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Faith Nketsi teases potential divorce from ‘broke’ businessman Nzuzo Njilo

Despite vehemently denying that there was trouble in paradise when it was revealed that she had moved out of her matrimonial home a few months ago, South African socialite Faith Nketsi has revealed a sequence of events that showed her leaving her husband and seeking help from divorce lawyers.

Nketsi revealed the tumultuous events in her relationship with embattled businessman Nzuzo Njilo during the first episode of her reality TV show, Have Faith.

The couple tied the knot in a secret wedding last year, with the ceremony covered in the reality show which seeks to show the inner happenings in the life of the socialite.

In March, it was revealed that Nketsi had decided to leave her husband, who had fallen on hard times economically.

“Since the last time you saw me, I have been adjusting to being a new mother, being a wife. I moved out of my marital home,” Nketsi says at the start of the show.

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When the reality star’s mother asked her why she had deserted the couple’s Hyde Park home, Nketsi said she that their marriage was collapsing.

“What was collapsing, my whole marriage was collapsing right in front of my eyes,” she said in her video diary.

“I think at some point we all know I was going to leave the house and come back here. It is such an embarrassing situation, I’m embarrassed for my soul,” she said.

Nketsi revealed that she was seeing a therapist, as her marriage had taken a toll on her mental health.

“We need this time apart for me to make my decision,” she said.

The first episode of the reality show’s new season ends with Nketsi enquiring about divorce proceedings from her lawyer.