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Dokora’s Muslim syllabus – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary

The diaspora was surprised to learn from the Primary and Secondary Education Minister, Lazarus Dokora, that Islam was Zimbabwe’s biggest religion in 1980 and was the country’s ‘designated’ indigenous faith. According to Dokora, Christianity was only the fourth religion when Mugabe took over, behind not only Islam but Judaism and Hinduism as well.

One would have thought that a minister of education would know what he’s talking about. But we in the diaspora don’t remember many Muslims around when we were driven out of Zimbabwe by Zanu PF’s misgovernance. Precious few Jews either, for that matter, though there were certainly Indians. There were, of course, strong African traditional beliefs but it was Christianity that was the prevailing faith – and that was even before the spectacular rise of the Profit Ministries.

It’s the time of year when Christians start thinking of 30 pieces of silver. The Vigil suspects Lazarus Dokora wouldn’t even rise from the dead for that. But he’s getting millions for selling out the country.

The learned minister said he has managed to get a ‘loan’ of $20 million from the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to build the first 17 of 2,000 Muslim schools planned for Zimbabwe. Money was being raised from other ‘international partners’ for 66 other Muslim schools, the sites for which had already been chosen (see: https://www.zimeye.net/zimbabwe-islamic-state-minister-dokora-gets-20mil-for-muslim-schools/).

OPEC’s dominant member is Saudi Arabia which from its bottomless oil wells finances Muslim schools in the West and is known for promoting Islamic fundamentalism of the type adopted by the bloody Boko Haram in Nigeria and Al Shabaab in Somalia. Is this what we need in Zimbabwe? China’s offer to build a university in Zimbabwe is problematic enough.

According to a survey by AfrAsia Bank, Mugabe has reduced Zimbabweans from comparative prosperity seventeen years ago to being among the poorest people in Africa (see: http://www.zimbabweshttp://www.zimbabwesituation.com/news/zimsit-m-nera-demo-crowd-appalling/ituation.com/news/zimsit-m-zimbabweans-ranked-among-the-poorest/). Yet he is on course to be re-elected next July even if dead.

The people are cowed and defeated. There was only a small turnout for the rally in Harare on Wednesday of the National Electoral Reform Agenda despite promises of a big crowd (see:).

The opposition seems to be relying on Zanu PF internal fighting and the collapse of the economy for their road to power. But they mustn’t build their hopes on this. Zimbabwe is going cheap and there are plenty of buyers around, as Dokora has discovered.

Thanks to those who arrived early to help set up: Vimbayi Chambara, Isabell Gwatidzo, Fungayi Mabhunu, Phillip Mahlahla, Roseline Mukucha, Alfredy Mukuvare, Margaret Munenge, Mduduzi Ndlovu, Pretty Okechukwu and Ephraim Tapa. Thanks to Roseline and Sandra Kudenga (who opened the Vigil with prayer) for looking after the front table, to Isaac Chawasarira for handing out flyers and selling wristbands and to Phillip, Mduduzi, Alfredy, Vimbayi and Fungayi for putting up the banners. Thanks also to Isabell for bringing snacks for everyone and to Heather Makawa for selling ROHR fundraising raffle tickets.

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FOR THE RECORD: 25 signed the register.


  • Zimbabwe Action Forum (ZAF). Saturday 15th April from 6.30 pm. Venue: The Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, London SE1 8XX. We will move to the RFH at the end of the Vigil at 6 pm.
  • Zimbabwe Action Forum (ZAF) meets regularly after the Vigil to discuss ways to help those back in Zimbabwe to fight oppression and achieve true democracy.
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  • This chap is somewat confused

  • This man is after something

    • He is getting funding from OPEC nations to undermine Christianity in Zim so he can impose his own Religion on our children.

