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Appeal to help another tumour operation girl

Last year Zimbabweans the world over rallied behind an appeal run by the Girl Child Network to help raise over 10 000 pounds to help 18 year old Taremeredzwa Nomatter Mapungwana remove two troublesome tumours from her mouth in the United Kingdom.

Following the success of that operation another needy case as arisen in Gokwe. Trinity Mkonza who is 17 years old has a similar malignant tumour just like Tare. Trinity is the last born in her family and is staying with her mother Levia Mkonza who happens to be a widow.

Linda Valerie Guzha who met Trinity on one of her field trips sent out the alert on her condition. She says Trinity’s problem started in 1997 when she developed a growth on her right cheek which is painful at times.  Signs show that there is a development inside as some puss or watery substance comes out just under the right eye.

The Girl Child Network run by child rights activist Betty Makoni has now been approached to help again. Those willing to help can get in touch with Hazviperi Betty Makoni (Muzvare) CEO and Founder Girl Child Network Worldwide;
Mobile: 00 44(0)7866154860, Work Telephone:00 44 1702 302333
Fax: 00 44 1702 300 063, Website: http://www.girlchildnetworkworldwide.org