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First donkey abattoir for Zimbabwe….. 70 beasts to be slaughtered per day

By Dumisani Nsingo

A Bulawayo based company, Battlefront Investments has started constructing a $150 000 specialised state-of-the-art donkey abattoir that will have a capacity to dress more than 70 animals per day.

Donkey Meat
Donkey Meat

The abattoir, located in Waterford suburb is expected to come on line by the end of the month and will be the first in the country. Battlefront Investments managing director, Mr Gareth Lumsden said the company has already started buying donkeys which will be slaughtered in the next three weeks.

Battlefront Investments also owns four butcheries, three in Bulawayo and one in Victoria Falls.

“I think we will have finished (constructing the abattoir) maybe in two or three weeks’ time and we should start slaughtering. That abattoir is for the slaughtering of donkeys,” said Mr Lumsden.

Sunday News toured the facility which is almost complete while final touches were being put on processing rooms for meat and offals. Mr Lumsden said the company would adhere to the regulations pertaining to the buying and movement of livestock.

“Nothing really has changed in terms of how the animals will be dealt with. It will be the same as if you are buying cattle, sheep or goats but if you get to a particular area if you are buying cattle, goat or sheep you need to get police clearance.

“You still have to get a Department of Livestock Veterinary Services movement permit. You still have to seek with a particular council, if there are funds to be paid to the respective council. All of that is being done, it’s in place and we should be good to go in a couple of weeks,” he said.

He said the company got the nod to construct the abattoir from relevant authorities.

“Obviously before we started we had to consult with various ministries and we got the blessing of various ministers. When we first applied to the various ministries we consulted with the local veterinary officials and inspectors at Cold Storage Company . . . ,” added Mr Lumsden.

He said the company was looking forward to inviting a senior Government official to officially open the abattoir.

“We have already started buying (donkeys) around the country as far as Gokwe, Plumtree, Gwanda and in between Gweru.

“Our target market is the Asian market of which I have even employed some Asian people, Chinese people in particular. We have already procured the market for that product,” said Mr Lumsden.

However, he could not say how much they were buying the animals for. The company expects to export donkey meat as well as its offals and hides. He said the development was also to take advantage of the closure of the donkey abattoir in Botswana.

Botswana suspended export licences for the animal products three months ago. This was after villagers had complained that they were losing their donkeys to thieves who were selling the animals to the abattoir.

Mr Lumsden however, acknowledged that the country’s donkey population was low but was optimistic the company’s export business would be viable.

“At the moment the number of animals that are out there are quite few. The conditions of those animals we are buying and have bought are in terrible conditions.

“You find that they have broken legs, there are sores on animals from beatings, usually they are draught animals. The condition is not that great.”

Mr Lumsden said the company was mainly targeting buying “old” donkeys and those in a bad state.

“I think we should start taking all the old, sickly type that isn’t breeding any more. The guys that are out buying at the moment are giving some awareness to the people to say it’s obvious they should do the Maths for themselves to say if there is a market for this, then we need to look after our animals, maybe start to breed them,” he said.

Mr Lumsden said there was nothing sinister about eating donkey meat except that it was more of a culture shock in Zimbabwe.

“We are targeting China in particular, it is a delicacy there. They eat the meat but the important part is the skin . . . there are 1,8 billion Chinese people and I don’t see anything wrong with them, they eat almost anything,” he said.

However, contacted for a comment, Industry and Commerce Minister Dr Mike Bimha said he was not aware about the abattoir and its plans to export donkey meat.

“I’m not aware of that. I think you can try to get hold of the Ministry of Agriculture (Mechanisation and Irrigation Development) since they are the ones that deal with livestock,” he said.

Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development Deputy Minister Paddy Zhanda who is responsible for livestock production acknowledged that he had heard of the development but will get to know more once construction is complete.

“I’m not sure how the business will go because it takes longer for a donkey to grow as compared to other forms of livestock. After all we don’t have a big population of donkeys.

“Countries with a huge population of donkeys are Botswana and Namibia. In actual fact in Namibia donkeys are left to roam in the wild. We will get to know of the abattoir when it’s complete as we are the ones that will inspect it,” said Dep Minister Zhanda.

Nonetheless, Lupane Youth for Development director Mr Alfred Sihwa said the licensing of the donkey abattoir was likely to give rise to theft cases.