  • I myself ndogona kungomuda Dokora iyeye imbwa yamai vake 😈😈😈😈😈👲👿👿👿👿👿💪👀👹👹👹👹

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  • No need to protesting for Dokora to step down but only just to tell him

    • dude, are you high? We no longer want anybody who is using this ministry to push his own agenda, especially on education

    • he never consulted anybody before changing changing the syllabus

    • Iye chenzira akabva nepi ko uyu dofora wazvona

    • Haaaaa anechihure chinosvota ingochani chaiyo kuda kutifemera mugotsi isusu.

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  • Dokora must fall!!!!

  • Humanity has been here longer than any religion, why try and separate us?

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  • This guy is a devil, complete idiot. Ndoshaya kuti kana Mugabe wo futi nxaa

  • Its high time we get rid of these pea minded bastards who have nothing to offer.

  • I was born before 1980,this Dofora dude talks so much crap.Nuff said.

  • Dokora go to hell

  • Itai sterek bt muchatikuvadzisa nematerrorist enyu iwayo tarisai nyika dzakaita seEgypt,Iran,Iraque,,,, hakuna rugare nemamuslim enyu iwayo

  • Ndosaka achinzi Dofora. Useless man…nonsense!

  • i think this guy is brain dead or something

  • Chasara kudzidzisa vana zvema bombs tichiparadzwa zvedu bt dont worry his term is fineshed come 2018

  • Cry the beloved country.. A country of cowards that watch other people force crap down their and their children’s throats and only protest on Facebook. This country is depressing..

    • What’s even worse are the Coward Zanu PF Ministers who disagree with this Dofora fool,yet they just go along with it to protect their Looting jobs.

    • u can say that again emanuel

    • u are also included

    • Bring back Dzingai Mtumbuka…that Doko whateveryournameis joke isnt funny anymore..

    • Farai Antony Tawonezvi yes, I’m also included. Only that I’ve realised the futility of criticizing these political coacroaches on FB..

    • And what is the futility?

    • Cowards who are pompous about being educated but can’t defend the rights and the future of their children ..zvondipa hasha izvi!

    • time is faithful

    • Farai Antony Tawonezvi in time, in just a little while, Dokora will have produced a generation of religiously confused kids who are more likely to become atheists than anything else..

    • with all due respect VaTawonezvi mazwi ekunyaradzana awo, but most Zimbos are brain washed to an extent yekutl havangone kucritisizer chiregime ichi ….Tonamatiswa zvimufananidzo just because some aged brats need to secure and continue their grip on power ….l for one will not bow so low, lets stand and defend that which is good!

  • Who is dokora now?

  • Wooooooool Admin urgently tell mudhara Bhobho that Dokora is a terrorist. We dont need terrorists in Zim Admin chotsvuka kudarika kwese kwachakaduma plz try by your means

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    • Who told you Islam is anti-Christ? Jesus himself was born in Islamic Land was a Hebrew. A Lion of Judah

    • islam is anti Christ!! islam r descendants of Ishmael who rejected Jesus and came up with their own messenger of God Mohammed a man with sin like u and me its a false religion

    • Islam evil religion if u come from a Muslim family they will kill u if u convert to Christianity because they fear u have found truth so they’d rather kill u than leave u alive to tell others the good news

  • Islam is more popular in East to west Africa not in southern Africa. It’s a historical fact because of Arab influence there. No lies here

    • Plus Arabs enslaved Africans for much longer than what Europeans did.Just check the History and timeline.

  • Mugabe and Dokora, same same naTombana

  • This guy is sick who will not succeed in his exercise in futility. Delusional much?

  • ISIS agent

  • Zvekumama izvo

  • I see no evil on that. Though am not a supporter of white education system.

    • evil religion forces women to wear curtains and trains youths to bomb themsleves

    • So those who preach man can marry another man are not evil? Christianity is the religion created by white imperialist and Roman Emperor Constantine

    • Most christians are worshiping Devil in the name of christ!

      • Aqua Champion

        Aaron Chingwe ,i can easily jihad have terrorized your brains. Christians dont kill pple as what the krona teach u.

