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“Our leaders have become habitual liars’ – Clive Malunga blasts Zanu-PF

Veteran musician Clive Malunga has once again blasted his Zanu-PF party, accusing its leaders of being habitual liars for “42 years and still hope that people will continue to believe you”.

Malunga who started music in 1985, has written several articles reprimanding Zanu-PF for mismanaging the country economically, politically and socially.

In his latest article published on clivemalunga.co.zw, the veteran musician points out that the regime’s mantra the sanctions are taking a toll on the economy is “false”.

“Zimbabweans have been abused by politicians for too long. Zimbabwe is full of people who are very patient. However, that patience is currently waning because of many unfulfilled promises by politicians for too long a time.

“A lie may succeed once but you cannot lie for 42 years and still hope that people will continue to believe you. Lying is a sin to God. Our leaders have become habitual liars. They no longer deserve anyone’s attention because what comes out of their mouths are toxic lies,” Malunga said.

“Zimbabwe has not been led by good stewards since independence. We have learnt our lessons for the past 42 years. We must be able to make the correct decisions about our country now. We pray to God who solely holds the title deeds to the land of Zimbabwe to help us make the correct choice.”

He believes that the Zanu-PF anti-sanctions mantra is propaganda. Malunga added that the Russians are equally sanctioned by the western countries for occupying Ukraine but they are not crying foul.

“The crooks that lead us say Zimbabwe cannot succeed because of sanctions. That is a total lie. The country adopted the Look East Policy and has been trading with many countries in Asia.

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“Rhodesia was under United Nations sanctions but managed to overcome all the challenges associated with sanctions because of good leadership. Rhodesia succeeded in spite of the sanctions. Salisbury was a great city.”

He asked: “Why are we failing to overcome sanctions in Zimbabwe?

“Russia, which is at war with Ukraine, is the most sanctioned country in the world. Russia is surviving and the Russian Ruble is doing very well on the market. By contrast, Zimbabwe which is not at war is failing dismally.

“What could be our main problem? Corruption at the highest level is the cause of our problems. The press abounds with countless stories of corruption by the leaders.

“We read about 6kg of gold that was intercepted at Robert Mugabe International Airport, the never-ending NSSA scandals, Cottco being defrauded of $5 million dollars, $15 billion from Chiadzwa diamonds that went missing! The list is endless.

“We must all stop and reflect. This is not normal. The country has lost direction: the compass is pointing in the wrong direction. We need to rediscover the right direction.”

Malunga added: “Although the Rhodesian government oppressed the black majority, they at least had a sense of humanity. I grew up in a farm community. The white man made us work very hard but he would provide basic commodities such as mealie meal, salt, beans and meat to the farm workers every week.

“Rhodesia was under severe sanctions but the farmers managed to feed all their workers. Why does a supposedly people’s government fail to provide its citizens with means to put food on the table. It is not about sanctions but the will to provide and ameliorate people’s misery.

“During the 1970s we had not discovered platinum, gas and diamonds but the Rhodesians managed to run the economy successfully.

“Just recently they have just decided to share their last loot. Each Member of Parliament is to be given a “loan” of US$40 000, every deputy minister US$350 000 and every minister a whooping US$500 000.

“This is how our heartless leaders are deciding to serve us – by eating for us while we stew in poverty. This is why I find it refreshing that Advocate Nelson Chamisa and Apostle Talent Farai Chiwenga have condemned such blatant abuse of state resources,’ Malunga said.