LUYD is an organisation which promotes the welfare of livestock especially donkeys through its links with an international charity organisation, The Donkey Sanctuary.

“Donkey welfare is not taken seriously. Owners are not taking care of their donkeys as they don’t regard them as animals of value and worth. So if an abattoir is constructed and is licensed, I think there is going to be a bad scenario whereby donkeys will be stolen and taken to the market randomly because this is an animal which is of no value.

“We have previous situations whereby people were buying donkeys in Beitbridge and they were given to lions across the border in South Africa. The individuals were buying the donkeys for as low as R200 and this led to donkeys being stolen in Beitbridge until some authorities like the District Administrator intervened,” said Mr Sihwa.

Nonetheless, there are a number of African countries with licensed donkey abattoirs. Recently a $6 million Chinese-owned donkey export slaughterhouse was opened in Kenya and it is one of the three to open in Kenya in the last 18 months.

Since the opening of the abattoirs, which processes hundreds of donkeys a day, the price of an adult donkey in that country has soared to between $90 and $130 from $40 in less than two years.

Tanzania is the latest country to help halt the trade in donkey skins for traditional Chinese medicine by closing down all of its donkey slaughterhouses in July.

The decision by the country’s government department, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, was welcomed by The Donkey Sanctuary, the international charity currently campaigning for an immediate halt to the trading of donkey skins to produce the traditional Chinese product called ejiao, according to media reports. Sunday News

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      There is nothing wrong with eating anything that grazes or browses. Giraffe, zebra, donkey, horse etc. Only problem is kana wakakura uchiudzwa kuti dhongi haridyiwi kana kuti bhiza haridyiwi hazvizoiti kana kuti zvinozonetsa kufunga kuridya watokura.

      • sarah Mahoka

        During Smith time.vthey tried selling zebra meat in butcheries clearly labelled. It was stopped. health issues.Those who dared eat it came up with a scratchy skin disease

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      Mabhiza achabiwa , kuchapedzisira kwava nembavha hobho dzinouya kuma purazi kwedu kuzoba mahachi nembizi.

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    • big

      You are not God Viola. People are different. Therefore preferences are different and diverse. Just because you consider cow meat as great meat, do not expect Indians to regard it so. In India, most societies do not slaughter cattle for meat.

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    • Halal means permissible. So for Muslims when slaughtering an animal they recite a special supplication to God.and that meat it’s now halal bcoz the mentioning of God’s name wen slaughtering.and the animal must be from the animals which are allowed to eat.

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  • The problem is with people who just eat everything that comes along. I wonder why would just eat some meat the he she does not know which type of an animal has been killed.
    Some people in this country eat donkeys its ok with them, some does not eat that kind of meat.
    General advise is do not just buy meat and learn to identfy it and avoid most of those tinned meats.
    Mukada kukara muchadyiswa madonkey musingazive mirai muone

  • WTF is this? i have never seen people eat ass meat that side and why now?

  • The Chinese have come to destroy and wipe out all our animals from wild life sponsoring cyanide poisoning of our elephants and causing mass deaths of elephants and endangering other wild life and human lives…just for an elephant tusk which the Chinese believe if ground to a powder makes them have an erection and sex appetite!!Now they have come to our domestic animals donkeys and dogs..Whatever these Chinese touch always courts controversy.Even in mining ,they just mine and take the minerals to their over populated country and never even develop the communities they mine in,worse wherever the Chinese mine,there is massive environmental degradation,not to mention the ill treatment of black workers by Chinese bosses.This donkey abbatoir thing will only encourage city urban crooks to raid and steal poor rural people’s donkey to sell to this Chinese donkey slaughter house….next thing they will one day clandestinely mix the donkey meat in tinned conned beef.Cant we stop these slit eyed people from destroying our country?? .

    • Very sad but true. All they are here for is stripping our country off all it’s resources with them losing nothing . With the aid of our government, they are successfully bringing our country to it’s knees in terms of our natural resources & in other ways as well.

