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Sex mad wife battered husband at work

A Chiweshe teacher who has lived under constant battering from his wife, including forced intimacy, has approached Bindura Civil Court seeking protection from his wife.

Mr Fortune Muteveri, a teacher and farmer is now seeking a peace order against his wife Fransisca Mashonganyika.

Although Mashonganyika has moved out of the matrimonial home claiming there was no “delicious food at home” she always returns home demanding sex from her husband, in front of his fellow teachers, threatening to strip naked if he refused.

But the wife is denying the allegations, rather accusing the husband of neglecting his family.

In his testimony before magistrate Ms Miriam Banda, Mr Muteveri said his wife was abusive and on one occasion stepped on his genitals.

Apart from stepping on his nether regions, Mr Muteveri said his wife bashed him and tore his pair of trousers because he had not caressed her the whole night.

“The defendant (Ms Mashonganyika) on one occasion tried to injure my private parts by stepping on the genitals. She would also force me into intimacy, and would use abusive and unprintable language to demand her conjugal rights,” Mr Muteveri said.

Mr Muteveri said the woman constantly regretted why she married him accusing him of being sexually impotent.

“She usually comes home late at night and in most cases in the company of other men yet she pesters my brother demanding to know whom I am dating.

“I want the defendant (Mashonganyika) to be interdicted from coming over to my house and workplace since I am paying her maintenance of $75 a month,” he said.

Mr Muteveri said his wife never respected him and always overrides every decision he makes as the family head.

“Sometimes she physically assaults me,” he said.

Mr Muteveri said on one occasion, his wife splashed a bucketful of dirty water in his face and on another occasion struck him with an iron bar on the head.

He also told the court that his wife at one time barred him from meeting a councillor he had an appointment with.

“She pulled me by the belt. I have the torn trousers to show as an exhibit,” the man said, showing the court a pair of torn trousers and an iron bar as exhibits.

Mr Muteveri implored the court to effect a divorce order, as he could not stand the abuse from his wife.

“She tore my shirt in front of my fellow teachers. At times, she would come to my home, demand sex and threaten to strip naked in front of my fellow teachers if I refused.

Mr Muteveri’s witness, Jane Zuze who is a neighbour concurred with Mr Muteveri saying the woman was abusive.

“On one occasion we went to work at Mr Muteveri’s farm and when we were about to receive payment, she came and shouted at Mr Muteveri saying he was a fool and that he did not have enough money to pay the farm labourers. We failed to get paid that day because she was responsible for our payment,” Ms Zuze said.

Ms Mashonganyika denied the allegations describing them as far-fetched.

“From the beginning of 2007, applicant (Mr Muteveri) started neglecting me and our two children financially.

“I then sought employment so that I would be able to fend for the family,” she said.

Ms Mashonganyika described Mr Muteveri’s application as a deliberate ploy to fulfill his threats soon after the woman successfully applied for maintenance.

“After the maintenance case, he openly declared that he was going to fix me ordering me to use the courts whenever I intended to communicate with him,” she said.

Ms Mashonganyika also denied ever physically assaulting her husband challenging him to proof the abuse before the courts.

Commenting on the allegations of forcing her husband into intimacy, Ms Mashonganyika said she was rather on the receiving side with Mr Muteveri forcing her into sex. Ms Banda is expected to pass ruling on August 12. Source: The Herald