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MDC has reached point of no return

By Benjamin Chitate

As an MDC member living outside Zimbabwe, I would like to contribute to the MDC consultation process on whether to pull out of, or remain in the Government of National Unity.

Firstly I would like to thank the leadership for throwing the issue to the membership for input. This justifies the MDC’s claim to democracy.

I think the MDC leadership, under very difficult circumstances, has pushed the people’s cause to a point where the regional and international community has become actively involved, and to pull out at this stage would be to reverse the little gains that have so far been made, and put to waste the momentum that is currently gathering and the hope that comes with it.
With Jacob Zuma calling on the three principals to the Global Political Agreement during his address to the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) 10th national congress in Midrand, Johannesburg; the recent visit by an EU delegation to South Africa and Zimbabwe; the recent visit of US Congressmen to Zimbabwe where they met the country’s President Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai; and the meeting between Mugabe and US Congressmen at the United Nations General Assembly, I see President Mugabe giving in to pressure from the regional and international community and agreeing to fully implement the GPA. the US Congressmen, according to media reports, will be bringing a bigger delegation in December to assess progress on the implementation of the GPA. One hopes that these many efforts currently being made will bear fruit.

If the MDC decides to pull out, living conditions for the average Zimbabwean will quickly deteriorate to 2008 levels or even worse. It had been a relief to phone family back home in Zimbabwe and hear that things are slowly improving. MDC ‘s pulling out will bring back misery to many.

Instead, the MDC is best advised to improve on its strategies to contain Zanu PF. I know that the evil Zanu PF will always resort to dirty tactics, killing a few innocent souls as it has done in the past; but even more will be killed if the MDC pulls out. I am not saying it is fine to have those few that may be killed loose their lives, but that should be expected knowing Zanu PF the way I do. The MDC strategy could include consistently knocking on SADC Chairman Kabila’s door to update him on Zanu PF violence, constantly reminding him of Zanu PF’s disregard of the SADC Tribunal and so on. President Zuma should also be encouraged to share his view with the rest of the SADC leaders, and I am sure the majority will realise, if they still believe in Mugabe, that it is Mugabe himself who is the problem, and be able to confront him with the truth at the next opportunity. 
All progressive Zimbabweans should also applaud President Zuma, the EU, as well as the US Congressmen for their initiatives to break the impasse, and urge them to target the rest of the SADC leadership.
I would want to believe that the MDC leadership is also briefing the African Union and the United Nations on current developments, including increased violence on MDC supporters and activists, which seems to be aimed at disrupting the constitution making process to ensure that the elections proposed after the adoption of a new constitution are delayed to give Zanu PF the chance to regroup.

The MDC leadership should borrow a leaf from star musician Leonard Zhakata who said in one of his latest songs “Vamwe vakasumuka ndokunetera munzira, kuremerwa, kuremerwa” (Some had an impressive start, but got tired before reaching the destination). All Zimbabweans who genuinely need democracy and improved living conditions, including me, I solidly behind every move that you make. Please to not tire, remember the Shona saying ‘Dende rinoputsika wosvika” (negative things happen when you are about to achieve your goal if you don’t focus). Keep going strong! “Zvichanaka chete zvichanaka” (In the end it will work out fine), again to borrow from Leonard Zhakata.
Benjamin Chitate
New Zealand