Pictures of cheating Chinhoyi man with ‘runyoka’

A 52 year old married man from Chinhoyi is facing difficulties walking and says he can longer wear underpants after his private parts swelled up permanently in a suspected case of ‘runyoka’ or witchcraft.

Bernard Madzivanzira
Bernard Madzivanzira

The unwelcome bulge has seen Bernard Madzivanzira wet his pants regularly and came after he slept with a local woman despite being married and having three children. He is now suffering bouts of excruciating pain in the testicles that often result in him fainting in attacks occurring on average three times a day.

Madzivanzira confessed to sleeping with a woman in the Chikonohono Township of the city but claims her husband passed away some time ago.

“I met this woman sometime in November 2010. I knew she was married previously but her husband had died and we agreed to be intimate and that is when my problems started,” he narrated. Later that night as he was sleeping on the bed, he felt some intense heat on the naval area while his penis began to swell and remained erect.

Bernard Madzivanzira is facing difficulties walking and says he can longer wear underpants after his private parts swelled up permanently in a suspected case of ‘runyoka’ or witchcraft
Bernard Madzivanzira is facing difficulties walking and says he can longer wear underpants after his private parts swelled up permanently in a suspected case of ‘runyoka’ or witchcraft

“The pain was so severe that I decided to go to the farm in Raffingora but things got worse prompting me to seek help from traditional healers in Chihwiti. I would feel like something was gripping my testicles before the gripping pain would extend to the heart and I would subsequently pass out,” he narrated.

His family knew about the attacks and would render him first aid until he became conscious again while others suggested that he got urine from the woman so that he could be healed. Apparently being “naughty” with ‘sorted’ people can be cured if one takes a swig or a mouthful of their urine and gulp it down.

“I went from one traditional healer to another but they all said that it was Rukawo or Runyoka in some areas before I finally found one in Chihwiti who gave me herbs to use,” he said.

As a result of the herbs, he said the penis had now returned to its normal size but the testicles are still swollen while he has now lost control of when to urinate as urine flows freely out of him in spite of his efforts to rein it in.

This, Madzivanzira said started after he commenced treatment and he was told it was the body’s response to the treatment. “Muko wandakapiwa ndewekuti handifanire kunwa mapiritsi kana kubaiwa jekiseni,” he said. (The traditional medicine I was given had instructions that I ought to take no pills or injections while I am on treatment).

 A contrite Madzivanzira warned people -especially men-against sleeping around in his parting shot. “I regret having slept with the woman but I would also like to act as an example to other men to stop sleeping around as it is very dangerous especially if you do it with a married woman,” he said.

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  • Pmoyo

    hapana zverunyoka apa, this guy needs medical treatment. hes probably jus suffering from a hydrocele that can be drained easily at hospital or removed via a simple surgical op .

  • Dean

    He should ask the TH to transplant a hair from his nose onto the head of his penis. Should he then feel like he cant stop urinating..his penis will promptly SNIFF up any excess urine !

  • Morgan

    Has become an example in a very expensive way-God forbids sleeping around; it is a sin, zvino ndezvipi?

  • Mavende

    Ko mukadzi wekufirwa wacho haangarapwe here kuti akwamiwe.Nzara angapedza nebanana here?

  • Muka

    satan is racing his last lap with God’s people…ndokuti mazuva ekupedzisiraka uku…

  • Vmunetsimadyara


  • Nymaikl


  • Mubuson80

    This man is not telling the truth. He is a well known criminal in Chihoyi. A jail bird to be precise. If you guys can go to archives The Herald and other news papers or even get to the Police and Prisons they will tell you this man has served for Sodomy on a number of occasions. He was hitting headlines in the 90s. Its surprising how we can be fooled to such an extent. Kana waiiita vamwe varume vakadzi wotaura uchinyepera madzimai evaridzi nhema.

  • Fa

    If its real,good! Wamama!!

  • Magama

    he could be having prostate cancer- he needs medical help soon

  • majaji goto

    Ko ngaangonwazve weti yamukadzi wacho zvakataurwa nhai nhai

  • Freedomshanya

    dai taedzawo kumubatsira please akatadza hake asiwo inga wani arikutaura wani kuti zvechokwadi akazviita haana kuramba uye he is adding kuti vamwewo tisazviita izvozvo kuratidza kuti abvuma pachokwadi iyi ndiyo nguva yekuti aregerererwe nyangwe vanhu tikatdza zvedu kumubatsira asi mwari vachamuregerera iye atogurawo haite futi zvacho zvaakaita izvozvo kungava kuba kana hupombwe kana kubatabata asi zvese izvozvo hazvina basa mwari vanotarisa kuti wagura here ende angura anoregererwa.nayngwe zvivi zvakatsvuka seropa zvinocheneswa sechando semagwaya echando ska hapana iripo apa zvidiki kwazvo god deal with big case nt like this one yaita diki kwazvo saka mudhara iwe kana wakteverera ndinoti gura kubva nhasi ucharegerewa wotevera jesu closely.

  • FAYA


  • the observer

    chomara!!!yoh yoh!!!

  • MaOne maface

  • Dr Wallace

    sounds like any number of STDs to me.

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