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Blxckie’s manager accused of exploiting rapper and pocketing his money

South African rapper Blxckie has next to nothing to his name despite his popularity, after being allegedly duped by his manager who bought assets under her name.

The rapper has rose to prominence in the last few years, winning the hearts of music lovers with his unique melodious style.

However, a source close to the rapper has revealed to Zimoja that despite his rising popularity, Blxckie is ignorant of the fact that his manager, Nandi Mwepu, has been misusing funds that belong to him.

“It’s all going to come out. I have nothing to benefit from exposing the truth, but Nandi is evil. Blxckie is under the impression that he owns the car that he is driving, but everything is under Nandi’s name.

“The house where he lives in Midrand is under Nandi’s name. Imagine that?’ the associate exclaims.

“Imagine an international award-winning artist thinking he has money but has nothing, instead he gets money that he thinks is enough, not knowing he is worth more. Blxckie is in the dark,” the source said.

According to the insider, Mwepu was taking advantage of Blxckie’s naïvety to accumulate assets under her name.

“The car belongs to Nandi. So is the house. It’s under his manager’s name. He is young, he’s a child, we understand that. But he needs to do his own digging to find the truth,” she said.

Another insider says Nandi allegedly duped her cousin and DJ, Dr Peppa into believing they would be business partners.

“He is her cousin. If you can scam your own cousin then you are dangerous,” the insider said.

“She is related somehow to Dr Peppa. But she scammed her own cousin Peppa. They were supposed to own the company together, but came the time to include him in the registration documents, his name was not there and she is the sole owner of the company. Even now, they are not on good terms.”