    • Chipo i agree with you totally.What hurts and angers me the most is that our government officials have allowed their own personal greed to overwhelm them and over ride any moral obligations and patriotic principles of protecting our environment and wildlife.The Chinese are clever on their part,they noticed the insatiable greed and corruption that most Zimbabweans have and the Chinese have used our greediness and corrupt tendencies for their own benefit The Chinese are well loaded when it comes to cash and they have been greasing the dirty palms of some corrupt Zim government officials in exchange for doing very questionable busines activities in our country.This is sickening!

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    • Brilliantly said Chikanga Chikanga Munya

    • Munya I agree with you. Who approved of such for starters?

    • Well said.

    • …and in China any government officials caught doing corruption,bribery,blackmailing of investors is quickly arrested,prosecuted and jailed.

    • You are xenophobic. What do you mean slit eyed people? You care allowed to express your views but not in a xenophobic way. What will be your thoughts to a comment if someone wrote “these baboons”.

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    • if you have eaten wors chances are you ate either donkey or horse meat mixed with other types of meat

    • Never! Stop Ronny! You only sound sore now. Stop it with your theories.

    • next time you go into a butchery pick a packet of wors and read what’s written on the ingredients.. if you see the word Equine then you will understand what i am saying.

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  • There is a high demand for donkey hides in China.

  • Dietary components are universal,there isnt much stress really

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  • Mimi Maininiva Pearl Kucherera

  • Donkey meat is eaten I botswana at weddings its not bad. And the milk is good for children

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  • Munyaradzi Ngwenya

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  • Donkey meat is delicious guys.I have eaten it several times in SA’s Northern Cape province where the Tswana people reside.I support the opening up of a donkey slaughter house in Bulawayo. It is great to have donkey meat readily available in Zimbabwe.

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  • Even a Dog if it eats a dead Donkey it will die as well

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  • Botswana suspended all the donkey abattoirs because of brutality applied to the animals that is being staved before slaughter .The Chines who run those abottoirs wanted only the skins how ever the locals enjoyed the meat but that was the primary priority of the abbatoirs

  • Dont think its a good idea, why are we destroying our values. I have never heard of a donkey being slaughtered for meat or hide in zimbabwe ever since. We are going to end up not having any donkeys left in zimbabwe, think they should be protected. So when are we having dog and cat abbottairs???

    • Dog and cat abattoir coming up soon.

    • It’s mre like a game meat.. I see no wrong in eating a donkey nd no value is degraded,,. Test it before u judge.

    • We use donkeys for other purposes not eating, if the writer had said they are goimg to slaughter the donkeys to help zimbabwe with the suffering economy l would understand but not because they are targeting a certain population moreover we dont have many donkeys in pur country so they should be a protected species

  • Stop insulting Botswana. When hunger struck you came running to our country and we fed you on donkeys. You even went further to steal our donkeys and you are beggining to see value in its meat. Eat the meat and stay that side of the border

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    • are u guys still talkin donkeys??

    • Botswana is a very rich country. It’s people are sadly very poor and live in squalor.

    • All African countries my friend Munyaradzi Ncube, and Zim is even richer than Botswana. Our story is the same in all Africa.

    • Dako rako Patzhalid Otisitswe

    • Guy don’t just hate someone cos he/she is from different county try to accommodate each other regardless of ethical background please,Africa unite

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    • So Otisitwe is the winner in this battle of words

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    • Guys dnt forget Zimbas head finished Crocs its just the same

    • This stay on your side of the boarder nonsens has got to stop. Your heads of state and some prolific leaders sought refuge in other countries because thats what Africans do. Stick together. If your love for donkey meat is so immense that it obliterates humanity and kindness then clearly the meat has serious side effects which turns people literally into donkey meat. Hard as hell. Donkey meat really?????

    • But i agree with this guy.Why do we Zimbabweans always mock and insult South Africans and Botswana people daily and think kuti we are better than them??Yet when things go haywire and bad in Zim,we run to South Africa and Bots to look for jobs and even to buy affordable grocery and foodstuffs for our homes.Lets just stop this arrogance and stupid pride we have ladies and gentlemen.What has our so called literacy and “education” helped us in as a country,??NOTHING but poverty,corruption,greed,poor management and poor adminstration of everything from companies to government departments.

