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Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume promises solar roofing at Rufaro Stadium

Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume has said the council is set to install a solar system on the rooftop of Rufaro Stadium with renovations by the municipality at the ceremonial football venue still ongoing.

Mafume said this during his tour of the stadium over the weekend.

“I spoke to the ZESA workers at Rufaro after three years with no direct power to it. The power will be switched on from today (Sunday) onwards. We are looking to making the roof of Rufaro a solar power station.

“We will talk to solar companies to make the roofs a renewable energy station. Technology has advanced, the roof now is made of lighter material, and we should be able to cover all stands progressively,” he said.

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Upgrades at the Mbare-based sporting facility began mid-February and are being carried out by City Parking after partnering with the City of Harare.

Mafume also assured residents that renovations will be complete by end of March.

“We are here at Rufaro Stadium we are inspecting works. I’m happy that we should be finished on the issues of the ambiance and outside of the stadium and the B Arena by the 15th of March and other accessories by 30 March.”

Given Mafume walks the talk, Rufaro which was banned from hosting local league matches by the ZIFA First Instance Body could be used early this season.