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Wife bashed for watching Usher video

By Stanford Chiwanga

IN an incident that left Nkulumane residents in Bulawayo in stitches, a man allegedly bashed his wife on Wednesday last week for screaming in appreciation of a music video of Usher Raymond, an American musician, in which Usher dances while removing his clothes, Sunday News has heard.

The husband, Mr Gabriel Mathe (25), is alleged to have been enraged by his wife Mrs Mercy Mathe’s visible desire for Usher to the extent that he lost control and beat her up after she screamed in approval on seeing that Usher was about to remove his trousers.

The wife avoided a thorough beating by seeking refuge at a neighbour’s house. When Sunday News visited the Mathe family last Thursday the husband accused Mrs Mathe (22) of having sexual desires for “a celebrity she will never lay eyes on in real life, while showing a lack of sexual interest in me.”

He said: “I last slept with her a month ago, everytime I touch her she tells me that she is not feeling well. Ever since she gave birth to my son five months ago she has lost interest in sex. Whenever I slept with her she would tell me that I was hurting her. I took her to a doctor who said nothing was wrong with her, her problem was only psychological. A month ago we stopped making love. To me that is unacceptable because I am a man and as you know men have their needs. And now she is sexually aroused by a video of Usher, what am I supposed to think?

“I am forced to believe that she was lying to me all the time. Maybe she is now in love with someone else. If I am not good enough for her she should tell me because I cannot keep on living like a bachelor when I have a wife.”
Mrs Mathe, however, revealed to this reporter that she was denying her husband conjugal rights because he was unfaithful to her.

“Yes, I had a problem after giving birth but I have overcome it. My husband is not being honest to you when he says I am not sleeping with him because sex is painful to me. My aunt helped me to get over that problem. The problem is that my husband is sleeping with a well-known loose woman who is rumoured to be HIV positive. I am not sleeping with him because I am afraid he will infect me.”

The wife added that she had challenged her husband to go for an HIV test with her but he refused, forcing her to suspect that he is HIV positive.
“As long as he does not go for tests with me he is not going to sleep with me because I don’t want to be infected,” vowed Mrs Mathe.

The husband, however, denied that he refused to go for an HIV test. He said he did not have time in his busy schedule.

“I am willing to go for tests but I have been very busy lately. My wife does not understand. I admit that I cheated on her and I apologised not only to her but also to my in-laws. I am HIV negative and I only slept once with that woman and I used a condom.”

The neighbour who gave refuge to Mrs Mathe said that the problems dogging the couple emanated from immaturity.

“They are a young couple who fail to communicate and as such they find themselves in this problem. I sat down with them and they agreed to solve their problems and for their sake I hope they will. The husband knows that he is wrong and he should be willing to go for tests,” said Mr John Ndlovu (45). Source: Sunday News