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Jackie Ngarande seeks professional care after surviving suicidal thoughts

Harare socialite Jackie Ngarande has sought professional care “where she is being treated for depression, anxiety” after surviving suicidal thoughts last week.

Ngarande launched a Facebook live on Wednesday last week crying and citing that she has been in a toxic situation for a long time.

In a statement on Wednesday, Michael Shoko, her Media and Public Relations officer said his client was thankful for the support she got from the public during the difficult times.

He said Ngarande was seeking professional counsel to completely overcome the problem.

“Miss Ngarande would like to thank you heartily for the support you have given her through prayer, words of encouragement, visits, phone calls, text messages and the flowers that brightened up her days,” read the statement.

“It is gestures like these which have helped give her strength to recover and cheer up.

“Currently, Miss Ngarande is seeking professional care where she is being treated for depression, anxiety and also attending grief and loss therapy classes.

“She still needs your prayers as she goes through this recovery journey and an update will be given in due course as she is determined to get better and resume her philanthropy work on this platform.

The statement ended with a Bible verse from Exodus 15:26; ‘I am the lord that heals you’.

Jackie Ngarande
Jacqueline Tinovimba Ngarande (TNash Photography)

Last week Ngarande did a 25 minute Facebook live, where she said she was being accused of “the things that I don’t even know”.

“I forgave myself but there are people who keep on reminding me about what I did. I have tried everything but failed.

“I can show you the messages I send trying to apologise. I called Mainini Chido and told her that I have failed,” she pitifully said.

Before the live video, she had also posted on Facebook that she has been in an abusive and toxic situation for the past 1 year.

“I have been in a very abusive and toxic situation for the past 1 year , I feel like committing suicide today.

“My brother Fortune knows ,I have tried my best, Patience and Blessed know I have tried my best . But Ndaneta…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH,” she said.