    • Sammy Muro if you eat animal meat what makes you think u r better than donkey eaters? I dont even despise dog eating Chinese,. All I am saying is if you think eating donkey meat is stupidity, then keep to your country where you eat intelligent meat. I don’t eat donkey myself, but i say ups to those who have good business in them. They make money from donkey milk, skin and meat. Apparently donkey is one of the few animals that are very healthy and do not have to be injected. Have you ever heard of a sick donkey or donkey desease? Give your baby donkey milk he will have the best immune system ever. Do some reseach!

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    • zimboz are very ungreatful lots..they bite the fingers that feeds them so easly..very wicked set of foolish people indeed..mainly their shona tribe people.

    • Nonsense Botswana is one small Southern African country possessed by its demons and never will it be better than its neighbors. Poor batswana kiss your asses before you laugh at your better neighbor

    • Did u drink yr mental health pills today?

    • I was just reading some of your comments..Let me get back to Celestine Nwankwor…what makes you think Zimbos feeds from Botswana..just be wholesome..you think you will get favors or symphathy by agreeing with people who wants to defile our values…Let them eat that donkey from their side…as for Chikanga Chikanga Munya..I always respect your comments on so many ocassions..I am kindly asking you to withdraw this statement “stupid pride” We are tired of people who bark outside Zimbabwe..saying a lot of things degrading Zimbabwe because of the coward syndrome in them (running away from their country). As for Patzhalid Otisitswe..lets just hope you aren’t one of the Zimboz who changed their nationality to become the Tswanaz..its even a shame for one to steal a donkey in Zim as far as I know because we dont value it more than you do in your country..so you better stop accusing Zimboz for stealing donkeys..

  • Bulawayo mazoinyanyira yoti inglechain ikozvino abattoir yemadhongi haaa kikikiki

    • kkkk pakaipa gonzo zvako zvekuti haudyi mbongoro zvapera iabbatoir kaiyo can supply to all outlets and woitenga sebeef kkkk

    • Fish and chicken

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  • Have you ever seen a sick donkey? Have you ever head of donkey vaccination? Think again before you gormandize that oil dripping cow meat

  • Handiti hatidye madhongi here?

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  • Chikafu chembwa here?

  • It’s time for serious donkey farming and remember donkey milk is hailed world over for cure of almost every disease.

    • Dont lie to people about healing versions that you are coming up with..Someone once lied that zvihuta heals cancer what what….thats a gimmick..

    • Mukaka wedhongi mushonga wehiv

  • Nonsense. We cant have that here mhani nxaa

  • 70 beasts a day! wtf

  • Kkkkkk lol Sunshine Mpofu Na Lisa Dube Rachy Hassan Bridgette Kumapenda Zaydah Randen Nyarie Much be warned kwaita nyama yedhongi

  • Kkkk matanga

  • In Zimbabwe are donkeys eaten . Umm let them try I’m out

  • I’m no longer eat beef now cause they can mix beef cuts with donkey cuts puuuu.

  • Ngavavharise zvichakanaka ivo vanoti ndovardzi veZimbabwe or else handichatengi nyama

  • Donkey ronaka hama dzangu taste it muone

  • zvihuta zvakauya zvakapfuura now kwazouya nyama yembongolo apa paipa

  • But why now??we never ate donkeys and we r stooping this low now??

  • Donkey’s career on the rise after so long.congrats Donkey.lmfao

  • Kkkkkkk! Vakomana kana iri nhamo yeusavi ini ndinopikira hu vegetarian!

  • Todla zvedu mafidlongo adzo mbongoro

  • Welcome Battle Front Investment nyama yakuzocheaper manje!!!!

  • Yedonki abbatior imi musadaro imi asi munezvamakushura kani

  • Nyama yedonki heavy nyama tasted it kubeitbridge hmmm trust me chinhu chinonaka ichocho was only after ndapedza kudya

  • Ummm hazviite izvi

  • I didn’t know they ate donkeys in Bulawayo

  • why matebeleland.tribalism.tribalism.ndebeles eat donkey meat????

  • Wekumberengwa vanopfuma gore rino ndiko kune madhongi akawanda isu kwedu hakuna kune mombe

  • Tazodyiswa mbongoro gore rino

  • Eeew😷😷

  • Ah

  • Next they’ll be killing the cats& dogs!

  • Denied kwese license but butchery for donkeys stupid thot

  • Kkkkkk nyevhe yakauraya vangani

  • Zondo redhongi ungariziva kana rabikwa?

