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Baby tortured by maid in Uganda still alive

By James Scott

UGANDA – Following reports that the two-year old baby seen in a video being tortured by a maid has passed on, we went down to work. And our investigations led us to the identity of the maid, her victim and her master. (Watch Video Here)

Kamanzi (L) and his kids. Right is the tortured baby
Kamanzi (L) and his kids. Right is the tortured baby

The two year-old is seen terribly tortured by a maid we have ably identified as Jolly Tumuhirwe, 22, a born of Rukungiri District. We have also identified the toddler’s father as Erick Kamanzi, a loaded staff at a reputable NGO in Kampala who released the video yesterday mid-morning.

The video captured by interior security cameras early last week at Kamanzi’s  home of Naalya, reveals a breath-taking story where Tumuhiirwe is trying to feed the baby. The baby, whom we have established was sick at the time, exhibits difficulty in coping with the rough and speedy rate at which Tumuhirwe fed her.

Tumuhiirwe then turns to the porridge and started eating it. But the tot could not contain the stuffed food down her throat. She threw up dreadfully. This invited Tumuhirwe’s wrath. She landed a hot slap on the kid before throwing her off the sofa, her face kissing the floor. She remained there for a few seconds before Tumuhiirwe followed.

Using a rechargeable torch, she clobbered her severely. Not done, she started kicking her and stepping on her back in turns. She finally gave her the last kick which sent her silent and unable to move. Tumuhirwe then picked the baby like by one hand and vanished in the next room.

Father Arrested

According to family sources, Kamanzi last week came home and found some bruises on the baby’s hind. He did not ask what happened but he hastily went to review the cameras which, he had taken long to monitor. This was last Saturday November 15th 2014.

What he saw is what we have relayed above and uploaded on the video herein. Raged to the marrow, Kamanzi bounced on Tumuhirwe and clobbered her to pulp. Done with it, he turned to tend to the baby as Tumuhirwe ran to police where, she reported an assault case against her Master Kamanzi.

The Kiwatule police swung into action, raided Kamanzi’s home and arrested him. He promptly confessed to the charge before he was dragged to cells. After cooling down, Kamanzi asked the Cops to look at what made him clobber the maid. A mere look at the video changed the cops’ stance and released Kamanzi. Â

Speaking to the investigator today, police chief spokesman CP Fred Enanga confirmed that Tumuhirwe’s case had been taken over by the events. Reading the file number as CRB 1346/14 of Kiira Road, Enanga said Tumuhirwe was yesterday charged under Anti-torture Act at Nakawa Court.

But Enanga hastily adds that police are contemplating on revising the charge and upgrade it to attempted murder. He said the Tumuhirwe will re-appear in Court on December 8th 2014. Efforts to get hints on the baby’s mother were futile as family sources maintained silence on the question.

We have however established that Kamanzi is married to a beautiful Rwandese babe Angella whose reasons to stay away from her baby yet she does not work, remains suspect. But this is another story for another day. It is said Tumuhirwe was at the home for only three months. The Investigator (Uganda)

  • Omukama Kabarega

    There is something really disturbing about Rwandese women and ability to make a family. If the mother is not working, where was she? What type of mothers do they make? What type of wives do they make? Rwandese women are creating a really bad name for themselves.

    • Bo Ska*z

      Are you judging all Rwandan women just from this case? Just curious

      • mahumbwe

        Certainly, it’s a few people who spoils the name of a nation. However judging people without hearing their story is no good at all.I can’t watch this video twice and to be honest, I can’t understand how this maid survived the beating. I personally would have done something worse to her. This was an innocent child who deserve to be jealousy guarded and protected by any human being.. my prayers goes to the child and I know God will totally heal her and never ever will she be anywhere near the devils like this maid

        • Andrew

          One has to ask why god watched and allowed this to happen…

          • anonymous

            God didn’t ALLOW it to happen. God NEVER EVER allows bad things to happen to us. The Devil is cunning, let’s not forget this. He knows just when to act and this beating of this child is an example of his wickedness. If God hadn’t protected her, she wouldn’t be here by now. We should never blame God for the bad things that happen to us.
            Also, please watch JOHN 3:16 the story of love (on Youtube. The 18minute video.)
            It will change your life!

          • bernadine

            Something bad happens the devil did it, something good happens God did it.
            Please people…
            Some times God do let these things happen as a test to see what u will or will not do. And if you go the negative route than that’s when the devil steps in.

          • Adge

            What a retarded thing to say. when bad things happen good had nothing to do with it, when good things do he had everything to do with it. Little capricious wouldn’t you say…pathetic

          • Marty Girl

            Not capricious at all, it is the truth. We put ourselves into situations and if we trust God he will help us grow from that experience. God does not test us, we are tested by our own weaknesses and God allows satan to “sift us as wheat” read the bible and get some wisdom 🙂

          • Ubong Etuk

            Why r people fond of blaming god 4 the mistakes humans make. It’s like a promiscuous man saying God gave him hiv. Get real, the r devilish people in this world cos it’s inhabited by a lot of persons that r far from God. As far as am concerned it’s bcos of God that child is alive, no matter the man’s marital situation. Nobody should hurt a child like that. She’s a demon!

          • Kala

            Is the baby still alive. That’s what i need to know. Cause you are saying she is still alive and other people are saying she passed on. I have three boys and my 2 year old is a reminder of her and it hurts me to my heart to watch this video. I cried so hard.

          • Ubong Etuk

            Yes, miraculously she is. But I do hope she’s not suffered any serious damages cos that vicious beating was just the 1 X she got caught. I still thank God 4 exposing the monster & I hope she’s used as an example. 2 all the child molesters in this world. That is the supreme act of a coward, 2 assault a defenceless child.

          • Sedyable .

            Thats Great to hear do you know if there is a foundation raised for her, I would like to send her toys

          • Tracy MacKinnon

            She is alive and recovering.

          • bernadine

            She’s alive. God bless

          • Mai

            Me too
            Plz let me know if baby is still a live or not

          • Esmae

            you’d think if there was a god he’d protect little children, that’s what it means.

