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‘I’m ready to die for this country, there is a price in heaven’ – Chamisa

Zimbabwe’s main opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa said he is not afraid of dying for the country adding “there is a price in heaven when you die for the truth”.

Chamisa is on a tour of constituencies his party won during the March 26 by-elections. Over the weekend, he visited Binga where Prince Dubeko Sibanda defeated Zanu-PF and conducted a thank you rally.

Binga MP Prince Dubeko Sibanda addressing the crowd
Binga MP Prince Dubeko Sibanda addressing the crowd

He was also in Kwekwe where Judith Tobaiwa of Kwekwe Central and Settlement Chikwinya of Mbizo who won parliamentary seats.

It was in Kwekwe where Chamisa assured his supporters that he was not afraid of being killed by the Zanu-PF regime. He further stated that would not sell out the struggle for money.

“I will keep on fighting until problems in this country are resolved. Even if you come offering me a plot, money or cars I will resist because what I want is change,” Chamisa said.

“I told you that I’m ready to die. There is a price in heaven when you die for the truth. There is a price in heaven when you die for standing for the people. I’m an advocate. I can go and practice law making money but that will not help bring the country out of this mess.”

He commanded his MPs to serve the interests of the people.

“MPs in Parliament, go and represent the people. If you’re tired or failing, when we go back in 2023, we will do what is called ‘citizens first’. We are coming to consult you on who should be a Member of Parliament. Those who are failing must be retired,” the opposition leader warned.

After Chamisa left Kwekwe, alleged Zanu-PF thugs stormed the rally again and violently attacked three CCC supporters. They were hospitalised after being badly injured.

The party confirmed the negative development.

“Three people were injured after Zanu-PF thugs attacked our members soon after the Kwekwe victory celebration rally today. We continue to condemn any violent behavior by members of Zanu-PF particularly those from the Midlands province. The perpetrators must face justice,” CCC said.

In March, a few days before by-elections, one of Chamisa’s supporters, Mboneni Ncube was stabbed to death with a spear by suspected Zanu-PF supporters at a CCC rally in Kwekwe.

Sixteen people believed to be ruling party militants, were arrested by the police in connection with Ncube’s murder. But the accused have since been released on bail.