  • Yoo madhongi andomboona kumaLocation achingoita mil around azopera zvino kkkkk

  • Nice, tender & delicious meat

  • Donkey ndiyo zebra nice meat

  • Chinese want to kill all our animals thats wy botswana Goverment banned this

  • Inodyiwa here

  • When a country starts slaughtering the only animal that carried Jesus, you certainly can believe that his holiness has since departed from this cursed land of Gomorrah. 😂

  • Why shld i eat donkey meat?

  • Inenge inonaka.

  • Amana dhongi rinonaka ndakarirova pa bhotsi apo aaaaaaa nice meet guys

  • Nyama yedhongi inorapa zvirwere zvakasiyana siyani kusanganisira HIV.

  • Do not slaughter donkeys in Zimbabwe we have cattle and pig

  • marikos

    Hapana nyaya apa. Nekukara nyama kwema zimbo, it’s just a formality mamama nekuidya kudhara.

  • 😕here we go again. Wonders shall never end

  • Yona inhle mani

  • Calm your breasts zimbos ha! It’s a globalised economy in a globalised village. If you don’t convert the donkeys which compete for pastural land with cattle into cash, well they will convert your pastures into deserts. In countries with advanced economies such as France, there are horse abattoirs

  • Pakaipa ,Donkey abattoir gets licence , Kwese has to go to court …… I rest my case

  • I have never tasted donkey meat…and where I come from, farmers could burry dead donkey’s carcasses. When are you inviting bidders to construct a dog and horse slaughter houses?

    • Shae people have different beliefs, mombe yaunodya uchisiya Donkey ukaenda kuIndia unotoona vasingaidye…ini nditorine project yema Bob Cats itori murongwa for their skins, kana uchida huya tibatane…

  • Tave kuzodya nyama yedhongi manje.

  • #disgusting

  • Tichadyiswa nyama yedhongi mukore uno aah

  • Sarah J Theisen i cant stand it

  • In S.a there is donkey and horse abbattoir in Warden its good business its just that us Africans we undermine donkeys and horses but out there its part of there daily meal

  • This very bad and extremely disgusting! Nxxxxa.

  • Pakaipa kkkkk

  • Kuzoti state of the art kani kkkkkk

  • itai timboinzwa !Hauzive chakakodza nguruve

  • Naa

    You cant just take old sickly donkeys and say you will offer a great product to consumers. The meat wont be first grade , the hides either.

    If you want to get into such livestock production why not create a donkey farm – optimal conditions , improved feeds , vet services , etc – 5000 donkeys per year , 20000 good quality hide products p.a manufactured locally , $3Mn+ turnover , make sense , No?

    • Naa

      A pal of mine want to get into goat farming [network] in Mat province , 500 000 +/- goats p.a , the business plan is more sound than zvemadhongi from a health and safety point.

  • Nyama yedonki yakurapa zvirwere zvose

  • That’s really bad

  • That’s good …donkey meat is the best. No fat

  • Ummm, puu

  • Mheri kubutchery

  • Mungataura zvenyu zvamunoda, think kanyama kembongolo kanonaka kari kamukuyu…keZebra takambokadya paChiredzi apo neke nzou paHwange…taka zongoitawo lucky hatina kuzorova keGudo, takasvika kapera vanhu vachiudzwa kuti ndekasekuru Gudo but hanzi ndiko kamwe kane ukasha…

  • Was this wrtten on 01 April fools day ?

  • Leave the donkies in peace pliz..

  • State of art 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Joseph made .ishuwa here kuti kwava ne CSC yemadonkey

  • Haaa takuzodyiswa madonkey manje

  • Ma bala ma bala.

  • Munodya mega.

  • 😦😦😦

  • Thanks Mugabe, for nothing. With Chinese around, PLZ dont eat Chinese food. Dangerous. Also their pro… https://t.co/97MabS1tAQ

  • History in the making

  • Tombonzwa kunaka kwayo guys

  • Tazodyiswa nyama yedhongi manje

  • Jacqueline Tswatswa Katehwe

  • Plz don’t

  • Delicacy in China. Skins are used for anti aging medicine and vigras. Look after your donkeys. Could be worth US$1000 soon.

