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Winky D will be at Kingfisher after being snubbed for Castle Tankard

Following Delta Castle Lager’s controversial move to remove Winky D from this year’s Castle Tankard, the award winning Zimdancehall musician will perform at Kingfisher Park on Saturday 6 May, the same day the horse race event is going to be held.

No explanation was given by organisers when they decided, for the first time, not to include Winky D on the list of musicians to perform at the Castle Tankard.

Winky D who has been a headliner of the event for over five years, filling up Borrowdale race course each time, is seemingly being blocked due to his politically charged Eureka Eureka album that has infuriated the ruling Zanu PF party.

Zanu-PF officials and pressure groups attacked him for being political. His music which questioned the socio-economic situation in Zimbabwe was banned from playing on national television and radio stations.

Against this background its seems Delta has decided not to invite the high billing musician to the Castle Tankard in order to avoid clashes with the Zanu-PF government.

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Castle Lager Zimbabwe has since announced that Alick Macheso and Enzo Ishall will headline the Castle Tankard 2023.

“Alick Macheso (Baba Shero) and Enzo Ishall will headline the Castle Tankard 2023. Come in your numbers this Saturday at the Borrowdale race course for an exciting day of horse racing, friends, music and the finest beer of Africa, Castle Lager,” the company said in a statement on Twitter.

A letter from the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ), seen by Nehanda Radio, however, shows that Winky D will perform at Kingfisher Park together with Selmor Mtukudzi among other artists.

“Your application to host Braai Out Zw festival (Bands vs Djs Edition) featuring local artists has been granted. The National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ) in accordance with the NACZ Act of 1985 read in tandem with Statutory Instrument of 87 of 2006 hereby grant clearance of the above show.

“Please note that the clearance is ONLY for performances by Winky D, Selmor Mtukudzi, Takura, Uncle Epatan, Cello Culture, Judgement Yard, Ace Frvr, Transit Crew, Raydizz Merciless Zim, Dj Hush and Host AC Bima on 06 May 2023 at Kingfisher Park, 61 Prices Avenue. Emerald Hill, Harare.

“Any other work appearance by the same artists in Zimbabwe remains unauthorized by NACZ. Wish you the best in your contribution towards the development of the arts industries in Zimbabwe,” read the letter.