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MDC suspends engagement in unity govt

Zimbabwe’s MDC party announced Friday that it had suspended its participation in a government of national unity with long time rivals Zanu PF.

Prime Minister Tsvangirai lambasted his coalition partners as insincere and said the arrest of party treasurer Roy Bennett was the last straw.

Tsvangirai described Zanu PF as dishonest, unreliable and unrepentant. Speaking to journalists in Harare on Friday Tsvangirai said while the MDC will remain in government, they are going to disengage from Zanu PF, and in particular from Cabinet and the Council of Ministers, until there is the full resolution of all outstanding issues and the complete implementation of the GPA.

Despite countless meetings, correspondence and trips to SADC he said they had been no movement in resolving outstanding issues, ‘Instead, we have seen total abuse and disrespect of the GPA and in particular of the MDC. Ministerial mandates have been changed unilaterally, government internal rules have not been changed to recognize the new reality.

Over and above this, some government agencies, in particular few components in the National Security forces, still behave as if the old order exists. The National Security Council itself has met only once in nine months,” Tsvangirai said.

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“We are also aware of the extensive militarization of the countryside through massive deployment of the military and the setting up of bases of violence that we saw after the 29th March 2008. Over and above this, we are aware of over 16 000 of Zanu PF youth functionaries who have been imposed on the government payroll.”