  • Delicacies

  • This must be a joke 😕

  • Be eating baboons next the scruffs

  • dhongi rangovata panze naro zvangu kubhucha makuseni seni ndaita mari

  • Isu vari Bots tinotomboyirova it’s good meat.

  • MAIWEE..
    MaDonkey aye opera manje . …

  • Im done eating meat.

  • let those who enjoy donkey meat enjoy it guys and besides it’s gonna create employment

  • In Kenya we already have three of those factories

  • Ndipewo musoro

  • Hakusiko kwaive nemunhu aitengesa imbwa here?,Byo,yanetsa

  • hamheno idyai ikoko

  • And sell them to who

  • Yana bhoki inovakwa rini

  • Can’t wait to have a bite on this widely critised meat

  • Mashatiro anoita mamwe mapolony sooka ndeye madhongi chete

  • l think l would become a vegitarian zvangu kana zvadai aah

  • OMG

    Watchu talking about

  • hehehehehehe haya.

  • They are going to export to the Chinese,disgusting attitude towards our donkeys.They also own butcheries in Bulawayo ,should be boycotted.

  • Kkkkkkk gore rino tichaadya mumacanteen umu

  • Honourable Kurai mati project iya yema donkeys how far

  • I’m going vegetarian.

  • Are they goin to process dried donkey meat (DILTONG)…..

  • Mmmm takuzotengeserwa nyama yembongoro kuma butchery manje. Dhingo here amana

    • Ndakutoita muvegeterian coz donkey richaiswa pese pese amana Zim yenyu iyi kaa no to slaughtering donkey veduwe

  • Honourable RG Mugabe to officially open it very soon .It is for the firstlady

  • αnσвvα kupí mαdσngí αchσ

  • Nyama yembongoro kkk pakaipa

  • Please authorities stop this mercy

  • Yeah.

  • Fake news


  • Who is eating the donkey meat

  • The facility is run by the chinese they had wanted even for dogs govt refused

  • Lol

  • It’s in our minds that you can’t eat this or that anything can be eaten but we are programmed in a certain way so we can’t break from that circle that’s why many are seeing this as horrible but it’s not

  • Musa Zimunya

  • Throughout history Ma ndebeles have always been eating donkey meat privately.

  • Destroyed C. S. Commission now they are trying something for donkeys..😂😂

  • Mmmmmm mbongoro haiite kkkkk

  • Ndosaka zvangu ndisingadye red meat

  • 2 kings 6 vs 25There was a great famine in Samaria; and behold, they besieged it, until a donkey’s head was sold for eighty shekels of silver, and a fourth of a kab of dove’s dung for five shekels of silver.

  • This sounds as crazy as it is!!!!

  • Slaughtered for what this is not China

  • Zvamava kuda uitaka izvi makuda kutidyisa madongi manje

  • The meat is good for our health. It is rich in iodine

  • Kkkkkkk inovhara chete, angatenge dhongi ndiyani

  • Kkkk lol

  • Akuzopera maDonkey

  • ndichatotsvaga basa ikoko ra meat inspector

  • Nyama inyama

  • Kkkkkk kana mapfeni murikungodya wani

  • Oooh

  • Aikaka hanzi zvadii

  • Shit

  • Zvatanga

  • hezvo

  • Since this is Zimbabwe the meat will suddenly flood the market peddled as beef.Let us be vigilant

  • yaa makuadyaka madonkey.

  • Ko vadiiko vana chidhota nabuns???? Siyai madhongi sepakutanga

  • the city council of bulawayo has repeatedly refused to give rabbit farmers in and around bulawayo a licence for an abattoir,its been almost a year now and we hav to take our rabbits out of the city for slaughter yet they licence donkey butchers ….this is the most fucked up thing from the most fucked up council in zimbabwe …fuck you town clerk and fuck you mayor of bulawayo …bunch of idiots.

  • I guess most of them would be stolen donkeys. Do we have enough donkeys in Zimbabwe to slaughter 70 per day ?.

