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‘Mnangagwa running Zimbabwe like his personal property’- Clive Malunga

Award winning Zimbabwean veteran musician Clive Malunga has slammed President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s regime for mismanaging the country while slamming the Zanu-PF party for championing dictatorship for 42 years.

Malunga who rose to prominence in the New Millennium with hits such as ‘Rudhiya’ and ‘Nesango’, clearly castigated the regime and its “heartless leaders” for being corrupt and supporting Zanu-PF’s 42 years of maladministration.

Writing on his website, clivemalunga.co.zw, the musical icon cited hunger as one of the traits exhibited by decades of the revolutionary party’s reign.

He confirmed to Nehanda Radio through a telephone call that the website is his.

“For the 42 years Zanu-PF has been in power, there has been nothing to celebrate. How can we celebrate hunger and poverty for the majority? ZANU (PF) has ruined the economy and driven many people into hopelessness.

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“The regime has also used excessive force including weapons of war to suppress the masses. Brutal intimidation, abductions, disappearances and unlawful arrests of opposing voices have become the order of the day,” he said.

Malunga likened Mnangagwa’s leadership to the totalitarianism of Uganda’s Idi Amin and the DRC’s Mobutu Sese Seko who are highly remembered in history for suppressing democracy.

“I have heard and read about Uganda’s Idi Amin and the DRC’s Mobutu Sese Seko who ruled their countries as if they were personal properties.

“We are experiencing the same here in Zimbabwe where the president, his family and those around him plunder the resources of the country in broad daylight,” he stated.

Malunga accused Zanu-PF leaders of losing the sense of Ubuntu that unites the African people. He claimed that the Zimbabwean leaders were not accountable.

He further urged the church to intervene and not side with the regime that suppresses the interests of its people.

“Leaders must be accountable to the people for their actions. The leaders have turned the country into a banana republic where state machinery is used to oppress the people. It must never be seen as a crime if the majority decide to change the government through the ballot box.

“People have a right to retain good leadership that delivers tangible development to the nation and dump useless leaders that continue to drive the majority of the people into penury.

“Zimbabwe leaders have lost a sense of Ubuntu/hunhu. Greed, self-centeredness and evil now possess our leaders. They now do not have respect for the sacred. The political leaders are desperately using the church as a platform to campaign for votes.

“The holy pulpits are being desecrated as unholy politicians use them to conduct their campaign rallies. The church must be vigilant and refuse to be tricked into unholy alliances with the tormentors of God’s people.

“The heartless leaders we have today do not care about people’s suffering. The young generation has lost hope because it has become clear that opportunities for life improvement will never materialise under the current regime.

“The wounds inflicted upon the people by the thuggery of our leadership will haunt the people for a long time to come. However, nothing lasts forever. Only God is eternal. Very soon this regime that is like an albatross around our necks will go and we will celebrate,” he said.