          • mahumbwe

            My friend all creation is busy obeying God except human beings .The sun never refused to rise up , the moon have never abandoned it’s position…the lions despite being so ruthless spare us. We are all rebellions and at the same time we want God to do what we want yet we want to be independent from Him. Jesus Christ is still in the business of saving people. Last question to answer you…Do you obey God

          • Eva

            Andrew God never and ever ALLOWED this inhuman act against this child.
            You would have probably THANK God for saving the life of this innocent
            child because a 10 year old child would have even passed out but this
            2years sick angel survived. God is ever faithful.

          • mahumbwe

            So true ever.

          • M

            People act and want to believe that God, our creator and ultimately the One in complete control, doesn’t allow things like this to happen. It’s ludicrous, and shows immaturity in scriptural teaching. We as, sinful wretches, have free will to conduct our lives and faith as we please (and only because He grants us that privelage). It’s only because of mankinds sin that evil exist, which is why things like this occur. It’s a direct result of all of the human race. Glory and praise be to God that the girl is alive. But, God will always recieve glory and praise even in the harsh times. Besides, like I said. God allows what we think are bad things to happen. It has happened throughout the course of history. It’s about trials and faith. Overcoming hardships to bring us closer in spiritual relations with Him. Read the book of James, it speaks directly of it.

          • Kgabo

            What has God to with it? Don’t blame God for the evils of humanity. Who do you think inspired the father to put cameras in his home?That woman is evil pure and simply and she deserves highest penalty.

          • jamaal rashid

            What kind of comment is this. This person beat a young child and ur blaming god? Are u dumb?

          • Kadavul

            God should help the baby I pray for her let everything happen Gud for the baby I could not stop crying god should punish that witch she is not a human at all

          • ELAINE ROSE


          • zenia

            “One has to ask why god watched and allowed this to happen…”

            This question/statement reveals – It’s is quite obvious, you nothing about God…you really should take the time to learn…

        • MsSgt3

          Don’t be so sure. Things happen that we don’t understand. I don’t think any child should suffer… yet they do…unbearably sometimes.

      • Omukama Kabarega

        Yes, there are so many negative developments about rwandese women. Murder, theft, robbery, abandonment, adultery etc. How comes rwandese men are good, collected and respectable people?

        • Tammy

          But she killed a 2 year old child, what wasn’t hers , it’s not right and it’s not fair , what did that child do to deserve it , she had a whole future in front of her and your here to judge tribes , shoe respect man

          • Omukama Kabarega

            Ignorant uninformed Tammy, Rwanda is not a tribe but a country. The baby did not pass on either, she alive and kicking. God bless her.

          • M.miley

            The child did not die she’s alive still look at the pictures and u will see she’s alive.

          • bernadine

            Those pics are old. In another article they said she been released from the hospital and is still recovering

          • jax Lubwama

            That lady deserve a death sentence for the torture of that little girl

          • Mafirakureva

            The child is alive, praise be to God

          • anonymous

            the baby’s not dead though

      • jay

        there are many cases about the rwandese women, not this one, incase you didn’t know,

      • Chilled

        Yes he is judging. You find idiots like Omukama in all forums. Dont worry about them. Worry about the health of the beautiful kid !!!!

      • Kimongonye Wa Jothito

        They shuold prove they can make good wives then political women.

    • Sura Mbaya

      Wait. A baby gets assaulted and you pick on a tribe and stereotype the ladies of that tribe? That must be a record in jumping to conclusions. In fact the leap from the story above to concluding that Rwandan women do not make good mothers is of intergalactic proportions.

      • Omukama Kabarega

        Rwanda is not a tribe you African tribesman, it is a country. Women of that country are picking very negative stickers adultery, abandonment, murder,etc etc.

        • Sura Mbaya

          Oh come off it. The point came across just fine!

        • jay

          its true Omukama, i have witnessed several acts by rwandese women,
          even in nairobi, they rush to get married in neighboring countries, and later run away and leave the babies with the father, some even steal from the husbands and disappear,

        • Yaks

          If it was in Nigeria that monster would have been burnt by now stupid useless idiot, am a soldier I swear I chade tears when I watch that idiot if it was I that was the father of the child I believed that monster would have been taken out of my house on stretcher

    • SlapAhoe

      You must be an idiot.

      • Omukama Kabarega

        A mother can not abandon her children regardless of circumstances. She dies for them. Cows, dogs, and even donkeys jealously protect their babies. Where was the rwandese woman you maggot? Where is she even now?

        • SlapAhoe

          “A mother can not abandon her children regardless of circumstances. ”
          It’s thinking like this, that allows abuse to flourish. Some mother’s have a good natured, motherly response to their children. Others sadly, do not have it..do not force a square into a circle. It just won’t fit! We have no idea about their situation. Stop trying to witch hunt the lady, stay focused on the issue at hand.

          • Lady

            so tell us where the mother is regardless of the circumstances?

          • SlapAhoe

            My head just exploded……. you do realize that every situation is unique? Roll the dice. Furthermore, if your presence is jeopardizing the health and well-being of the family, then by all means, go away. I’m not saying that’s what happened in this case. I have zero knowledge about where the mother is.

    • Queenie

      This has nothing to do with the mother’s presence. If she is at work, will the incident not still take place? It also has nothing to do with tribe either. Thank God the child is still alive. Gone are the days when women stayed at home 2-4-7. Have u even thought of the worst case scenario? What if she is ** more.

      • Omukama Kabarega

        She doesn’t work.

      • jay

        the mother left the baby behind she abandoned the kid incase you don’t have the full copy of the story, as you know the baby is only 2yrs, you want to tell me thats a good mother?? and i can speak confidently, its a bad behavior they have, have seen many cases of them, even in kenya.

    • fuda

      ….and what tribe is the maid ? wherever the mother was, that should not be reason for the kid to face the beating, at least appreciate that one Ugandan had a job because of a Rwandese lady.

      • Jibrin

        I like this, we ll said.

