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Bill frequently checks on me, injured Bosso defender Andrew Tandi

Few weeks after his crude tackle (from behind) during the ‘Battle of Zimbabwe’ encounter resulted in a serious leg injury to Highlanders FC defender Andrew Tandi, Dynamos FC teen-star Bill Antonio who issued a public apology following the horrific incident is proving to be a ‘man of his word’ if not ‘indeed a gentleman’.

Tandi who at one point feared the injury would end his career told Nehanda Radio the 19-year-old forward and Prince Edward graduate “frequently checks on him”.

According to Tandi, Antonio reaches out almost everyday through Whatsapp seeking to find out the progress of his ankle injury during this time of his recovery path.

“He (Bill) frequently reaches out to me. We talk on a daily basis, I can tell that his wish is to see me to recover faster than expected,” said the injured Tandi.

“Injuries are a part of football, so there is no holding of grudges, I understand that it was actually a mistake.

“It wasn’t his intention to injure me, he also told me the same. He apologized to me first before he even made a public apology that was good of him.”

In the horrific challenge, the ex-Black Rhinos, Bulawayo City and Bulawayo Chiefs centre back fractured his right leg fibula, a bone in the lower leg stretching from the knee to the ankle.

The 25-year-old told Nehanda Radio the doctors have removed his plaster and he sounded upbeat.

Tandi believes he will return to the field of play in no time, indicating the doctors told him it will take six weeks for him to start stepping using his injured leg, although more weeks will be needed for him to begin some light training.

“At the moment I’m not using it (injured leg). I was instructed by the doctors not to step using the leg and I follow what they instruct me to do.

“It is my first serious injury as a professional footballer but though I feel I can pull through because of the support I’m getting from the club as well as family, friends and supporters.

“I would like to thank them all for their support starting with the club, coaches, players, teammates, supporters and those who once faced similar or even more serious situations than mine and always encourage me to be positive.”

A day after the incident Antonio took to his Twitter account to wish Andrew [Tandi] a speedy recovery.

“I am sorry for what happened yesterday (Sunday 15 May), it was not intentional. I pray and hope that you have a speedy recovery. I pray to God that you come back and play the game again,” he tweeted.

“I am sorry and wish you a speedy recovery, God bless you Andrew Tandi.”

Furthermore, speaking on how and also the pain he (Tandi) felt when he realized his leg had fractured he said: “I looked at my leg and I was shocked why was it facing to an unusual direction. I cried, I felt a lot of pain.”

Asked whether he saw the commotion which took place following his injury when his teammates pushed and shoved with the DeMbare players including Antonio he added: “Honestly, I can’t remember anything I was in pain.”