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Zanu PF ‘killer MP’ Dexter Nduna embarrassingly kneels begging for votes

Self-proclaimed killer and Zanu-PF MP for Chegutu West, Dexter Nduna, is trending after a video which has gone viral, shows him kneeling down and begging for votes in his constituency ahead of the 2023 harmonised general elections.

Nduna became an MP after the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) fraudulently announced him as the winner instead of Gift Konjana of the then MDC Alliance.

Although ZEC admitted the error, the Constitutional Court went on to controversially uphold the blunder and imposed him as MP on the Chegutu West constituency.

With the country set to hold elections later this year, Nduna is seen in a video circulating on social media embarrassingly kneeling begging for votes and he is seemingly about to cry.

“Vote for me. Vote for me. Vote for me. Vote for me,” the controversial businessman pleads.

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Prominent journalist Hopewell Chin’ono commented on Nduna’s actions saying:

“This is Dexter Nduna, a Zanu-PF self confessed killer who lost a parliamentary election in 2018, but became an MP when Zimbabwe’s electoral commission ZEC fraudulently announced him as the winner.

“He is back begging for votes! With this kind of leadership, Zim is doomed!”

Commentator Setfree Mafukidze accused the Zanu-PF legislator of being obsessed with power.

“If this is what it takes to become an MP then l don’t think l would want to become an MP Dexter Nduna seems possessed here asking for votes, the obsession with power is something else, such a person will do anything to get power,” he said.

Nduna is not new to controversy, in 2019, he boasted about killing people he did not even know. He said this during a heated altercation with Norton MP Temba Mliswa during a parliamentary committee meeting.

In May 2018 Nduna was arrested on allegations of public violence and discharging a firearm in public during Zanu-PF primary elections.

In November the same year he shocked many when he moved a motion to have any Zimbabwean who calls for sanctions on the country to be sentenced to death.

The MP who is known for carrying a gun was last year arrested over allegations of occupying “gazetted land without lawful authority.”