      • Omukama Kabarega

        I like the sub Saharan reasoning

        • Smile4124


          • Omukama Kabarega

            I am surprised that you could only hit her in the head with a touch, me omukama could have chopped off that evil head and fed it to my dog.

          • JaylenThe True Baller

            That was never my thought of where the mother was when I first heard this story. I just assumed she was at work or shopping or something. People always jumping the gun and so does the media. Maybe the mother is ill or having some emotional problems of the reason she’s not that there. All I care about is the baby. I’m so happy she’s OK, I can only watch this recording one time. This woman deserves a good re-education on how to treat people in life. The husband gave her a good kick in the ass and I’m so glad he didn’t kill her. Because maybe he would go to jail for taking matters into his own hands. Here in America he still would have been charged with assault and battery.

          • Omukama Kabarega

            Americans are alien to this world they are from Jupiter. That is why they kiss Arab terrorists and allow them into their homes and hate harmless Africans so much.

          • Lovemore Pophiwa

            I am in Malawi please, tell me the truth how true is it that the house maid is been killed.

          • chiam

            Nzewigbo Roselyne Chiajulam from Nigeria
            That stupid girl must be a great grand daughter of Idi Amin of Uganda!

      • Makaveli


      • jay

        but a good mother should never abandon a 2yr old.
        but thats common in rwandese women in case you didn’t know,
        be careful before marrying one.

    • Joseph

      This is unimaginable at any level. I am so disgusted and ashamed of so called women or mothers. Wow, this is incomprehensible.

      • Omukama Kabarega

        You are right Bwana Yusuf. I don’t understand women either.

        • love

          NOT all women a bad we all have mothers are they bad?most of them are kind and caring u can find ur answer by looking at ur mom is she bad or good that can justfy women

    • Phillicia

      There is nothing wrong with the Rwandese women. Lets not turn this into racism, this is a problem of individual woman who does not have love to the children. If I have a nanny and I’m not working that does not mean I don’t have to go to shops or anywhere. I don’t believe its the problem of Rwandese women. Let us not turn the problem and face the fact.

      • Omukama Kabarega

        Philicia, I am African and Rwandese are African so no racism here. Only that the frequency of misbehaving rwanda women is higher than the EA average.

    • Tinx

      My hope is that your parents other children are intelligent. Your statement above is immature, reckless and obtuse. Let’s keep the focus on this innocent little girl, please!

      • Omukama Kabarega

        What are you tinx, a woman or a man? If you can be worked up like this on someone you have never seen and call names immature, obtuse etc what could happen to me if I vomit accidentally on your feet in a bus? You will cut of my head I guess.
        You might be more dangerous than the vampire maid.

    • Sedyable .

      Dont be a stereotype you cant think that all woman are like that and go online and see videos all over the world of demonic maids

      • Omukama Kabarega

        Sedyable yawa, I am not a stereotype. When frequency of same thing from same region is high then we make an assumption that region is prone to that thing

        • Sedyable .

          I’m wishing you peace

  • Baba Jere

    She should be charged with murder because the child miraculously survived, otherwise she is dead in terms of psychological harm

    • Freddy Von

      She won’t remember

      • Libra xo

        regardless of whether or not the child remembers, her father will!

      • Amanda

        It’s so possible this poor girl will remember. You are capable of memories at two years old. -.-

      • Rose Petito

        Yes she will remember

      • Billythekid

        At the very least you are half right. Her sub-conscious definitely will remember though and it will try to hide it from her conscious. Now that’s the real disaster if she doesn’t get help at some point to deal with it. Don’t be surprised if she turns out abusive herself. The maids childhood probably features some of this stuff as well.

        • Mrox2

          Exactly, oh my god, I hope she gets enough love and help, I’d do anything if I can go there, this breaks me and tears me up apart, this little child just needs more love!

          hell I’m a boy and I cannot handle this, how did this bitch even do this to the little poor kid, fucking whore, I hope she gets sentenced to death asap, slut, I’ve seen really really bad kids and I would never do this to them, this kid here, shes a gem, shes a princess, a pure sould, why why why??? I hope Tumuhirwe recieves lots of torture until she dies the same way she did to the little princess.

      • VSLoums

        Never underestimate the memories of a child. She’s 2, the exact same age I was when I was allegedly raped. I still remember all the details… and perfectly!

    • mwana jere

      I was expecting that she should have been hung by now

      • no name

        hang…it not enough punishment in few min she wont feel pain…which is unfair

      • NO NAME


  • IncencedReader

    the language and tone used in this article is disgusting. Are you writing about celebrities dating or real people’s lives and how sad a story this is? nxaaa. incredibly irritated. Whoever cleared this article to be posted here needs to go back to journalism school. incredibly disappointing.

    • Sophia

      IncedencedReader..my thoughts exactly. Where o edited this? Is there no editor on duty here? Very badly written article…send this writer back to school please..lol

    • Rose Petito

      That didn’t matter who wrote this it’s not a spelling bee it’s about a child abused

      • Antoinette

        I don’t think that meant spelling wise. Did you not read the same article as we have? The TONE of the writing is unappealing all together I almost thought it was a joke towards the end the way they spoke smh.

  • Blaze

    I am based in the UK but originally from Ghana. Some friends back home shared the vid on Whatsapp and that’s how we all traced it to Uganda. We’ve had a long and hot debate about what each woould do to the maid were it their child being abused but at the end of the day I am glad the baby is alive and doing fine. One of the most disturbing videos I have seen in a while and trust me I have seen some!

    • a concerned mom

      Thank God. I am a physician in USA, and I could not sleep last night. These parents must take the child for a full exam and scans in case of unforeseeable internal injuries. I do hope that the maid will be punished accordingly. Mom’s and dad’s out there, you are the best baby sitter to your kids. Never trust strangers with your children.

      • Blaze

        I know. Especially when you have kids yourself. I doubt even ISIS would use such brutality against a so-called infidel’s child

        • SlapAhoe

          What!? You are a weirdo. I’m sure you are a supporter of those maggots.

          • Radiqal

            Go troll someone else, fool!

