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I want to teach Passion Java a lesson one day declares Baba Harare

Popular jiti musician Baba Harare (real name Braveman Chizvino) has declared that his beef with Prophet Passion Java “is not a gimmick but really serious” and he intends to teach the flamboyant preacher a lesson one day.

In an interview with the State owned tabloid newspaper H Metro, the 33-year-old said “My tiff with Passion Java is not a gimmick but really serious.

“Java finds happiness in fighting popular figures like us. At first I used to keep quiet when he insulted me on social media but I realised that he needed to be whipped into line and I started firing back as well.

“I have realised that this guy wants to start fights with people but one day I will deal with him. I want a celebrity boxing fight with him so that I can teach him a lesson.

“If I beat him on the streets, I risk being arrested but if it happens in the ring, then I will get an opportunity for revenge.”

Java provoked the beef by mocking Baba Harare as a spent force, writing on his Facebook page; “Nyora vaimbi 3 vapera usingaise Baba Harare naSeh Calaz,” Java said.

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More jibes were thrown by the US based preacher who claimed Baba Harare “was kept” and was nothing more than a muscle man.

“Hurombe hunotangira pakuita sevaimbi Baba Harare naBaba Moto vanorara parukukwe rwakatengwa namomz 1994.

“Vamwe vanoimba zvinonzwisa tsitsi senge tumhasuru twaBaba Harare,” Java added.

Baba Harare clapped back saying he was Passion Java’s wife’s favourite artist.

“Ukaona murume wese anondivenga ndiri favourite yemukadzi wake. Musanditagger kuti ndirwe neuya uya. Handidi kusungirwa murder, ndanga ndakura zvakanaka wani,” Baba Harare wrote.

In another post he called Passion Java a fake prophet; “Mwari ndinokutendai nezvipo zvamakandipa, kuimba, kutamba nekubata maporofita enhema. Amen.” Baba Harare fired back.

The beef between the two also largely appears political with many believing Baba Harare supports opposition leader Nelson Chamisa after urging youths to register to vote while Java’s love for President Emmerson Mnangagwa is not in doubt given his many videos declaring support.