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Govt plans to move teachers

By Nqobile Tshili

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has embarked on an exercise to redeploy teachers, a move aimed at addressing staff shortages.

Professor Paul Mavhima, the Deputy Minister of Primary and Secondary Education
Professor Paul Mavhima, the Deputy Minister of Primary and Secondary Education

The Deputy Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Professor Paul Mavhima said that the Government was working on a rationalisation programme that will see teachers being transferred from schools that are over-staffed to those in need of more educators.

He said the process was being conducted in conjunction with the Public Service Commission.

Prof Mavhima said delays in the rationalisation process for teachers were creating an illusion that there is a serious shortage of teachers in the country.

He said through the rationalisation process, teachers will be redeployed depending on the staffing needs of each school.

“The Government’s position is that we’re conducting a rationalisation process to identify schools that are overstaffed and those that are understaffed. Collaborative efforts between the Public Service Commission and our ministry are underway and we’re going to fill these positions where some schools have teacher shortages,” Prof Mavhima.

He said they will be filling up vacancies in schools where teachers might have left or died.

“What we have is not really a shortage so rationalisation is necessary and we need the people on the ground, the provincial education directors, and the district education officers to help in expediting the process,” he said.

His sentiments come at a time when some schools in Matabeleland North are operating with skeletal staff.

For example, Nengasha Primary School only opened last week, three weeks after schools opened, with one teacher who doubles up as its headmistress teaching the Grade Seven class only.

Parents there have been urged to engage volunteers to teach their children from Grade One to Grade Six.

Quizzed on why the school has one teacher and the issue of parents seeking volunteers to teach their children, Prof Mavima said the ongoing redeployment will address that.

“As much as you’re concerned, we’re concerned also. We really need to move fast so that we can correct these issues you’re talking about.

“It is also not a ministry’s position to have parents employing volunteer teachers. We can’t achieve quality education if volunteers are deployed in schools because we won’t be able to control them,” said Prof Mavhima.

The Government’s move to redeploy teachers comes at a time when the police, the Judicial Service Commission, the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority are also redeploying their officers. The Chronicle

  • Sounds familiar

  • How will you pay them?Or will they work for like the current teachers are doing?

  • How did it get like this in the first place. I should imagine most of the good teachers have had to run away to the diaspora.

  • I’m confused now, you firing civil servants yet you say you want to employ more. How are you going to pay them

  • Raymond

    It is politically motivated

  • Chitimkulu

    Teachers are being asked to reapply for jobs every term and yet you say you are understaffed. Tell your boss Razaro to put his act together.

  • aussiemigrant

    more zanu stooges being sent to the ‘hot’ areas…those corrupt chiefs need some help you know

  • wembabvu

    this is one move by the Govt of retrenching teachers .With the level of corruption in government circles , If you are a teacher teaching in town you are going to end up in the rural districts if you are not connected to ,or if you do not oil the provincial Education director’s hands