downings Bakery as finance director. Mr Kutsirai has also worked for Harambee Holdings’ other subsidiaries including Trinpac Investments and Glendale Spring as general manager and operations director respectively. Harare provincial police spokesperson Inspector James Sabau could neither deny nor confirm the incident.

“We can’t find the case. The case we have under that number is of a motor vehicle accident,” he said. Mr Govere’s two mobile numbers were not reachable but his lawyer, Mr Norman Bvekwa of Bvekwa Law Practice, last night could only say: “To my knowledge, I can confirm he is out (of police custody).”

Mr Kutsirai said he had been treated at the Avenues Clinic and discharged before making a report at Harare Central Police Station. “I have made a report and they opened a case against Mr Govere. “The case number is IR 061 944 and docket was referred to Mabelreign Police Station,” Mr Kutsirai said.

He said the dispute between him and Mr Govere arose after he resigned from his post as general manager procurement for Trinpac Investment on April 26, 2011. Mr Kutsirai said he had communicated to Mr Govere who invited him to come to an office in Borrowdale to discuss the issue. “I went there and there were other people present.

“We discussed about my outstanding salary and he just went ballistic after I refused his offer. He attacked me with a sharp object and locked the gate threatening to cut my throat,” he said. Mr Kutsirai, who was still bleeding, said he was hit and he fell to the ground. He said when he got up he saw Mr Govere wielding a knife.

“I then ran for my dear life and jumped over the fence leaving my car behind,” he said. He said Mr Govere and other people chased after him but he outpaced them. Mr Kutsirai said he had also reported the case to Labour Court under case number 1196/11. According to the labour case, Mr Kutsirai stated that he prays that his outstanding salary of US$38 050 be paid instead of the US$8 216.75, which the company insists is due to him.

“I pray that your good office consider my salary from the group arising and payable from Trinpac Investments,” says Mr Kutsirai in his claim. He further says he is aware of the financial challenges the company is facing and that it may not within a short time clear his dues. “I pray to be awarded the car a Mercedes Benz registration ABP 3626 with a market value of US$12 000, which I am holding.

“If I am given the said car in lieu of part of my salary, I will be able to immediately unlock some funds to sustain myself since it has done similar arrangements in the last four months with some selected ex-employees,” Mr Kutsirai said.