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Company threatens to sue Biti over claims it did not deliver machines to Govt

️Paza Buster Commodity Brokers & Car Sales (Pvt) Ltd, has threatened to sue former Finance Minister Tendai Biti if he fails to retract a statement in which he claimed the company had duped the Government of Zimbabwe by failing to deliver machines in 2017.

In a recent interview with Heart and Soul Broadcasting Services host Blessed Mhlanga, Biti claimed that the government paid a company called Paza Buster for the supply of machines but they were not delivered.

“….. this is not new, in 2017 Government paid to companies Paza Buster, they paid for machines they were not delivered,” Biti said.

“The most shocking thing about the 2018 audit statement was that the Government of Zimbabwe bought four aeroplanes from Malaysia, one of them disappeared.

“Can you imagine an entire Aeroplane, a Boeing 777 disappearing… only in Zimbabwe… So when we say that these guys are bishops of stealing… zvima archbishops zvekuba that’s exactly what we mean… an entire plane… An entire plane disappeared,” Biti said in the interview.

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But Paza Buster is claiming the statement was defamatory.

“In light of the above, our instructions are to demand, as we hereby do, the publication of a full, unconditional and unreserved withdrawal of that defamatory statement and the related imputations together with an expression of regret on the same within forty eight (48) hours of receiving this letter as well as an instruction to Heart and Soul Broadcasting Services to delete the above video offending part relating to our client,” read the letter sent to Biti, copied to Blessed Mhlanga, by the company represented Rubaya and Chatambudza law chambers.

“Our client instructs us to advise you to practice your political gamesmanship without tarnishing other private entities based on lies and falsehoods.

“It is prudent to verify issues before placing the same in the public domain so that you avoid being unnecessarily dragged to court lest you cry victimisation yet you would have acted irresponsibly and recklessly,” Paza Buster said via their lawyers.

Biti did not respond to calls by Nehanda Radio for his comment on the latest developments.