          • SlapAhoe

            If I was a troll, I wouldn’t pick THIS DISTURBING INCIDENT to troll! You dolt.

      • Mmah

        Jesus Christ,,how can a human being,a woman for that matter be this wicked.I thought it was a scam till I saw the video.Thank heavens the baby is alive,sorry dear baby.Your God will deal with her for u.

        • Kala


        • komuhendo jennifer


      • Bryan Likieb

        Thanx a billion u Have spoken so much sense!!!

      • MK

        Valuable advise so far, Thanks. MK

      • elizabeth

        people should talk to me
        Is the baby alive that is all i want to hear so that my day can be fulfilled.

      • komuhendo jennifer

        You are right

    • Mrox2

      same way it got to me through whats app, this fucking whore maid needs to die already, wait I’d torture her everyday and make her wish death! why kill her? make her wish death but never get it !

  • Chihera

    I am gutted, words fail me. As a mother, watching that video my womb turned upside down, my heart pounded with pain and only God knows how I could have reacted to that incident if it were my baby being abused like that. If only it were possible, for every man to work and provide for their families and let the mothers look after their children instead of hiring maids. Even for the ones not married, if the children’s fathers could pay maintainance for their kids and enable the kids mothers look after their flesh and blood only for the benefits of the growing children.

  • Ryantn3000

    I am glad he beat the life out of her. It is some consolation, at least for me.

    • Anon.

      Beat d life out of her and she could still go to the police to lay a complaint? ?? Somebody give me a minute with this maid please!!!!!!!!

  • Vidah

    Am relieved that the toddler is alive. God please don’t give this witch fruit of the womb.

    • Saint Bootie

      Thank God the baby is alive. I am hoping the babysitter will checked to see if she has a psychological problem otherwise shouldn’t be left alone with any toddler ever.

  • Memory

    Clever loving father…yes he is clever, got suspicious and had camera in place. Thats what I call a real father. Get well soon baby…

    • komuhendo jennifer

      I thank him for being a responsible father, but that time when the child was being tortured, it was really hell. To God be the Glory she is still alive. But I recommend him to always take the baby for check ups, because those young kids some times it’s hard to easily identify internal problems, like clots, kidney, among other things. Thank God the spinal cord was not damaged.

  • hart

    This maid is possessed by an evil spirit and needs to be delivered by the Almighty. Honestly no human heart, worse that of a woman can be this evil especially to an innocent toddler. Thank u God for saving the baby’ s life. Im just in tears as i text here. This is the most horrible thing ive ever seen. I love children and this has just disturbed me ..im traumatised!!

    • ezioyi sesay

      Im am mom and I dot even think u need to be one to get provoked at the extent of this. Even abuse of this type on an adult would cause an outcry, much less and innocent ILL child???!!!! The child was ill for Christ’s sake and was even caught unawares by the throwup herself. Oh, only God knows what the help did to her in the room when she pulled her inside. I am in physical pain and traumatized cause of this.I am in a lot of raw physical pain and cannot wrap my mind around this. Please the dad needs to upload a current video of that child so that we can follow up on her well being, just so we can all have some measure of solace. This hurts, I can only imagine what the dad felt when he watched this! May The Lord wipe the memory of the abuse from that child’s mind in Jesus name!

    • Stuart Edward Hughes

      God let it happen first so that you could thank him for “saving” her? You know nothing, Jon Snow.

      • Hopeful

        You actually know nothing, ignoramus..

      • WiseGui

        God is the reason that child is still alive. He is also the reason why that man had sense enough to install a nanny cam to catch that whore. She could’ve done that abuse in a bathroom or closet but he caused her to expose herself in the TV room of all places. Satan caused that because it was evil working within that woman to commit such an atrocious act. You cannot blame evil on God. Evil originates from satanic forces at work here on earth. God doesn’t control humans, he gives us the will to chose between right and wrong, sadly humans chose wrong more often then not.

        • komuhendo jennifer

          That Girl is a hero, her torture will save even those who have been tortured and their parents have no ways of trapping those idiots.

      • komuhendo jennifer

        Indeed he saved her, Glory be back to him.

        • Stuart Edward Hughes

          Glory be to God for letting the maid torture this baby so that he could show his power by not letting the maid quite murder her.

  • Queenie

    This is simply inhuman. I have cried my eyes out. She even had the guts to report her boss to the police. That is how God works. She dug her grave. KARMA

    • nbadat

      I coudnt even eat after I saw the video where on earth would one woman hit n abuse a baby like this I really wanted to kill that maid trust me I seriously want the parents should take a big step to keep that maid in prison for many many years or even life in prison so that she shouldn’t do that to any baby ever again n I pray to god that poor baby is ok that she should not have any harmful injuries inshallah and I pray for the parents too

      • komuhendo jennifer

        I had tears in abundant

      • nbadat

        Does anybody have the childs fathers contact number or email or watsapp or fb

  • Evans Okute

    Tumuhiirwe should be given life sentence, cause she will torture other babies if she is freed.
    Thank God for the camera his master had fitted.
    And for those who dont have cameras your Maids are killing your beautiful kids.

    • Anon.

      Wat sort of punishment is dat????? So she gets d chance to breathe and eat evydy even if it’s in prison. Pls she should be dipped in a pot of boiling water evydy till she goes 2 where monsters like her belong

  • cathiehills

    A Psychiatric Evaluation should be carried out on the Maid …coz her behaviour was way out of line from the Generally accepted norms and behaviours of Normal/sane Individuals in the Society

  • chuks

    I just hope they charge her for attempted murder and that she is in prison for a very long time and will never be heard from again. I wish all the best of luck to the baby’s family and hope that the brutal scars afflicted on her by that moron will heal and forever disappear.

  • Jibrin

    I saw this video early hours of today and had remained indoors without a bathe scared that my maid may harm my kids if I step out of the house. I honestly won’t be part of this even if it were a movie. Poor little girl but the consolations I have is that the maid is above 18 and the beatings which Kamanzi gave her which I guess wasn’t enough…….