  • basa ndakotoriwana ukoko ndatove butcherman

  • Tete makudya Dhoni here

  • its not any issue donkey meat but its only a way to create imployement to poor zimbabweans. All the industries in major city are completely dead. Even if they say dog meat,no problem as long as zimbabweans put food on the table for the families

  • Hameno zvenyu basa renyu ratopera musati mspinda muchishora nekitsoropodza delicious meat yevamwe ,”One man’s meat is one man’s poison “

  • Something needs to be done wee are to n wht will be tomoro like.We are Zimbos n we eat what we are supposed to eat ,inheriting it from our fore fathers n fathers but then this donkey issue eish its a contamination in our Zim-African food.As much as we need employment n forex,let’s do the right Zim way not Chinanologing our life style.Toshaya sadza todya madhoti here varume!,l cnt believe it tht Zim is now a breeding ground for uncultural behaviour for e benefit of other nations,at one point we are seeing prophets talking to God thru fon,making pple eating razor,grass and mud etc all in e name of deliverance eish,pole are going to other countries to buy tokoloshi to boost their wealthy, O my God can He find us rest from all this torture ,we are being forced out of Zim African life style.Let this business be done in Bots wee they eat donkeys not hear.

    • ah tlkn o inheriting mbuya vako vakambopfeka gstring or kuzora face powder here, those r new thngs we adopted so donkey meat as wel y not

    • Kana nguruve tichidya why not eat a donkey!

  • shame..zim is now finished..

  • Manje manje yeimbwa iri kuvhurwa aaaah

  • Who tasted baboon meat ? Go to Tokwe mukosi.

  • Mayeeeeeee

  • Look east

  • We don’t eat donkey meat in Zim! Whose that abbatoir for? Is it for export meat? I do smell some Chinese involvemnt though, they always want to slaughter donkeys… not for the meat though, but for…

  • Culture shock

  • zim is under economic seige.eating donkey meat like ancient israel when surrounded by the assyrians.god forbid.

  • Zondo redonkey ka1

  • Mwari honai vanhu vaya vatanga fti

  • eish

  • Last week Monday i saw a truckload of donkies from Gokwe centre heading towards Bulawayo

  • Tapinda tapinda donkey producers association. When are they going to open.

  • Wotoshaya kuti zviri kufamba sei? One day nature will punish us, believe u me.

  • kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Takuzobirwa madonkey edu aya manje

  • Makanyanise ma chunks now takuenda kuma dhongi Kaviya Clara Chengetai F Mashingaidze

  • Mmmmmmm come on ustimbok

  • Something is very wrong with either you or your arithmetic. If 70 donkeys are slaughtered per day do you think that abattoir can operate for 2 months?? If so then we will have to import donkeys.

  • Eating donkey meat z better than human meat eaters!!

  • Hezvo

  • Kkkkkkkk

  • Haa tinodya madonkey this time kuBlues

  • Dongi ka1….takadzidzira kuridya paWindhoek….ndiko kudya kwemaDamala…

  • Kkkkkk

  • Kkkkkkk

  • sarah Mahoka

    Does the country even have the numbers that allow 70 slaughters a day.. Nobody breeds donkeysor raises them in numbers like cattle

  • Uuuuuh yaa zvashata, ndaakupinda mumupanda wekusadya nyama manje. I will go vegetarian

  • Eat guys

  • Rovai muri zii

  • Nyama inyama chete Shumba.

  • donkey really..next dogs and God knows whats next

  • It’s better to buy donkey meat in Bond Notes and buy donkeys in US Dollars.

    Currently some are buyin… https://t.co/E6OQ9iDcXw

  • schicco

    Surprised??? Because people were brainwashed into believing that eating cow meat is the “correct” thing yet it’s all the same.

  • Sabastine Gurajena ….. Vamwe Ava

  • Ntombenhle S Mpofu. Takudya madhongi kuno bhuruwayo

  • Ummmmm kuti tagove muBotswana here ummmmmm

  • Been to ltaly its there delicates meat kkkkk

  • Long overdue

  • Iiii zvarerudza pamuriwo apa dai vachiita zve neyembwa aa tinenge tapinda

  • Whosoever came up with that idea of slaughtering a donkey for meat..isnt a Zimbwean by origin..Pliz dont defile our values..A donkey is meant to be eaten in foreign countries like Botswana..Not so sure if the Ndebeles are very much comfortable with that abattoir in their region..That’s madness at its best..

  • I told you,you are going to eat donkeys,dogs and next lizards.This never happened but it is starting, why?Zimbabwe is colonized by Chinese ,we will speak their laungage and eat their food .Snakes as well will be sold in butcheries, worms, here comes a business as Mugabe tries hard to revive economy he destroys.

