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‘Zimbabwe is now Mnangagwa’s private company’- says Thomas Mapfumo

Chimurenga music icon Thomas ‘Mukanya’ Mapfumo has slammed Zimbabweans for allowing President Emmerson Mnangagwa to turn the country into his “private company”.

Speaking at a press conference in the United Kingdom over the weekend, Mapfumo urged Zimbabweans to rise and revolt against Zanu-PF whom he accused of looting the country’s resources.

He cited the Al Jazeera “Gold Mafia” documentary which exposed the looting of gold from the country by people close to President Mnangagwa and his family.

The “Nyoka Musango” singer said he will only come to Zimbabwe to perform his last show when a new government elected by the people gets into power.

“I will have my last show in Zimbabwe when a new government of the people is born,” Mapfumo said.

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“I don’t want to lie, right now there is no government of the people in Zimbabwe. Al Jazeera showed you the status of the country and exposed how your minerals are being stolen but you’re still seated in your houses.

“What are you doing? Why can’t you get out there and tell Mnangagwa that you’re a thief? Zimbabwe is now Mnangagwa’s private company. He does what he wants.”

Mapfumo further questioned why Zimbabweans were not protesting against Mnangagwa’s niece Henrietta Rushwaya who was arrested at Robert Mugabe International Airport in 2020 trying to smuggle over 6 kgs of gold to Dubai.

Rushwaya was acquitted after controversially telling the court that she had picked the wrong bag.

She is still the President of the Zimbabwe Miners Federation.

“That lady (Henrietta Rushwaya) was caught trying to smuggle gold out of the country. Where is she? She is now the leader of all miners in Zimbabwe. So, why are you sitting at home watching your country being squandered,” the legendary musician said.