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Minister Moyo to Address UK Conference

LONDON – A high-powered delegation of representatives from Zimbabwe’s inclusive government and the business sector will unveil the country’s Diaspora engagement policy at a conference to be held in London later this month to discuss investment, development and migration.

The one-day Zimbabwe Diaspora Investment Conference, which is being hosted by the independent Zimbabwe Diaspora Development Interface (ZDDI), will take place on September 26 at the University of East London’s Docklands campus.

The chief executives of the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) and the Zimbabwe Investment Authority (ZIA), Emmanuel Munyukwi and Richard Mbaiwa, respectively, will address the conference alongside the Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister, Gorden Moyo, and the director of policy and implementation in the same office, Lazarus Muriritirwa.

The Zimbabwe delegation will be joined in discussions with Zimbabweans in the UK by representatives of key agencies from the UK government, including the Department for International Development (DIFD).

ZDDI coordinator Musekiwa Makwanya hailed the conference as an exciting and non-partisan opportunity for the Zimbabwean Diaspora to interface with key players from Zimbabwe’s inclusive government and business sector, and from the UK government.

“The conference will tap into the massive capital that the Diaspora can provide in the reconstruction of Zimbabwe. With its thematic focus on investment, development and migration, it will focus on key policy issues relating to investment opportunities for the Zimbabwean Diaspora, skills return and development, among other issues that affect the Diaspora,” Makwanya said.

ZDDI is an independent, non-partisan development platform launched in September 2006 by Zimbabweans living in the UK. Its key objective is to leverage the ideas, skills, experiences, networks and financial resources of the Zimbabwean Diaspora for the reconstruction and development of their home country. ZDDI also facilitates debate and discussion among Zimbabwean Diaspora groups and between them and their host government here in the UK.

Further information on the conference can be obtained by visiting the ZDDI website: www.zimdiasporainterface.org