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Full Text: Olinda Chapel claims she was attacked by Tallyn Ndudzo

My public statement in regards to Tallyn Ndudzo attacking me.

I had a pre- arranged meeting with the promoters that are bringing in Zari but they ended up arriving later than expected. I checked myself into a hotel whilst waiting for them. Unfortunately my phone goes onto Do not Disturb at 10pm and the only person that can get through are my emergency contacts.

I fell asleep and only heard the phone when I received a call from Sean at 00:26 saying people where looking for me and has been waiting to have the meeting but I seem to have disappeared. I called the team and made my way to them. Only to find Tallyn sat at the table.

I asked why she was part of the meeting and she said she speaks on behalf of WorldRemit and that they want to sponsor the show. Which is a lie as worldremit would follow the correct process with contracts etc.

I told my two business partners that I have a bad history with Tallyn because of the lies she created when I was pregnant with my daughter and that I would never sit at the same table as Tallyn and would never do business with her. Tallyn was drunk and intoxicated and she got up and wanted to hit me.

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Fortunately two guys blocked her and a 2nd had to restrain her. I took my bag to leave and I said I would not be reduced to her level. She went on to fight almost 4 men and beating every man in her way. The gentleman chose not to hit her back as if the police where to be involved they’d get into trouble.

She finally managed to get to me and she punched across my mouth where my gums were bleeding and I had bruises on my mouth. she tried grabbing my hand and hurt my wrist etc.The guys jumped back into action and restrained her. At this point I then called the police who could hear and record her throwing insults and shouting.

She made so many accusations that I am spreading HIV. That I slept with Andy Muridzo and other artists when they came to the UK. These people I have never met in my life. She called me broke and she said ndiri bishu sleeping with everyone. She went on to accuse my husband of wanting her thinking it would trigger me to react just like she did in 2018.

All of this is on CCTV and she was trying to grab knives and bottles because we where in a restaurant. Police arrived and they have opened a case against her where she will be questioned and further investigation will take place.

All my bruises, swollen wrists and cuts have been documented by myself. The police etc. Even though I felt one of the officer was brushing off the issues.

My lawyers are aware of the assault, the disability discrimination. I recently completed my law degree and completely aware of the law and it’s contents which include.

In the UK, there are laws that protect individuals living with HIV or AIDS from discrimination. It is illegal to insult or discriminate against someone with HIV or AIDS under the Equality Act 2010.

Specifically, the law prohibits discrimination on the grounds of a person’s actual or perceived disability, including HIV and AIDS.

The act applies to all aspects of a person’s life, including employment, education, healthcare, provision of goods and services, and access to housing. Individuals with HIV or AIDS in the UK are protected by law and have the same rights as anyone else.

If someone is insulted or discriminated against because of their HIV status, they can seek legal redress through the courts. An individual who is found guilty of such an offense can face fines, imprisonment, or both. Additionally, the victim may be entitled to compensation for any damages they suffered, including physical or emotional harm caused by the discrimination.

It’s important to note that ignorance about HIV or AIDS is not a legal defense under the Equality Act. Everyone has a responsibility to treat others with respect and dignity, regardless of their HIV status or any other disability.

She was recorded on my phone and the police heard her insult me and it’s on CCTV too where she repeatedly used HIV as an insult towards me. I will not be taking this lightly and have every intentions of taking this matter to the highest levels where police and courts are concerned.

Assault and insults should not be condemned and world remit will be made aware of the individuals conduct as I don’t believe they’d support this drunken, abusive behaviour which has caused actual injury.

Thank God for CCTV and having multiple phones to record this wrong doing. You can’t physically force me to do business with you and using violence to intimidate me to do so. My deprivation of liberty was violated and this by someone who has a repeated criminal history.

I never approached Tallyn to be part of any meetings and I was never alerted to her being there prior or else I would have chosen not to attend as I know very well for years she has been trying to provoke me.

It’s also my understanding she has been asked to leave the location a number of times by the business owner before my arrival as he knew very well that I would never conduct with her and she refused and insisted on staying.

As a law abiding citizen I would never attack back because it means I am committing the same crime.

I did a Facebook live which is in my archive of all of this and I will upload all videos and clearer pictures when it’s light.

Moswera zvakanaka.

Olinda Chapel

Below is the response from Tallyn Ndudzo

Tallyn Ndudzo
Tallyn Ndudzo