    This has nothing to do with the mother not working and also not in the house when this incidence happen, she could have stepped out for a reason or two and left her kid with a wicked house maid based on trust.

    • friedgreentomatoes

      @Omukama i AGREE WITH YOU 100% its not stereotyping its the truth Rwandese women are gold digging beauty queens who cant make a home ….had the so called rwandese mum been around all this wouldnt have happened …all they think is how to empty the next bag of monney cant even deal…..sit ya ass down wifey and be a mother to that innocent kid

      • JAY

        this is very true, it happened to a friend of mine in Kenya.

      • Fleurdunil

        Your jealousy of Rwandan women is showing! And your names: Omukama/Friedgreentomatoes/Jay…it’s pathetic. Come off of it! The maid who beat the child was Ugandan. In my country they say Uganda house maids are the worst but unlike you I am not going to stereotype.

  • FericoAnglais

    I hope that fucking maid is killed in the slowest and most brutal, pain inducing, torture possible

  • Any One

    Tumuhiirwe is lucky I’m not the father

  • Libra xo

    I can only imagine what else she did to the poor child when she vanished into the room. My heart is seriously broken over this. I became physically ill after watching this. How DARE she?

    • no name

      me too I didn’t eat yesterday night…every time I think of it I just wish I can hug her let her know she is loved.

    • komuhendo jennifer

      I also asked my selfself what she did, am a mother and psychologically I have been tortured because every time I see that video my heart thinks of different things, I begin to feel my first labor pains that i felt when i was having my second born. God! forgive us

  • Tahera Chaudhary

    How is the baby? Can anybody show me just once I want to see her alive n well. Please.
    I am so disturb now.

  • Omukama Kabarega

    Africans will always deviate from really issues and totally get lost. Whether in uganda, Kenya, or Tanzania,> 50% of Rwandan women are not settling down to make a family. Whether it is a cow,dog, or a pig it is the female species that wildly protects their kids, where was the mother? For the maid to have tortured the baby to this extent it was progressive, both parents were absent, where was the mother who is not working?
    Critics of the article as former Kenyan president kibaki would put it in swahili ni pumbavu kabisa mafi ya kuku.

    • jay

      true, i agree with you

  • Tizirepi

    Not all maids are like this but the idea of them send a chilling in my spine! The recruitment process and the engagement leaves a lot to be desired. I am happy that this little cute babe escaped death by a whisker. Can we be very interrogative on recruitment please involve the police!

  • Danny

    Anybody who watches this video and draws a different conclusion other than sympathizing with the victim and her parents is more callous than this maid. What this maid did to this poor, innocent child goes beyond child abuse, molestation or whatever and the appropriate punishment in addition to whatever prison sentence she may receive is sterilization.

  • Rapunzel

    The most horrible thing I’ve ever seen. I shudder in pain to think of what that beast did to the poor child when she dragged her to the room. I believe this maid is very mentally ill, her behaviour and aggression towards this innocent child simply cannot be explained. I would not pass judgment on the mother because I really do not have all the facts,, I would like to believe that no mother would, working or not working,deliberately subject their child to any kind of harm. I have a very smart,mischievous and hyperactive four year old who is fast turning my hair grey. I chase her around singing before she wud stop to take a bite of food,& I come up with all kinds of fairytales to get her to take a bath, and even she I would never leave with a nanny or any stranger bcos I know it requires heavy doses of patience to deal with her.
    I’m glad the father was alert and acted quickly. I’m surprised the maid had enough stamina left to walk to a police station to make a report, Lord knows if anyone did this to my kid their body would never be found. I pray this baby heals both physically and psychologically. Sometimes the mental scars are more damaging than the physical scars.

  • natalie

    People here who said the child will forget are WRONG dead wrong. There is years and years of research that a child abused as a baby, in the womb and even in formative years suffer from tremendous post traumatic disorder. They need a lot of support . Think of foster children who are later separated from their abuser at a young age but years latter suffer and show signs of behavior problems stemming from an abuse they don’t even know happened.

  • Take Take

    What an evil hearted maid. She is definately not alone. Children by their very nature are tender and lovable. i don’t understand how this maid, resisted the lovliness of this little angel. She must be definitely demonic. Chastising a baby is acceptable and must be done in love and not in this demonic diabolic and barbaric manner. moreover when we are told the baby was sick, there was no need for all this brutality. This woman needs help, she is definitely not normal. I am impressed by the police, Under normal circumstance, the police could have still charged the two. both the father of the little angel and the maid, because both of them acted unlawfully. The best thing the father could have done was just to report the case to the police immediately, because after discovering such cruelty on your child, i guess anyone can kill such a maid.

    Kabarega, I quite understand your anger towards the mother. but it is very myopic to conclude that she is in the wrong before you hear her side or anything about her. The worst thing is that you are now condemning all the Rwandan women. while I understand the way you feel about the need for women to protect their children, i would say, the duty to protect also lies squarely on fathers. Thank God the Father was very wise in his approach. its is however not a balanced approach, in my view, to condemn the mother for the actions of an adult maid. For the family to have elected to hire a help, i think there was a justifiable cause. The family and the rest of the world expected the helper to behave like a helper and not the devil’s sister. This was breach of trust and as such she must face the full wrath of the law. Kabarega, it is reasonably acceptable that you are angry and you are looking at how could this have been avoided and in the absence of what specific role did the mother play in the life of my little angel, one can then make any assumption and in certain cases wrong conclusions.

    It is also clear that there was little effort to find out why the mother was not there since she was not working as put to us.

    be that as it may, i strongly feel that, every inhabitant of the earth owes it to this world to behave and act in a humanly manner towards each other and the human race at large. we also cannot be seen blaming others for our own actions.

    The greatest relief in this matter is that OUR ANGEL is still alive. God be with her. To the helper, i pray for true Damascus experience. May the spirit of the True Living God visit you and change you for the betterment of the Kingdom. I am fully persuaded that The maid is a very good human being who has been abused by the devil. May God help her reject this temptation ever again. Meanwhile, may the law take its full wrath on her.

