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List of people expelled by Zanu PF

Dozens of senior Zanu PF officials and cabinet ministers were expelled by the ruling party’s Central Committee on Sunday in a dramatic day of purges targeting people loyal to President Robert Mugabe and Grace Mugabe’s Generation 40 (G40) faction. Below is the full list.


Robert Mugabe – President 


Grace Mugabe – Women’s League Chairperson

Phelekezela Mphoko – Vice President

Saviour Kasukuwere – Zanu PF Political Commissar and Local Government Minister

Jonathan Moyo – Higher Education Minister

Patrick Zhuwao – Public Service Minister

Ignatius Chombo – Finance Minister 

Walter Mzembi – Foreign Affairs Minister

Makhosini Hlongwane – Sports Minister

Samuel Undenge – Energy and Power Development Minister 

Letwina Udenge

Paul Chimedza – Masvingo Provincial Affairs Minister

Eunice Sandi Moyo – Minister of State for Bulawayo

Sarah Mahoka – Hurungwe East MP

Mandi Chimene – Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister

Kudzai Chipanga – Zanu PF Youth League leader

Tongai Kasukuwere

Anastancia Ndlovu

Innocent Hamandishe

Xavier Kazizi

Shadreck Mashayamombe

  • Boy was this a faction War after all!

    • Nelia

      What about dokora……..

  • What about Mugabe is he still a president

  • still missing , jeepy jaboon , Beatrice chabaya,

    • Dopori

      The name rhymes with ‘Bobjaan Baboon’….kikikikiki

  • Mujuru anodzoka here

  • What of Gideon Gono and Tobaiwa Mudede

  • haaaa Mboko imboko chokwadi , iri ndodatya remunhu iri .

  • Mpoko enda zvako kuita hupenyu hwese muhotel nemari dzedu

  • Gidimoni Golo must be fired too

  • USimon Khaya usele?

  • I guess it’s only logical to remove the cancerous group. Instead of factionalism they should have jus formed their own party

  • Mboko kutovandawo asi hapana kana arikumboritsvaga kana arikumbotaura nezvaro , dzakutsaku .

  • Ngadziende mbavha idzi

  • Kutokotsira during a meeting like Goblin Bob kwave kutoti pane zvisvinu zvinobuda ipapa. Nxaaa

  • mphoko must not be only expelled he must be arrested for getting paid and not doing anything. the guy never contributed since he was employed what a waste!

  • Mboko

  • What about simon kayak moyo. Sekeramayi supa mandiwanzira all these people must follow their leader

  • tinoti Ebenezer

  • Makhosini

  • Rita Makarawu

  • They have left out some party card holders.Tje king if selfies,Philip Chiyangwa and Sir Wicknell. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Please please ko ritah makarau ngaabviswe

  • ko Mboko the urine drinker.must be arrested for drinking human waste pollution

  • Ndovamwe vaingo Mari dzemitero mahara ava nxaaaa

  • Muchinda

    List of corrupt fools

  • They must be arrested too,ini ndakamboshotesa cash kuGMB,vaitogaya kunditongera 10 years mujeri,these monkeys must taste the medicine

  • something is wrong here why are they expelling their own members ?Beware that we are celebrating and helping people who are fighting for their own agendas.

    • Very true

    • Tozviona mberi ngatimbotamba iri kurira

    • Ngazvigare zvagadziriswa hatidi kuzobetswa futi isu

    • Of course that’s wat we doing

    • Lets cebrate kubviswa kwaBob fo now and b optimistic,if w kip clinging on th negatives we go nowher

    • Taona you certainly right, we have to be hopeful going forward and be cautious too that we not falling into a deep pit where no one will rescue us

    • Ko ndayacho but we are desperate pple its a shame

    • Halala halala

  • I see the party split

  • People tell me, Joice Mujuru adzoka here muZANU PF?

  • isnt their biggest crime was expelling or firing others…if firing others is a crime are they not doing the same crime…zim as it is…are these the only few people who did criminal activities or who destroyed the country’s economy…one wonders

    • Am asking myself this question Sibongiseni cz these guys have all this organised , a thief cn catch another thief nthng wl gonna change unless they are going to do what we all want to see so tht we won’t scrutinize their wrong doings

  • stirfry

    Dr Grace f’d this all up royally. I listened to an interview with her talking about J Mujuru. Such premonition!

  • Supa no anotovawo nechigumbu namudhara more thn yos

  • So happy mboko is gone. Cannot stand the man

  • Every Zanu member must leave including those who are arresting others, Chiwenga, Mnangagwa and the crew you were all in this don’t blind us. I remember you Chiwenga saying Zim will never be ruled by puppets why being so nice nw

    • We have closed that chapter Sir

    • He has opened his eyes

    • Garwe Vagarabwe dnt be so sure cz you’re hepy the old man has been removed

    • Who rules th country then?.ths is their tym to demonstrate wat they are made of .Vakaporonga vanongobviswa neOpposition ths tym.lets giv thm tym fon now.

    • Tym yekubawo here, kana vakatongwara vangatoita kuti zvinhu zvinake zvavairamba zvevarungu kuti masavaite zvaitwa Bob

    • They were under th reigns of a dictator.wat wud thy hv don xcept to comply even wit wat thy wud hv disagreed.Du thnk thy wud du th Bob way givn ts highli likli to b a transitional gvt meanin different ideologies

    • Taona all this has shown that there won’t be any democratic transition and all this joy you is for their benefit

  • All these Mugabe pupies are land barons, bring back our treasures they stole. One house for each. Mugabe must Go.

  • Constitution want it changed.todawo freedom of speech.pasi nekutsvanyirirwa ma COMRADES..

  • There’s confusion in the camp of the enemy.

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  • Guys wat about that bustard and psychopath called Psychology Maziwisa

  • Mboko, what about zhuwawo?

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  • Mboko ngaiende..it did nothing for the country rather he lived a lavis life on our expense

  • dzinganai muparty menyu imomo then what we need is free and fair election with also international monitors coz you Zanu Pf guys makudo ndomamwe chete hazvinei kuty wariona kwaZvimba here kana kuty kuMasvingo kufara kwaiita vanhu hakushamisire nhasi asi kuty zvakabvira pa this flag mapurisa achirova nekupamba varatidziri

  • Nice move

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  • The sleeping madalas

  • Is he stil staying at Rainbow Towers ?

  • Is he stil staying at Rainbow Towers ?

  • Is he stil staying at Rainbow Towers ?

  • Asi Pschology Maziwisa iindependent

  • Why Supa Mandiwanzira asipo pa list