    • Christianity is a true religion that forces no one u worship God by choice u say christians r worshiping the devil who is the devil if i may ask??

    • lslam however is by force by ginya shame ask muslims what happens to them if they dare convert especially to.Christianity your own family will put u to death!

    • Who told you that Christianity is a true religion?

    • who told u it wasn’t?

    • Stop judging other religion munhu ane munamatiro waanoda, to say Islamic is evil its scandalous n idiotic!

      • Aqua Champion

        urimbudzi sadokora Aaron Chingwe

    • I don’t have time of chatting with white washed pipo!

    • kkkkkk makasiyiswa religion yenyu kare tasa kurambirira yevamwe .iyezvino munhu ngaaite yaada nt kut Christianity ndiyo chaiyo who said tht

  • This minister always comes up with controversial issues panyaya dzezve education ministry yake. Hapana chinemusoro chaanombotaura. Chaanoziva kuchengeta mazindebvu awo nxaaaa

  • He is boko haram.

  • Next we gonna have Sharia law at this rate.

  • sorry mr Dofora we dont want our kids to learn about bombs and guns plizz .

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  • This he goat must be removed now without delay and those that want to fund the building of muslim school must first fund the children i syria not to come and disturb our peace

  • Do we still have psychiatric institutions here in Zimbabwe?? Mr health minister please help urgently on this one!!

    • But the Health Minister is even a Megaflop in his Sector just like this errant Education Minister.

  • Dzimbabgwe has more than5million aliens comprising Malawians ,Zambians ,Mocambiquens of these nations Malawi is the number one follower of Islamic culture in our country ,followed by Zambia then Mozambique .in mocambique Islamic was introduced all the way from Malawi by Chewa economic refugees before they left for Zim after Machel chased Portuguese nationals out of his country,so by saying that Zimbabweans are moslems you are right but wrong since most followers are foreign citizens ,as far as i can remember my uncle used to advised us that we must stay clear of moslems we are yisraelites our philosophies do not correspond with theres ,Mr are you a christian or you are an under cover moslems with an agenda of corrupting us from the way we believe

    • anonyepa uyu our parents knew nothing about islam it was not strong in zim at all just moz and malawi

    • Here in Malawi muslims are there but we have no such stupid muslin ministers , there is nothing called Muslim syllabus, if a Muslim wants that kind of syllabus has to go to s Muslim school.

    • Even in Malawi moslems are in minority …mist popular in the little eastern region and majority of them are denied basic education!

  • The best way to resolve this is to create Islamic colleges just like we have Christian schools.This is a contentious issue regardless of Dokora’s lies.

    • those that belive in islam must creatr their own colleges the country cannot create schools for a religion!

    • That’s exactly my point

    • I hope thts nt creating terrorists college ?

  • Iri beer tmrakabva nekupiko

  • This guy is useless. The education system is going the drown eish.

  • Made idiot nxa

  • Tinaşe

    I am a Zimbabwean Muslim, the blood that runs in my vain is pure Zimbabwean, I just don’t understand why you hate us.

  • Bhay Lazarus Dokora..salamaleco

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  • this guy is a confused cokroche.infact he is a psychopath man indeed nxaaa

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  • this guy has a mission to tyrn zim to an islam country!

  • Something wrong with these so called academics in zimbanbwe these days

  • Children spend time doing fairs and drills. The fruits we shall see in a couple of years.

  • To hell with dokora zimbabwe is a country of christians muslims believers and non believers to make any of the above religions compulsary is against the constituition

  • Muslim whatever Islam collonising our religion,iam proud of being a CHRISTIAN

  • Unomhanya machine minister iwe..iwe nevana vako dzidzachi moslem chenyu kwete kuda kuti kanganisira vana…zim is a christian country dig tt in yo thick head.

  • Mbanje


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  • Muchawa uyu kuda kudzidzisa vana vedu chichawa…Nxaaa

  • Does a minister enforce his belief or safeguard the thruth according to those who elected the government that employed?

