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Kent Law School, friends and observers mourn Dr Alex Magaisa

Kent Law School at the University of Kent, friends, observers and the main opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) have expressed their deepest condolences following the death of law expert Dr Alex Magaisa.

Magaisa died on Sunday after years of battling a heart ailment. He succumbed to a heart attack at the Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital in Kent, the southeast of England.

In a statement, Kent Law School, the university where he taught constitutional law said:

“It is with our deepest sorrow that we inform you of the passing of our dear colleague, Dr Alex Magaisa. We feel his loss immediately and join with Alex’s friends and admirers around the world in recognising his powerful legacy and impact at Kent.”

Lawyer and Human Rights NGO Forum director Musa Kika said: “We are blessed to have lived in the days of Dr. Alex Magaisa. The greatest Zimbabwean public intellectual of our time. He was a good man; a genuine man. Alex was supposed to see a different Zimbabwe. His life’s work was for Zimbabwe.”

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Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) interim deputy president Welshman Ncube celebrated Magaisa’s life.

“Death is always cruel and never makes sense but there are times when it is beyond cruel and senseless!!Rest in eternal peace Alex Magaisa. Your life is a living illustration of the truism that the pen is mightier than the sword. One of the best students I ever taught law,” Ncube said.

The Dutch Embassy in Harare tweeted: “Condolences to the friends and family of Alex Magaisa. He was an intellectual powerhouse dedicated to the law, and #democracy in Zimbabwe.

Nehanda Radio Managing Editor Lance Guma said: “Rest in peace Dr Alex Magaisa. Your contribution towards fighting for a better Zimbabwe will live long in the memories of generations to come. From your Big Saturday Read (BSR) to your taking time to answer every person that engaged you on social media. THANK YOU.”

Zimbabwean based constitutional law expert Lovemore Madhuku also sent his condolence message.

“Alex Magaisa : I have already said to all Zimbabweans, courtesy of VOA Africa that Alex Magaisa was our newest intellectual giant and an outstanding icon of his generation. His clarity of thought was both refreshing and inspiring. It is a shocking, devastating and painful MHDSRIP, ” he said.

UK Ambassador to Zimbabwe Melanie Robinson said: “I’m very sad indeed to hear about Dr Alex Magaisa’s death. He made such a contribution to – and cared so deeply about – Zimbabwe’s future. My thoughts are with his family and friends. MHSRIP.”

Former Zimbabwe Deputy Prime Minister Professor Arthur Mutambara said Magaisa’s contribution would not be forgotten.

“Go Well Dr Alex Magaisa. A distinguished public intellectual. A prolific writer and thought leader.

“Your contributions to the Zimbabwean discourse will always be cherished. Zorora murugare. Pako wakasakura ukazunza. The struggle continues,” Mutambara said.

Former cabinet Minister Jonathan Moyo said: “Gutting news about Dr Alex Magaisa. A fierce interlocutor, prolific writer and an indefatigable contributor to the quest for a better Zimbabwe. His tragic death leaves an unfillable void in the country’s public discourse. Condolences to his family and friends. #RIPAlexMagaisa.”

The opposition CCC in a statement said Magaisa will be remembered.

“Most citizens will remember Magaisa for his widely-acclaimed blog. The Big Saturday Read which offered in-depth analyses of law and politics in Zimbabwe. Magaisa was unafraid to speak truth to power and to offer constructive criticism to friends and foes alike.

“He had a remarkable capacity to deconstruct complex principles and ideas into bite-size treatises that gripped the attention of citizens of all walks of life.

“True to his commitment to enhance a culture of respect for the rule of law and constitutionalism, he wrote a handbook on citizens’ fundamental rights and freedoms under the Zimbabwean Constitution.

“A dark cloud has fallen over the nation. The citizens have been robbed of a voice, a heart and a beautiful mind. Magaisa leaves a rich legacy and an indelible mark on the struggle for democracy and good governance in Zimbabwe.

“We are grateful for his industry in sharing his bold ideas for a better Zimbabwe and we pay homage to him for seamlessly adhering to principle – even when it was inconvenient or unpopular. It is going to be impossible to fill the void left by him,” CCC national spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere said in a communique.