  • Kkkkk to increase meat production

  • Ameat is ameat

  • Its not a new thing. Ndebeles have been secretly eating donkey meat. Thts why the abattoir hs bn established in Bulawayo-right on the ready market. Donkey was already sold on the black market in the streets of Bulawyo and butcheries. Ths time they are just formalising the market to curb the black market. Saswera muchitemesana misoro nezvinhu zvagara zviripo

    • Thus the problem with you zezuru pple, from destroying once the jewel of Africa Zimbabwe to thinking that everybody who stay in Bulawayo is a Ndebele tribe nxa

    • Thus the problem with you zezuru pple, from destroying once the jewel of Africa Zimbabwe to thinking that everybody who stay in Bulawayo is a Ndebele tribe nxa

    • I grew up in Bulawayo New Magwegwe at number 1781 just by the foothill of that famous Roman Catholic church. My first job i worked at first mutual bldng in corner main street and 9th ave opposite Bulawayo centre. So im not making assumptions here bt im talking something i know about from my chilhood. By the way im a karanga who hails from Masvingo. And,do u know tht ndebele speaking folks are a majority in tht side of our country?

  • mukana uyo ito tangai kuchengeta madhongi muite mari

  • One day you will hear one prophet preaching donkey meat ad miracle meat

  • Dr Amai ‘ll come herself to officially open the firm….
    Needy and hunger can push human beings to do the unthinkable

  • Carte blance did a report on donkey cartel in SA ,I hope we don’t get to that situation ..,

  • Kkkkkk ooh makudya nyama yedhongi manje paipa

  • Kkkkkk ooh makudya nyama yedhongi manje paipa

  • To me slaughtering a donkey is cruelty against animals..Ndorinotitakurira hupfu nekudhonza chikochikari kumusha uko..#No to killing donkeys

  • To me slaughtering a donkey is cruelty against animals..Ndorinotitakurira hupfu nekudhonza chikochikari kumusha uko..#No to killing donkeys

  • This is not good donkey meat??? Kwasara dog meat

  • This is not good donkey meat??? Kwasara dog meat

  • Yaaaah sure

  • Yaaaah sure

  • Good meat healthy

  • Good meat healthy

  • That’s not true

  • That’s not true

  • Isn’t this blackmailing? Pres Mugabe wouldn’t allow this to happen in Zim…NEVER EVER

  • That will never happen to my country it’s just a joke

  • That will never happen to my country it’s just a joke

  • Agh idyai moga

  • Agh idyai moga

  • Ma 1 zvinhuzviya zvatanga

  • Ma 1 zvinhuzviya zvatanga

  • Taakuzodyiswa zvese zvese manje nekuoma kwezvunhu uku. …. Mugabe must go now!!!

  • Taakuzodyiswa zvese zvese manje nekuoma kwezvunhu uku. …. Mugabe must go now!!!

  • Eish handichadyi nyama

  • Eish handichadyi nyama

  • Hmmm dhongi watove muriwo??

  • Hmmm dhongi watove muriwo??

  • Its a preference issue. Some eat crocodiles, some eat monkeys, some eat rabbits. Who am I to impose what other people prefer.

  • Hazvina kunaka kudya mhuka idzi

  • Hazvina kunaka kudya mhuka idzi

  • Taurai henyu market yacho vakaiwana kupi

  • Nyange iri nhomba panyama yeDonkey ini kwete kkkkk

  • Donkey meat here veduwe,

  • But we welcomed ostrich meat which we didn’t know before. …what’s so different with donkey. …

  • I wonder if the country has the capacity to supply 70 donkeys per day for slaughter. Let’s wait and see how this is going to happen.

  • .??

  • Lies

  • Shame

  • Hayibo!!!!!

  • Trust me… It will end up in the market. The greedy leaders are going to make us eat donkey. What an ass

  • Eish nyama ye dhongi here akomana

  • Mbongoro, idyai henyu moga. Donkey meat 🍖 being a delicacy. Surely these Chinese have taken things upside-down 👇 in Zimbabwe.

  • Tazoridya dhongi riya maaanje. Mira uone.

  • Just hope this will eaae pressure om rhino poaching.

  • Seliyobuswa zinyoni