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Two weeks on: Opposition activist still missing in Zim after abduction

Today (Tuesday) marks exactly two weeks after opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) member Moreblessing Ali went missing amid suspicion that she was abducted by rival Zanu-PF supporters.

The CCC believe Ali (46), was attacked by Zanu-PF supporters in the Nyatsimbe area and then bundled into a car. Her whereabouts are still unknown, 14 days after the incident happened.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) said Ali was dragged into the darkness by her ex-lover Pius Jamba while drinking beer at Chibhanguza Shopping Centre, Nyatsime in Beatrice.

Serious questions have begun to be asked by observers, with one critical one being “if Moreblessing is at her boyfriend’s place as suggested by the police wouldn’t she have contacted someone by now? Why would she be silent when people are searching for her?”

CCC interim deputy chairman Job Sikhala said there was need for more activism to push the regime to work harder to find Ali.

“All concerned won’t stop doing everything possible to make sure that Moreblessing is found.

“We stand with all the efforts to find Mobby. The thugs are known. Until they are arrested we won’t stop talking,” he said.

CCC national spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere published a public notice informing citizens about the plan to search for Ali. The plan involves prayers and distribution of fliers in places of interest.

“We continue to demand the immediate safe return of Moreblessing Ali who was forcibly taken on 24 May,” she said before posting the programme.

Pro-democracy activist Makomborero Haruzivishe said: “Let us intensify our demands for #BringBackMoreblessingAli.

“We can’t continue as normal when a fellow citizen is still missing after being taken in broad daylight by well known Zanu PF assailants.”

Meanwhile, the Zanu-PF regime has always been accused of persecuting the dissent. It has been seven years since journalist and political activist Itai Dzamara was abducted by suspected state security agents in Glen View, Harare.

Efforts by his wife, Sheffra Dorica, to ascertain his whereabouts from the government have been hitting a brick wall.