  • jay

    it is true, have witnessed many cases about rwandese women, here in nairobi, they rush to get married in the neighboring countries, and leave the babies behind; seriously theres something weird about them,
    they even rob their husbands foreign and run away.

  • Nana B

    Words cant describe, minds cant imagine the injuries I would have inflicted on this ugly bitch. She should thank God she had her legs to walk to the police. If I were the father, I dont think she could have even crawled to the police. I am a Ghanaian and deeply angry, heartbroken, raging with fury at this moment and just holding my 2 yr old daughter in my arms quietly.

  • SaHaRa

    How could the maid be beaten so senseless to the point of being confined to a wheelchair now be able to get up and run to the police and report?
    Sounds far fetched …

  • tindo


  • cgc28

    The mother hasnt abandoned her baby. She just did not want to be interviewd for what ever reason. She was with the father when babe was taken to hospital. You should not base such harsh judgement on someone because ypu read it in an article.

  • absraa khan

    god bless u baby…i wanted 2 kill dat maid get well soon

  • Mary Afful

    so is the child alive now? because there was posting stating she had died??

  • Mary Afful

    I pray that she is still alive, such a pretty innocent child, I wish the family in particular the father all the best.

    • dodo

      oba ba taata mukole nyo bamaama bakuze abaana….

      • Omukama Kabarega

        Why do you turn a discussion into tongue interpreting nonsense? Silly village dodo

  • dodp

    princess … wherever you are God knew you before you were born.
    wt an experience…. Mr Kamanzi u shd hv maimed that maid… like u put a memorable scar so that she will never forget. How!!!!

  • chelsea

    This copies another newspaper but just changed a few words.

    Originality lost much??

    • Nanou

      This is the most disgusting thing I have ever had to watch. I cannot believe that maid is still alive. How dares she even have thoughts such as these to translate them into actions. She is pure and simple evil spirit. She deserves to be buried ALIVE!!!


        The best treatment for this maid is to keep her in a seclusive room for seven months and fed on this video every day before she goes to sleep. she should not be allowed access to other inmates, neither to people who think they want to help her out as lawyers. She then can be set free and monitored at her home. Details of her relatives especially mother and father if at all they are alive should be taken. This will be a better rehabilitation methord. Sentencing her to life imprisonment or even death is not education at all. she needs to be rehabilitated The bible says two things: ” For all have sinned” should we assume that her sins are more than yours we do not have access to? secondly killing her in public may help the next generation of house maid to re-think them selves and their actions. ” …To purge evil out of the nation” says the bible.
        Thank you.
        Kassem Abdunuru.
        [email protected]

  • Brettsonk

    This is real wickedness. is the maid a human?

  • kki

    Who would do a child

  • kki

    Where was her mom why would her mom leave her at home with the maid

  • kki

    The maid might have abuse the child because she does not like her job or she is just mean

  • tshidi moloko

    This video has my heart racing. It is so sad that this abuse came from a woman…clearly the nanny has no maternal bone in her .
    I feel sorry for the child,having to endure such hatred and hurt at such a young age. God comfort the little child please. Amen

  • bunnychi75

    I know it was hard for me to sleep the night I saw this, I was so mad! All I kept thinking, “I hope she gets hers!” Thank goodness she did, through the hands of the baby’s dad! Three years is too short, she needs to be UNDER the jail!

  • Guest

    this is just EVIL right there! no grey shade..pure evil. she is a bitter human being, probably envious of the family’s blesses life and priviledge and this envy burst out onto the child. its people like her you never see coming…they smile happily at you like the virgin Mary…but inside they are asking theirselves what made you so special that you have all these things that i dont ?

    SHE NEEDS TO BE imprisoned FOR LIFE. she is a danger to any other kids out there.

  • Female Naruto

    this is just EVIL right there! no grey shade..pure evil. she is a bitter human being, probably soo envious of the family’s blessed and priviledged life that her envy burst out onto the child. its people like her you never see coming…they smile happily at you like the virgin Mary…but inside they are asking theirselves “what made you so special that you have all these things that i dont ?”

    SHE NEEDS TO BE imprisoned FOR LIFE. she is a danger to any other kids out there.

  • caroline

    Does it occur to anyone else that the mother might be ill…

    • Take Take

      Caro, i quite agree with you. I will never blame the mother for the evil works of a mature employed maid. this has nothing to do with where the mother was. Common sense tells me that, for the family to have opted to hire a helper, there should have been a general consensus and a need. It is also unfortunate that the writer chose to go to press before establishing such important facts. This is also going to be very traumatic for the mother, just to know that many people condemn her for what happend to MY Little Angel.

      Unconfirmed reports are saying the GIRL eventually succumbed. So she has gone to be with The Lord. Oh my father receive her spirit. oh oh oh my God……..

      • Emilia Obiajili Obiedelu

        Let us also use this opportunity to pray for people who are being abused in different part of world. These things are real.

  • blackmoon


  • beverley

    thank god the baby is still alive. I don’t care about the mother all I care is that the baby is safe and being taken care of. If I was there I would have killed that maid. they should have executed her

  • Bee

    This is very disturbing ill kill a person! That woman doesn’thave mercy will she ever cary a child coz she doesn’tshe doesn’t show That she has one!

  • semmy

    wooh am in Tanzania and this video makes me cry every time i see it. Thank God the dad put a monitor camera….imagine how the maid would have denied doing such an action if it wasn’t for the camera. all in all thank God she is safe and sound. may the guardian angel guide this pretty baby always

  • Sadia Noorani

    this maid does not deserve a hearing she should be given a death sentence directly she should die a thousand deaths everyday till the day she dies .she has to know that her hell has already begun

  • BrLuAn

    When did this become about anyone other than the woman who wrongly beat an innocent child. Everyone needs to focus!!!! It is not about the mother or the father. It is about the evil woman and justice being done!!!

