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Empty Tomb -Part 6 – (Loosely based on Ginimbi) – The Covenant

A ceremony to celebrate his inclusion was held. Glue-some demons of different shapes and sizes were in attendance. Mimicking his earthly ‘All white parties’, the demons arranged an ‘All black veil’ party, they wrapped themselves in blackest veils.

Dancing to the damned musical accents yet to be written, orchestrated by demonic harps, swept by the fingers of the dead, faintly heard and imbued by the saddest caged souls.

The initiation ceremony was done in seven folds, representing the seven strongholds and seven key areas of the Kingdom of darkness, operating in seven key areas namely; families, media, business, arts, government, religion and entertainment.

At each fold of the initiation, Gini was ordered to swim across the malodorous blood river seven times to attain wickedness, knowledge and power.

He was taught of the dark magic, codes, incantations, how to summon spirits, shape shift, execute missions and how to travel in and out of earth and around all realms of the satanic kingdoms.

The Wrath of Death Part 3: Extract from the Novel (Empty Tomb by Rudo Muzondo) based on Ginimbi (Genius Kadungure)
The Wrath of Death Part 3: Extract from the Novel (Empty Tomb by Rudo Muzondo) based on Ginimbi (Genius Kadungure)

His soul was sealed in a volt of the dungeons of hell, he was now operating as a Spirit. Just like any other demon, he became as soulless as a burial chamber.

At the end of the initiation, a ceremony to celebrate his inclusion was held. A thousand people on earth were mysteriously slay by demonic angels of death. Slain and slaughtered for the gods, they were a collateral damage to the terrain of illusion between life and death.

Led by the gods of mysticism, they were diabolically guided into the Pandemonium world. Still attached to their silver codes, in the blue of the oblivion, they drifted between two parallels of nothingness and consciousness.

Like sheep before slaughters, they were ushered into the slaughter house blindly. Condemned and damned, they were sacrificed for the gods to attain Gini’s rite of passage.
The devil and his demons only eat humans and drink blood, to gain power and superiority over humans.

Life is in the blood!

Human blood was their champagne. They ate human meat and played games with skulls and smoked bones.

No civilization. Primitive and hostile behavior, demons fought for body parts, their bodies were knitted and knotted with blood clots.

The stench was pungent and noisome, nuanced in base notes and top notes, composed of a duet of reeking corpses and sulphur.

Hell stank!

Gini, was ordered to stand in the council of higher demons to swear his servitude. He was told that failure to accomplish any assigned mission would result in him severe punishment more than he had experienced in the hell prison.

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A legion of demons were assigned to accompany him, mandated to win a thousand souls for the kingdom of darkness within the first one hundred days. Covenanted, Gini was given a ghastly demonic pigeon and an ancient carpet to use as mode of teleporting.

First, he had to get introduced to the other satanic kingdoms. His first destination was the Second Heaven, a place enshrouded in perpetual utter darkness, where Fallen Angels and Nephilim rule and reside. The higher demons of power with personality and purpose.

He was to learn about idolatry, false doctrine, occultism, witchcraft and mysticism. Second Heaven, the realm where native doctors, spiritualists, fake prophets and magicians get their powers. His mandate was to destroy churches, christians and to lure people into spiritual bondage through native doctors and spiritualists.

Second destination, the Marine kingdom, the underwater kingdom where latest fashion and technologies are invented. The Kingdom where demons of seduction, money and fame reside. The kingdom where musicians, world leaders, businessman, corporates, corporate leaders, politicians, sports champions, actors and other celebrities sign pacts with the devil to gain power, money and fame.

In the marine kingdom, he was scheduled to meet Sirens of the coast to get introduced to cutting edge technological innovation and artificial intelligence.

In the Marine Kingdom, he was also set to learn how to operate in seduction, immortality, causing divorces and putting people in bondage of sin through adultery, fornication, masturbation and pornography.

His last destination, the Kingdom of Persia, a Kingdom of Dwarf demons ruled by the demonic Prince of Persia, where prayers and blessings get confiscated. The same demons that fought with Archangel Michael against the blessings of Daniel in the book of Daniel 10:12-17

Led by one of the senior demons, Gini put his powers to test. He summoned his evil pigeon and instantly it grew larger than an elephant. It’s blood-stained eyes grimed with wickedness, it bore a stern countenance and flapped its gigantic wings as a sign of utmost decorum to its master. Absorbed in evil, Gini’s withered spirit didn’t flinch a bit, the pigeon was just a mere bird before him.

Accompanied by a legion of demons, he zealously rode the pigeon like he was on the Wild Wild West. Headed to the second heaven, where the queen of space Mary resides. The most powerful female demon in space, the imposter of Mary mother of Jesus, who is worshiped by the blinded many.

He felt invincible, raw power inside of him, anger and violence, but most of all, he found himself unable to care about anything. Driven by a powerful dark spirit, he became a magnon of evil spinning in every direction leading to destruction.

Burning with a consuming hatred against humanity he flew into the mysterious mystical mystics.

Extracted from the Novel ‘Empty Tomb’ written by Rudo Muzondo

The book is available on Amazon ~ click link below.

Death is not necessarily the end of everything but the beginning of everything!

Three common questions.
What really happens when one dies?
Is Hell real?
Is Heaven real?

Not only will this book answer all your questions but will give you a satisfying denouement to an epic narrative!

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