‘Naked’ Mugabe picture lands woman in court

By Alex Bell

A joke picture of a ‘naked’ Robert Mugabe has once again seen a young Zimbabwean face criminal charges, after the image was shared on a mobile chat application. 

The  joke picture of a ‘naked’ Robert Mugabe that got Shantel Rusike arrested
The joke picture of a ‘naked’ Robert Mugabe that got Shantel Rusike arrested

A 20 year old Bulawayo woman, Shantel Rusike, was arrested on Christmas Eve after sharing the image with a colleague, who then reported Rusike to the police.

Rusike was held for four days over the festive season before being brought before Magistrate Tawanda Muchemwa in the Bulawayo Magistrates Court on 28th December 2012. She was charged under the Criminal Law Act for allegedly ‘undermining the authority of or insulting the President’.

The picture, which shows Mugabe’s face on a naked body, was first shared before his 87th birthday in 2011 and has been shared multiple times on social networking platforms. The picture is accompanied by the caption: “Happy 87th Birthday (Operation Matibili).”

Rusike was released on US$100 bail and will be back in court on Friday.

The case against Rusike comes less than a year after Zimbabwean Benias Madhakasi was arrested and jailed for about four months after he was found with the same picture on his phone. He was arrested in Beitbridge in April and charged under the Criminal Law Act. He was only freed in July after the High Court threw out all the charges he was facing.

SW Radio Africa’s Bulawayo correspondent, Lionel Saungweme, said the case “hinges on the prosecution’s conviction that merely showing Robert Mugabe naked is insulting to the President.”

He said the situation reflects ZANU PF’s paranoia ahead of elections, with the party expected to use whatever measures it can to clamp down on what it believes are ‘dissenters’. SW Radio Africa

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    ngaasungwe machinja aya

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    Ahhhh ko zvatanga nhasi here zvema zvekutambanemuswe wavasekuru nhai?

  • Samuel Maramba

    In Shona we say, “Gudo guru peta muswe kuti vadiki vakutye” literally meaning “The elders must lead by example for the young to respect them.” People do not do that to Nelson Mandela because he knew he was a freedom fighter and after achieving the goal, he rested and let others carry on from there. In our case it’s different. People loved Mugabe and Sally (1980-90) so much and even Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain knighted him, Sir Robert. But what is happening shows that something went wrong somewhere since Sally’s death. Things have never been the same and people are fed up. Mugabe was a teacher and should know better that teachers always get nick-names from their children. Children even draw cartoons of teachers in the toilets with poo. Even at home we gave our grandfathers and fathers names: and some names have stuck like their own names.Think of Mujubheki, Jakarasi (Jackals), Benyumundiro, Nhamoyebonde, Manyengavana, and so on. How many jokes were there about Baba VaMuzenda? I remember meeting Cde Muzenda at Zvavahera Township and at Chinyika Township in Gutu whenever he came there for weekends, he had time to mix with the locals and share jokes. People must be able to joke about their leaders; they are human beings and different from God. By arresting people they encourage them to do more.



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    Kana munhu achida kunoona president vakashama anongonovakumbira. Mahure evanhu, zvinhu zvekuchengeta mufon izvozvo.? It shows how dirty minded you are. Can u joke about seeing or getting an image ya president varinaked? VaMandela irikowo here yavo vakadai? Pple shld learn to respect. Zvinei nepolitics izvozvo?

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    lyke it wen others’ tempers flare over this!!!

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    Who is going to send Nehanda Radio to Court for posting That nude picture..

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    if they jail those pple it clearly shows tht Zimbabwe is a Dictactorship country

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    This is the other way of showing their anger, vanhu hava
    chada.Samuel Maramba you are correct on what you wrote.

  • Anonymous

    If they don’t want him, he must not jail them,he must just leave the hot seat.

  • collins andrew (@llinsbetty)

    we are refugees because of one person thats what he wants so let peolpe insult him why this is not done to Nelson Mandela,Keneth Kaunda,Sam Nujoma and many others we are tired of you mr president.

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    Mudaro veduwe ………..( respect )

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    but we are not allowed to insulst anyone when you are nolonger ineed of him its a crime dont vote for him not toinsulst.its not good respect our elders

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    This picture Beautiful picture…..this should be the way we see….thanks to the Director

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    Everyone Should Share This Nice Oic

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    I’m Sure this picture speaks volume about a tyrant

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