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Zim achievers awards fever grips UK

By Vickie Nkomo

So we are about two days away from the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards and I still don’t know what to wear. A woman’s life is not easy, I just have to be perfect. Am sure however that my designer friend will figure something out tomorrow hopefully.

Vickie Nkomo
Vickie Nkomo

The 2009 awards ceremony for me was all about knowing and understanding  the standards. I wore something very settled and the usual colors to fit in with the crowd. Of course I did have a couple of compliments here and there and like any other woman, I loved it. This year should be different. Perhaps I should make a statement with what I wear.

Am thinking, something colorful and long and bright, yes very bright. I can just see it now,walking on the red carpet, paparazzi taking my pictures and all trying to get an interview with me. Oh Yes, the sound of the people screaming my name Vickie! Vickie!. (Snap out of it)

Back to reality, I am looking forward to seeing what Shingai Shoniwa will wear. I just love her style, its different and unique. I still wonder what she does with her hair, artistic. Oh yes and just talking about her, she is set to be giving out awards to some of the winners and is to be honored at the awards. She is clearly an amazing singer and musician and a role model.

Another star set to entertain us is none other than the Zambezi start Tinashe. Its all about the mbira combined with his guitar, his hat and his voice. The fusion in his music is beautiful and my all time favorite song, well ” I think we’re going down” its Mayday. Everything about it is genius although Zambezi seems to be every ones favorite. I wonder, is it because its more in touch with Zimbabwe? Oh well, am sure you can answer that one.

I would like to see Cynthia Mare entertain us, we have to hear that voice. The other people I would have loved to dance to is Oluhle and Mangesto. Oluhles’ new songs are a master piece, I just adore house music. We did an interview with her on SW Radio Africa with my co presenter Lance Guma, who with his two left feet amazingly danced to her songs. So as for all those that are entertaining, all I ask is please get us dancing all night long.

You know the thought of red carpet and the venue just raises the standard for the awards ceremony. I think of the words classy, elegant, colorful (again), stardom and celebrities. Yes I said it! Celebrities.

So I guess you are wondering who I would like to pick to be the winners. Well I can give you my view but one can never be too sure. I find the video category the most exciting one. In my opinion I think Tinashe with “Zambezi” is going head to head with Bkay and Kazz “7 Wonders”.

 Both have great creativity but yet so different. Although how ever you have Kyriah Dee with “Turn Around”. So its kind of hard to say who will win. Then I was thinking of Jusa Dementor and in my opinion the guy is amazingly talented and creative both in videos and song writing and definitely the production. So its a tight competition people and I hope you all voted.

Speaking of voting. This time around there wasn’t any cheating. Yeah with a smile on my face! You were only allowed to vote once a day I think, if not a week. What you couldn’t do it sit in front of your PC and keep pressing the vote button. No no no! Not this time around.

Am looking forward to a Kanye West moment. Literally being honest, I would like to see something out of this world, from the dressing to the winners speech. I wonder if we will have someone who will dare to be different. Why should we all confirm and be quiet and very polite?

Why not be crazy and not worry about what perhaps “Nehanda” (known for its humorous stories) they would write. I dare you all to be different and fun but of course if you do something embarrassing, I’ll have something to write about on my blog.

So see you all at the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards and when you see me just smile and say “cheesecake”