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Mliswa threatens to “physically attack” MPs amid racial abuse of Markham

Norton legislator Temba Mliswa threatened to physically attack some Members of Parliament who were interjecting him while he was condemning the racial statements made by seemingly foggy Zanu-PF Buhera South MP Joseph Chinotimba against opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) legislator Alan Markham.

CCC MPs Tendai Biti and Markham are both vying for the Harare East Parliamentary seat after the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission dismantled the latter’s Harare North constituency in its controversial 2023 Delimitation Report.

Commenting about the issue in the National Assembly, Chinotimba said “munoda kutora Markham who is white muchisiya Biti who is a black man (you want to put Markham a white man and remove Biti a black man).

Markham got frustrated and left the house saying he was tired of being racially abused.

Explaining to the acting Speaker of Parliament what had happened, Mliswa got frustrated with some MPs who were interjecting him and threatened to beat them up one by one.

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“Mr. Speaker Sir, the truth of the matter is that there was an exchange of words between the left and the right. There was an exchange which we were not privy to.

“You were busy attending to issues and indeed you did not hear what was going on but the truth of the matter which I think is important for us to address is that – I will end up attacking you one by one, physically.

“We are tired of this rubbish. We did not come here for this. I train too hard. It is important that you allow me to speak,” Mliswa said.

The independent MP further urged the Acting Speaker to ask Chinotimba to withdraw his racial sentiments against Markham.

“Mr. Speaker Sir, to cut a long story short, the issue at hand which is important and that needs to be addressed is that indeed there was an exchange which you were not previewed to. Hon. Chinotimba’s remarks on Hon. Markham in terms of white and black was wrong and he must withdraw that.

“I heard that and I think that is the import of this issue that he had no right to talk about white and black. He must withdraw those remarks because it does not sit well with the country, with what we stand for and all that.

“I actually heard it, that is why I am standing up to say that. So, it is only proper that he withdraws those remarks, but you did not hear them and unfortunately Hon. Markham left before you made a decision. It is important therefore for Hon. Chinotimba withdrew those remarks,” he said.

Before leaving Parliament, the Harare North MP accused the Speaker of seemingly failing to protect him.

“On a point of order. I consider that statement totally racial. You as the Speaker had no intention of calling the man to order. In this inflammatory position that we are in now, it is quite clear to me that there is no reconciliation from the Hon. Member and the party he represents.

“Unfortunately, he is not the first to refer to me because of my colour. I was given my skin by my parents as they were and yours. It is not that I selected it. One can almost say the God or whoever your God is gave it to you. I am sick and tired of being referred to as white.

“In the Constitution, it states categorically that you cannot separate us by religion, sex, gender, you name it and yet you tolerate that. Mr. Speaker.

“I would like to announce to this House that I am absolutely disgusted by the racism that comes from that side and is also endemic in my own. I take leave of this House. Good afternoon,” he said.