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Owner threatened for leasing office to MDC

The owner of offices being rented by the MDC Mashonaland Central province in Bindura is being threatened by Zanu PF supporters and State security agents who want him to explain why he has allowed the party to use his premises.

The MDC early this year opened provincial offices in all provinces but this has not gone down well with Zanu PF officials in Bindura who feel threatened by the ever-strengthening presence of the party in Mashonaland Central.

Allan Usada, the proprietor of the offices, said he was receiving daily threats from Zanu PF and State security agents who want to know why he has allowed the MDC to rent his premises.

“However, I am not moved by these threats. My relationship with the MDC is purely business and it’s very sad that despite the formation of the inclusive government there are still some in Zanu PF who are still in a denial mode,” he said.