  • Mitchell Nyathi

    This maid is purely evil… How can she torture such an innocent child? Honesly i couldn’t watch the footage twice, my heart nearly stopped to learn that the are ruthless beings out there…. I thank God to learn that the child did survive. Please lets pray for that maid it is clear she is containing so much anger inside from the past. I also think since it is said the Rwandeen woman is not working she must just care for her child as she’ll never be able to trust any one soon.

    • no name

      care for her child???? I think if she has a child should be taken away from her. There nothing motherly about her….

  • no name

    What a beautiful Baby..her smile is so bright and wonderful. How can one hurt such a face. At fist I thought it was a sick joke, but as I watch the video, it look real.
    I honestly think the woman is mentally sick…even devil himself cant be this evil

  • Laura B

    To Omukama Kabarega: We are not here to judge the mother of the child, but to give our opinions about the disturbing attitude of that evil maid. Whatever the mother was working or not, it doesn’t give any reason for that evil “woman” to treat under her supervision in a such horrific way. Have you ever let your child in the hand of someone even you are not going to work? Just be focused of the main story and save us of your nonsense.

  • no name

    Please ask the father to send us another video when she is fully recovered…we would like to see her happy smile…

  • muiz darsot

    i am a father of 3 kids from johannesburg south africa , this video was sent to me by a mother who leaves her kids with a day nanny for caring as she and her hubby both have full times jobs , WE AWREA LL IN SHOCK & TRAUMA BY SEEING THIS OMG WTF , we trust these ladies as caregivers , we work our asses off to support them & their families , and all we ask is for them to look after our kids & respect them , THEY DONT NEED TO LOVE THEM , we-i do not judge all rewandan women from this , but as humans we CANNOT allow this to happen , this AWFULL EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING , should be publickly hung or stones to DEATH !!! to set an example to other nannies , NOT to take out their frustrations & abuse on Our kids …AND I HOPE THE POLICE & AUTHORITIES DONT let the pain & agony of this little girl go unpunished….

  • muiz darsot

    this has nothing to do with the mother nor her presence , most women around the world now days have jobs to make ends meet & give their families better lives etc , or the parents are seperated , this a case of a abusive nanny who BULLIES babies to stroke her EGO , she MUST BE PUBLICLY OUTED & PUNISHED , shes a gruesome evil human being & there is NO place for her in our world , there is enough evil out there , WE DONT NEED ANOTHER !!!

  • mother

    I’ve read the comments below and regardless of what she was completely wrong and most of you are right her nationality of women don’t get a good reputation but watching this video broke my heart brought tears to my eyes and took my breath away! I’m a mother of two and only God knows if she’ll still be breathing if that was my child I’d have to ask him to forgive me because I’ll take her life I kid you not.

  • EazyRyderPaper

    This is why we need death penalty…some people do not deserve to live…this maid is protected by God because if that was my child she would never see a court room I would have taken justice into my own hands….if the mother is not dead and not working why was she not there? A maid is only supposed to be a helper not to give parents an excuse to abandon their children….this mother will be judged by God but she does not deserve the blessing that is a child

  • Idyoro Ikarak

    I am happy that kid is alive. For her innocence God is with her……little angel. I felt so frustrated as a mother on watching that video, so disturbed that i couldn’t sleep but God is great.
    For that maid, she deserves that maximum punishment on earth. Let us not jump in to blaming the mother, first deal with the culprit. I don’t know where i would have been by now if it was my child…….may be in jail……can’t comprehend.

  • Faiza

    thank God the little princess is ok. i have a little girl of 2 years and when i saw this video, couldn’t stop my tears. is just too painful for a little girl to go through such a torture, it’s so inhuman for a maid to have tortured an innocent and defenseless child in that manner. the maid should face a severe punishment for this act. As for Mr. Kamanzi, make sure the baby’s checkup is thoroughly done, seek several opinions from pediatricians just to make sure the little princess is safe and doesn’t suffer any internal injuries. the beating was just too hard.

  • Elias Ayieko

    I praying for sweet beautiful kid quick recovery. I would like to know her state in case anybody has seen her.As for maid Jolly Tumuhirw, Has anybody talked to her after this incident? Has she seen this footage? What has she said about, What defense does she has for action? Form the clip, it seems she is expectant, how is she going to treat her toddler? Who is willing to answer to these questions?

    • Robina

      This is too much torture for the toddler. my heart is just unstable. am traumatized and confused i think. Thank god the kid is still alive. For judging the mother and her country of origin i think that’s wrong, all countries have gotten divorced families if its the case with kamanzi though am yet to know if its true. Its not only the Rwandan ladies who divorce its in all countries all over the world. May the lord who heals and repairs see this toddler through. And my the almighty hold the hearts for these parents. coz if the whole world is hurt what about the real parents.

  • Bells

    Such a beautiful face. A perfect little creation. Lord I pray that you take this beautiful little soul into your hands and protect her from here on forward. I pray that you will heal her little body of all wrong done to her, and that You will remove any memories of this event in her life. I pray that her future will b filled with positivity an blessings an all things beautiful. I pray all this in Your precious name my Lord. AMEN

  • Beautiful Onyinye


  • Phillicia

    I personally hated that brutal woman who brutally tortured a beautiful toddler and I am so sorry to say that. I can personally kill that lady with my hands

  • DIE!!!! This chick needs to Die by the same method.

  • Eva

    This girl need to be taught how to be a mother. She will bring forth children to this world and turn to tortured them. May be she needs deliverance as well. God should mould and turn her heart like the river so that she can have feelings for mankind.

  • Concerned Mother

    Do not judge the mother, just because she doesn’t work that doesn’t mean that she can’t leave the house without her baby. The maid is evil & fooled them, may she rot in jail. Thank God the Baby is alive

  • Ellisras

    Hi, people why do you argu about God or different people, instead talk about a fund rising for that little girl to be healt, and for medical attention. Light candels and pray.

    Im also a mom and it was disturbing to see the video

  • Agumadu Ifeanyi

    Oh! The maid survived the beating from her boss, how lucky she is. If its me, she would have by now giving her account of life to her creator.

  • novy onkware

    As a mama the clips are touching. sorry to the little angel and i wish her quick recovery.

