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A Revolution! Nelson Chamisa and Douglas Mwonzora – Water and Oil Don’t mix

Advocate Nelson Chamisa and Douglas Mwonzora like water and oil do not mix. Not surprising then that the sly attempts to foist Mwonzora on the masses, are failing.

As we head to 2023 elections, this calculated plot to sanitise Mwonzora as a rehabilitated, progressive opposition leader, is highly suspect, more so, as it is being done simultaneously with threats by Zanu PF to take back through the bullet what they lose on the ballot. All this under hushed talks of a Government of National Unity (GNU) – same script, if we wind back to the tragic events of 2008.

I wrote back then that for SADC the Zimbabwe conflagration was the most comprehensive diplomatic failure in the region, one which former President Thabo Mbeki might be regretting to this day, for which he bears a central responsibility.

Meaning that through the loud and explicit rejection of Mwonzora – by extension Zimbabweans are refusing for their democratic will to be short-changed in another elite pact.

A GNU construct whose aim is to vitiate the popular will of the people, in another deeply flawed process in which political state sponsored violence is a main negotiating tool.

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Only that this time, it will not work out in that perfect order.

Threats to undermine the expressed popular will of citizens, while erasing their hard won legitimate authority, relegating all hopes for a truly new democratic dispensation, under the warped guise of protecting gains of our liberation struggle.

I have written before that it is not working, it won’t work.

Emmerson Mnangagwa will also not be allowed, to provoke us back to the primitive era, dark ages, centuries back, of bloody revolutions, made up of gory scenes, in which decapitated blood soaked heads of tyrants were paraded on the streets, by revolting angry citizens.

We go back in history, in order to validate our current actions. In order to counter historically repulsive narratives by Zanu PF revisionists posturing as sole custodians of Zimbabwe’s independence gains – by extension its peace and security. This only bolsters arguments for demilitarisation of state institutions and not the prevailing warped positioning, that violence is a negotiable right, done with impunity.

It is simply disingenuous for Mnangagwa to point guns at unarmed citizens while at the same time seeking readmission into the Commonwealth, whose principles are underpinned by a belief in the liberty of the individual under the law.

The principles recognise the ‘individual’s inalienable right to participate by means of free and democratic political processes in framing the society in which he or she lives.’(Harare Declaration 1991).

Furthermore, calls for Mwonzora a Mnangagwa proxy to unite with Chamisa under the very dubious pretext of strengthening the opposition should therefore be dismissed with the contempt they deserve.

Necessitating the question, what vested interest would Mwonzora have in building that which he has individually invested so much time and energy to destroy?

Mwonzora is a Zanu PF protégé whose useful purpose for it should have ended after he was used to destroy everything Zimbabweans ever worked for, invested in, sacrificed for in the Movement for Democratic Change. Many are still hurting wounded and traumatised by the massacre he presided over – an apology would do better than the continued grandstanding on behalf of Mnangagwa.

However, as the adage goes, they buried the opposition not knowing they were planting seeds, that would soon sprout and continue the generational mandate of liberating Zimbabwe from the cruel throes of tyranny, presided over by Mnangagwa and his henchmen. Zimbabweans are tired including those in Zanu PF.

Despots are not known for wisdom.

Back in the history of bloody revolutions, had France’s King Louis XVl listened to wise counsel, had he understood the grievances of the French population and acted on time, he perhaps would have survived execution by the guillotine – he would have saved the French monarchy.

But, such is the nature of tyrants throughout centuries of history. A façade of invincibility, that they will rule forever, have their ways forever, relying on their own lies, they daily feed each other in ruling elite spheres, oblivious to the simmering discontent of the underdogs.

The underdogs the citizens who throughout that history, always have the final say – the upper hand.

It is ahistorical that Zimbabwe under Mnangagwa should be an exception. Reminding the revolutionary leaders, our nationalists, that even Ian Smith had sworn back then by his own mother, that ‘not in a thousand years’ would black majority rule ever be possible in Zimbabwe – Rhodesia at the time.

We have just celebrated 42 years of independence, only problematic is that the blood and sweat of those who went before us our mothers and fathers of the revolution, cries out, for this is not what the sacrifice was for.

That the same gun pointed at the white man to gain freedom, should today be pointed at the black man to deny him freedom.

But this is 2022 not the dark days in history in the 16th century, when citizens were on their own in fighting evil oppressors – resorting to the most barbaric ways, in their show of anger.

We are part of a woke global community, never mind its own contradictions, it has the moral responsibility to not stand-by and watch Mnangagwa mercilessly slaughter citizens for voting him out.

A case in Africa’s recent history.

A constitutional crisis was created in Gambia back then in 2016 when President Yahya Jammeh refused to step down from power, after opposition leader, Adama Barrow had won the Presidential election. A military Operation Restore Democracy was launched by ECOWAS supported by several West African governments, most important is that Gambians themselves launched days of protests for their will on the ballot to be respected. The military incursion not only minimised the number of casualties, but was able to restore order and peace.

There is a high cost for Mnangagwa, should he decide to massacre Zimbabweans. He knows it and why he desperately needs Mwonzora back at the centre of power in opposition politics. Written while healing from COVID-19.

To Be Continued Aluta Continua