  • Fire the old Dokora

  • no problem cde minister finally you have managed to bring boko haram in zim.all along I thought u a ZANU PF but I just noted you infiltrated the party in order to destroy it from within.I can see you have a negative agenda.finally rebels are bred from primary. Allah is going to emancipate Zimbabwe from ZANU of through Dokora scheme.viva Dokora syllabus

  • this man is doing what is good for his masters. I blame the current government becoz all of them are anti- christ. They should know that our GOD is the creator of heaven and earth

  • Anoda kumamiswa achataura mari yaakapihwa kuti ataure humbwa hwake uhwo hwekuda kuwinza boko haram muzim

  • he needs a brain check but why appointing such joke no doubt he is sick in the mind

  • People need to petition the government over this issue a referendum for people to express their views is best! If indeed we are a Christian country then all Christian s say no to Moslem!

  • One of the worst education minister even in Zimbabwe

  • He sold this country to Moslem he was given mny

  • Uyu dokora ave kupenga batai munhu zvichiri nani.

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  • The problems is not Dofora but one who gave him that portfolio. Arikuona achiuraya education osiya aripo. Arikuona kuti Ari against the whole nation but arikusiya aripo. The only way is to vote that savage out of parliament for not to get a ministerial post.

  • He is trying to destroy the future of our kids vavo vanodzidza kunze

  • Jus like Jonathan Moyo thick minded#
    Bringing polices that dont suit a 3rd world country

  • Another demonstration for Dokora where are they ZANU PF supporters

  • Bullshit!!!

  • Where did this idiot come from?

  • dokora. ..urimhengeramumba

  • Rwendo rwuno tichati baba nemuridzo drunken minister havasati vatanga maitiro avo

  • They started by circumcision @schools now they ban scripture union to pave way for islam??

  • Dakora dakora kkkkkkk

  • Thank u Mr Dokora only tht we have fools who dont see the benefit of your system.An education system should be diversy and people shld learn to read along the lines.

  • By the way who said Zimbabwe is Christian nation.Build Christian schools and let your children learn there and leave our gvt schools to multicultural and diverse religions

  • Minister of boko haram.

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  • The worst minister of the Cabinet

  • Vakambomuwanepiko munhu iyeyu uyu, funny thing is arikuregerwa achiita hake madiro nehupenyu hwevana vedu. Somebody please help us.

  • Man on a mission. This is really sad news for the country, Hitler once said, “give me your children and I will change this nation in 10 years.” Watch out fellow country men, it won’t be long before Dokora and company start terrorising the mother land. Ironically Mugabe addressed this issue as a joke in his 93rd birthday interview with some journo and naturally we just laughed it off as his excellence’s sense of humor. Home grown terror is difficult to obliterate. FUNDING, FUNDING, is the root cause of what is to follow!!!

  • Dokora akawana nguva akwane mudhara uyu 😜

  • Pure madness and the worst lie of our time. His new curriculum is an atheist philosophy.

  • Guys educate me by chance does Christianity has extremists movements ?,i really didnt’ have a problem with Moslems untill this other day when i saw a popular building in Central Durban with a big billboard “There was no Jesus ,there was Muhommed Allahs ‘ messenger” i have gone to different churchs i dnt’ still remember hearing Pastor preaching against Islam .


  • What good could come out of a name like “Dokora”

  • Dokora’s confusion is understandable, its part of deal brokered btn Zim and Iran.He is just preparing the masses to embrace the coming Islamic State of Zimbabwe. Christianity according to him,has influenced the need for democracy, freedom of speech, and is too much Western.But Islam calls for unquestionable loyalty to The Sharia laws,people can be beheaded for insulting the Muslim god,and so if we blend this Islam with politics,there will never be any dissent, no more calls for democracy, the supreme leader will be anointed by the Muslim gods. This may not work with this generation ,but future generations