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Thomas Mapfumo says Mnangagwa regime ‘is capable of killing Winky D’

Chimurenga music icon Thomas ‘Mukanya’ Mapfumo has said that President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s regime is “capable of killing Winky D for his social commentary packaged in the form of music”.

This comes after police violently disrupted Winky D’s live performances a few weeks ago at Damview in Chitungwiza. This was his first show after releasing his politically charged album Eureka Eureka.

The song list is full of messages denouncing government corruption and economic mismanagement.

Commenting on the issue, Mapfumo urged people not to underestimate Mnangagwa’s administration adding that they are “capable of killing Winky D.”

“Zimbabweans don’t understand or they underestimate the person (Mnangagwa) that they are dealing with. These people are used to killing and they have been killing throughout their lives and they are capable of killing Winky D for his social commentary packaged in the form of music.

“I warn you. Don’t underestimate what Mnangagwa and Zanu PF can do to anyone in Zimbabwe. They will use their low life thugs to hurt Winky D and this is not the first time his life was in danger,

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“I sang against the Ian Smith regime and went on to sing against Mugabe’s rule, which Mnangagwa was part of. I am in exile because of this, I know what they are capable of, if they wanted to end my life then they can also end Winky D’s life,” he said.

Mapfumo, who is also a fierce Zanu-PF critic, urged Winky D’s supporters to help him when he is targeted by the state.

“Winky D was harassed in front of everyone, a packed venue it was, but no one lifted a hand to help Winky D from the oppressive police, he had come to entertain you, but you did nothing, you watched as the police harassed him,” he said.

In November last year, the “Nyokamusango” singer urged Mnangagwa to accept failure and step down citing that the Zanu-PF leader has failed to curtail the corruption and economic mismanagement characterising his government.

“Please leave the Presidency if you can no longer control the corruption and the lawlessness. Zimbabwe now needs vibrant young leaders who can fix the economy and get the nation going. Our youth need jobs. Our patients need local care. Please step down and let the young take over.

“You have failed us as a nation Mr. President. Nothing works anymore. We need new and young leaders. The economy should be back to its feet. In every progressive country, young leaders are doing miracles. Magarisa. Chiendai.”

He added: “Please accept failure as a ZANU PF Government. Admit that you are not doing anything to control corruption. You are clueless about running the economy. You have let everyone down. The nation is going down the drain,” Mapfumo fumed.