  • kasolo

    First of all, its a relieve to hear that the gal survived this brutality, she must be a strong kid, a fighter!. Secondly, mothers shld stay at home and take care of their kids till they are in an age to visit preschool, unless they badly need to work for financial situations. Mothers have become soo moneyminded that they dont even know their child enough coz they spend too little time with them. Sorry!, but mothers should learn a lesson with this.

  • Channy

    We in South Africa are Saddened and Angry. The video has gone Viral in our country. we want Justice for the family and the Child.

  • Sedyable .

    This Maid is a very disturbed Soul, woman are born nurterers they always put their children wellbeing 1st. I hope this little angel is recovering well and she grows up healthy and strong as for the parents my heartfelt pain goes to both of you and may you find a loving nanny from this day forth who will love the kids like her own. This is a warning to all we need to get family history of anyone we hire to come work for us. Is there a place where we can post gifts for the baby girl?

  • Tashkash

    f*** this maid.sorry to the toddler

  • Judged LMM

    Omukama, You can’t blame the child’s mother for not being home whereas she is not working, the BOTTOM LINE of the story is that, the nanny was hired to take care for the baby NOT do what she did to the baby. As a woman we know that our responsibilities as women, wives, mother’s etc take A LOT out of us and in most cases we do need an extra hand to help. Leaving a child with a nanny is being responsible unlike leaving your child alone and locked her in the car or house. The parents trusted her with their baby and in return they were putting bread on the nanny’s plate, so the point that the child’s mother is not working is ABSOLUTELY not the reason for her child to be brutalised like this.

  • Judged LMM

    I saw pregnancy draining a lot out of my wife, after the baby was born we hired a nanny for him and that nanny is treating our baby like she is a member of our relative. Our women or wives need us to support them as men, women give a lot to us, solid warm homes, children and so on, I for one can’t blame Angella or Rwandan women for not working but hired a nanny for her baby, I have never been pregnant but I witnessed how much energy it drains out not to mention that labour hours, pains and a baby coming to this world. So I can’t put the blame on Angella for trusting another woman with her baby. I’m agreeing with Mahumbwe, this was just an innocent soul that needed to be jealously guarded by ANY human being……
    So let’s not justify what was done by the nanny with the point of Angella not being employed !

  • Sarah

    This is very sad news.When i saw the video i couldn’t finish it i sat there crying.Its very sad to have people mad then they take it out on the children. That lady doesn’t deserve a family,nor does she deserve her life.I hope out of all people she actually looks back into what she did and just kill herself because as i have said before she does not deserve her life.It makes me fill with sorrow just to think that a 22 year old women is abusing and torturing a 2 year old girl. who knows if the mother was behind all this? she deserves to be banished from life. Because she let her own maid torture her wonderful, lovely daughter. No parent deserves that, and her father deserves a medal for doing that, it truly was significant and brave. Not only would i beat her but i would torture and kill her as well.

  • ruth

    I can see Gods hand upon this baby because He is the one who gave wisdom to the father to mount the camera. honestly how many of us (especially Africans) put cameras in houses. secondly, I don’t think the baby would have survived without the intervention of God after being stepped (by the heavy maid) on or thrown to floor (Hard tiles). This child would have died but because of God she is alive. I praise you Jehovah. Thirdly God has used this situation for a good cause to expose the evil some maids do thus making parents more cautious and to from now on parents will be spending more time with their families

  • Miles

    The maid is obviously mentally disturbed… I haven’t even bothered to complete viewing that video, I stopped when the baby puked. Maid’s sanity must be tested first though…

  • Eugene Nkalamo- ndola/zambia

    i could have done something worse to the maid… not that fire goes with fire but a normal parent would react with rage. in my case i doubt if the maid would have seen the following day.
    as to babay father thanx for exposing such, however we would love to know the reaction of the baby mother.

  • julie

    No i think its wrong to be judgmental to the mother , she could have gone to the market or do her hair or just a few minutes are enough for such a brutal maid to act

  • godpunishher

    People like this should be Locked out of heaven

  • jafet

    She doesn’t have any child that’s why she has played a wrestling on the little beautiful babe, She’s really weird who doesn’t want any child cause if she wanted to have a child, she would not even touch the babe, She’s only two years old girl, she could do whatever she wants, there’s no one who can stop her from playing, eating, crying… whatever… i’m still remembering how did she kick her face, OMG, until she could not move to anywhere and saying anything, even crying… She’s really weird, I’m really happy the babe recovers well and still alive, THANKS GOD! and really really happy that the stupid housewife gets a punishment for 15 years, if i was the Judgment i would give her a punishment for 59 years, It’s known the criminal housewife would die then but if it is not, i would kill her. What a cruel housewife who does not have a mind, Mindless..

  • Allowa lesamana

    First may i say thanks to our almighty God for protecting this innocent little angel.I sow the video and my brain switched off.It was so painful,that maid should jail for murder case.Asanteni sana tuko pamoja ndugu zetu hapo uganda.

    • Peter Kozelj

      Yeah, where was your almighty God half an hour earlier to protect “this innocent little angel”? Was he too busy watching over Mugabe having his prostate examined?

  • FR

    Bloody Bitch..how can she treat the baby like this…she should be hanged

  • Ina

    I just hope that the lady who did this kind of an act towards this innocent kid is first treated the same way like she did to the kid for the number of days she was employed to take care if this kid and then stoned to death by the people to set an example for all child molesters and child abusers in the world. God bless that kid with all the happiness in the world for all the days of her life.

  • nadim attiq

    May allah punish the woman and pour mercy on the baby

  • mz

    She might heal physically but mentally, i dont think so…or if they immediately throw some some therapy session for this baby….

  • Suleman

    she was a poor baby

  • mamokete letsitsi

    that woman is devil by himself so please God protect that child from evil spirit, to just innocent baby we love u we care about u just be still baby

  • Marty Girl

    I just want to know why she only got 4 years? Why is she given such a light sentence? If the African people do not value the lives of their children then who will???