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Sikhala claims plot to assassinate him failed

Controversial former MDC St Mary’s Member of Parliament who until recently was a senior official in the Mutambara MDC Job Sikhala claims there was a plot to assassinate him yesterday evening at around 11:30pm.

Sikhala who recently broke away from Mutambara to form the MDC-99 says he escaped with minor injuries when the two right tyres of his vehicle were ‘were shot flat from a passing unregistered double cab CAM vehicle.’ A party statement said he was 30km from Gutu towards Harare.

His vehicle then veered off the road and landed in a ditch. The CAM vehicle is said to have then accelerated off at high speed. The MDC-99 says Sikhala was coming from Bikita where he had gone to attend the funeral of the late Nkomo, father to prominent human rights lawyer, Harrison Nkomo.

At the time of the incident Sikhala was in the company of his two sons aged (5) and (3) and party Youth National Chairman, Anderson Hunduza. ‘They were rescued this morning by MDC 99 Security Chief, Costa Gombera. The vehicle has been left there as police were yet to attend to the scene,’ the party said.

‘The MDC 99 strongly condemns any force, party or individual behind the attack. The attack is satanic and uncalled for in the war against dictatorship.  MDC 99 warns those behind it that the people’s power will deal with them accordingly. We know who has the best record in this kind of foul play.’