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‘You sanitised Mnangagwa corruption’- Thomas Mapfumo tells CCC MPs

Chimurenga music legend Thomas Mapfumo has castigated main opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) MPs for accepting President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s US$40 000, stating that it was a bribe from the Zanu-PF leader.

There is an outcry from the public in Zimbabwe after CCC legislators accepted US$40 000 each from the Treasury when the country is in the grip of an economic crisis.

CCC leader Nelson Chamisa has since condemned the move by his MPs saying it was unethical. The MPs addressed the media last week telling them that the money was “over board” and they were going to repay it.

But the exiled veteran musician accused opposition MPs of being complicit with the Zanu PF regime by accepting the outrageous amounts.

“I hear you accusing Mnangagwa of being corrupt. You are also corrupt. How did you accept Mnangagwa’s US$40 000 bribe. You can always justify it but it’s a lot of money that you do not deserve,” Mapfumo said.

“What did you deserve that money?”

Mapfumo further said: “Mnangagwa is looting people’s money and you are now accepting his money, looting public funds together. Corruption is not ending in Zimbabwe, there is no electricity and you’re being seen accepting these monies.”

CCC MPs have since justified accepting the money, telling the media that the facility was a housing loan and long overdue.

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On behalf of all CCC MPs, the opposition party chief whip in Parliament Prosper Mutseyami said the MPs deserved the loan.

CCC chief whip in Parliament Prosper Mutseyami addressed the media
CCC chief whip in Parliament Prosper Mutseyami addressed the media

“One of the key issues that came up for debate in September was that of housing. Most MPs reside out Harare and are ordinarily housed in hotels in the preceding months as of now parliament had failed to pay those hotels resulting in embarrassing situations for MPS forced to hop from one hotel or lodge to another,” Mutseyami said.

“Indeed over the years different facilities and loans have always been provided to Parliament.

“The most common of these loans have been vehicle loans of up to US$60 000 in some cases. The loans have always been repaid. Where there has been a default Parliament has instituted legal proceedings and court records are public.

The Dangamvura-Chikanga legislator further stated; “In some cases vehicles have been seized at toll gates. Honourable Hwende, Chinanzvavana and a few others have had their vehicles seized and many MPs are currently in court defending themselves,” Mutseyami added.

His party leader, Chamisa is however not amused and said accepting the loans was “morally and ethically wrong” when the majority of the country’s citizens were wallowing in abject poverty.

“In any public office, any decision that prioritises self over the served is morally wrong, especially in a context where poverty pervades with citizens so hard-pressed and in circumstances of lack! Wrong leaders usually have wrong priorities,” Chamisa tweeted.

“The role of a government is to address citizens’ most urgent and pertinent needs. When this is abandoned, such a government merits replacement. Any government that prioritises ‘chefs’ over citizens is not fit for the purpose. #CitizensFirst.

“No public funds can ever be received or transacted silently. Accountability must always be full!” Chamisa added.