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Minister dismisses FAKE stories on selling of human toes for US$40K

Despite frenzied reports that did the rounds on social media for the past few weeks that toes were being cut and sold in exchange for nearly US$40 000, the Government has dismissed the news as false and misleading.

The trending story of people going to have their toes cut in exchange for up $US40 000 has been topical with the toes being said to be sold for huge sums of money or exchanged for cars such as Toyota Hilux GD6s.

Pictures of toes that have been cut as well as screenshots spreading around on social media handles such as WhatsApp and Twitter have been on circulation with some sections of dealers claiming that indeed the business was real and authentic.

While some have taken the issue comically, dealers interviewed said some had expressed interest in having their toes being cut in exchange of huge sums of money.

The dealers say people were frequenting their place from as far as Mutare, Kwekwe and Bindura enquiring on how they could have their toes cut for money.

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Said Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Deputy Minister, Kindness Paradza. “As Government we did research on this issue and we realized that it is false. These social media reports are aimed at tarnishing the image of the country.”

Police have also chipped in saying they are now investigating the matter as the trading of body parts is illegal in Zimbabwe.

National Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said they were investigating the claims of human body parts being sold.

“Police are conducting investigations and we shall issue a comprehensive report in due course. The public must do things according to the laws of the country, especially when it comes to human body parts.

“That is why we are saying as the police we are monitoring the situation,” said Assistant Commissioner Nyathi.

He said those found soliciting, selling and buying human body parts will be arrested.

“The laws of the country are very clear, when it comes to the issue of health and body parts, in terms of movement. The selling of human body parts in the country is illegal, whether people are advertising, soliciting, offering in terms of the country’s law as espoused by the Criminal Law and Codification and Reform Act, Chapter 9:23 is very clear.

“Even the Constitution of the country is very clear in terms of human safety. Whoever is advertising or soliciting for human body parts for various reasons, they should be careful because they risk being arrested,” said Assistant Commissioner Nyathi.

There are also fears that by accepting to let go of a toe or toes, one could be initiated into rituals which may have adverse and disastrous effects.

“Sacrificing one’s body part is part of Kuchekeresa which is just the same as sacrificing your blood or to take someone’s blood or someone’s organ to make rituals that then enrich you or make you have money, which you don’t work for.

“You are then told not to do certain things and you might not enjoy your life. Other people are told not to sleep indoors, not to use to relieve themselves in the toilet and are supposed to use the bush.”