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Zanu PF should be wary of Jonathan Moyo

By Benjamin Chitate

Dear Editor…………

Jonathan Moyo’s effort to win back his place in the evil party, Zanu PF, by peddling falsehoods that officers in the Prime Minister’s office are being paid salaries by foreign governments seems to have left him with egg on the face after the World Bank explained contracts that have been issued to some personnel working in the Prime Minister’s office.

As explained by the World Bank, there is a facility available to all government ministries, irrespective of whether the ministry is controlled by Zanu PF, MDC or independent, to request for payment of salaries for short-term contract workers working on important national projects.

One is tempted to conclude that there is nothing progressive taking place in Zanu PF managed ministries. It could be, instead, be the case that there is nothing developmental taking place in Zanu PF controlled ministries, but that the ministers are spending all their time plotting against progressive elements in government, activities they don’t known by organisations such as the World Bank. Once the World Bank sponsors an activity, they would need detailed reports on what has been taking place to assess progress. Our comrades in Zanu PF would rather do without assistance than expose the skeletons in their cupboards.

Interesting is how a Namibian “analyst” was brought in to talk about things that he doesn’t know about on national television, again evidence of how some people are spending productive time on stupid plots that only serve to erode the credibility of the personalities and institutions involved.

Jonathan Moyo’s behaviour serves as a warning to all progressive forces that the devil is working overtime, and we should never be caught with out pants down. The good news is that the devil is finding it tough as he is now running out of ideas.

As long as the Zanu PF controlled Public Service Commission refuses to formalise the employment of officers working for the Prime Minister’s office, or any other government ministry for that matter, the affected national projects should be able to source donor funding from any donor agent legally operating in Zimbabwe for the salaries of short term consultants to ensure that the projects in question are not adversely affected by Zanu PF sabotage through the Public Service Commission.

The high quality MDC leadership should never be bothered by the utterances of Jonathan Moyo and should remain focused on the bigger picture. We in the grassroots can effectively deal with Jonathan. Forward ever, backwards never. And for Zanu PF, they should be wary of this mercenary, whose contribution can get them worse off than they currently are. He is only trying to come back for the money.
Benjamin Chitate
New Zealand