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‘I see her, walking across the lounge to dust her two favourite house plants’

As I pulled back the lounge curtains, the room was flooded with the radiance of natural light. I gazed at the window, I wasn’t looking through it or at it, my eyes were beyond the sense of seeing. My thoughts were so far, I was right inside my mama’s house. Nostalgia had gripped me, I stood transfixed and sank deep into my imagination.

Right inside my mother’s house……

I see her, walking across the lounge to dust her two favourite house plants, named Lily and Violet. With a radiant smile on her face, she whispers to the plants, “Good morning, Lily and Violet”, as she strokes them, she sighed with pleasure.

The golden light that came through her window gave the lounge a new beauty and a magical quality.

The brown and white lounge suit and elegant furnishings that matched the bright white walls commanded a subtle opulence.

I feel very safe and comfortable, the only place I can achieve perfect emotional stability.

Although I have lived in different places, there is only one true place where my heart lives, my mother’s house, the only place I can be my best self. The house where I grew up and spent my best childhood years. A very cosy and love bound nurturing atmosphere.

Every small detail in the room has something special to it and so many memories. As I look at the far right behind my father’s favourite couch, I see the preserved writings on the walls that I scribbled when I was five. The writing is all the way to the huge lounge mirror.

I caught my mother’s reflection in the mirror smiling at me, she is unquestionably beautiful just like her inner beauty. A woman of unmatchable strength, substance, grace, dedication, and composure.

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A stick from which I measure the greatness of a woman and a mother, impeccable intelligence, and the richness from a devotion to order. She who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.

She is a perfect mother, known for her beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God.

My greatest first love, my mother, my forever.

I was suddenly brought back to reality by a gentle buzzing ladybug. It flapped its luminous dot to dot red and black wings and landed on my left shoulder. I tilted my head looking at it in awe, it felt as if it gave me a hug.

‘Oh, cute ladybug, wearing no disguises, she came as she is, wearing her warm heart. She neatly tucked her ginormous wings, four times her size. I closed my eyes and whispered, “if only I had your wings Ms little ladybug, I would fly home to my mother”.

When I opened my eyes, Ms. mysterious Ladybug was gone.

I picked up my phone and hurriedly dialled her number. After a long silent pause, three rings followed and the call was answered by a mean opulent girl saying, “this is a voicemail box of 00263………. please leave a message”.


How I miss home!
How I miss mother!
Mother is love.
Mother is peace.
Mother is home.

Written by Rudo Muzondo~Author of two novels, the controversial ‘Empty Tomb’, Storms of Vicissitudes, two International English Text books.

The books are available on Amazon.

To read more of her stories, click link below to her blog.