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‘Jonathan Moyo fled SA after absconding with varsity funds’ – Mumusi Maimane

South African opposition “One SA Movement” leader Mmusi Maimane and exiled former Zimbabwean cabinet Minister Jonathan Moyo went nuclear on each other in a Twitter spat that saw Maimane accusing Moyo of fleeing to South Africa after absconding with University funds.

Moyo fled Zimbabwe after a military coup that ousted the late former President Robert Mugabe in November 2017. He is thought to be in self imposed exile in Kenya.

The former Zimbabwe Information Minister initiated the fussing about Maimane’s role in the #ShutDownZimbabwe campaign, a call for Zimbabweans to stay at home in protest against the deteriorating economic situation in the country.

But Moyo accused the pro-democracy activist of being a puppet of the US through association with the National Democratic Institute.

“Maimane is a South African politician and a National Democratic Institute puppet; he is not a Zimbabwean, to justify his leading role in a #ShutDownZimbabwe campaign.

“Compatriots who want to be led by or to associate with Mmusi Maimane’s #ShutDownZimbabwe plot should not expect everyone to join them,” Moyo said.

This did not sit well with Maimane who told Moyo that South Africans had not been honest with the Zanu-PF regime in 2002 and 2008 when Zimbabwe experienced serious economic problems worsened by disputed election results.

The crisis resulted in millions of Zimbabweans migrating to South Africa seeking greener pastures.

“Tyrannical regimes require silence in order to continue their oppression.

“If South Africa had been honest in 2002 and in 2008 we would have avoided the mass migration that followed. We paid a high price for supporting Mugabe. We will not support Emmerson Mnangagwa another Mugabe,” he said.

Maimane further alleged: “Don’t use my name recklessly Moyo. You were in G40 thinking that you were in G-Unit but you were led by a disGrace. All I know about you is that you fled South Africa after absconding with university funds. Then you were Gobbels for Mugabe.

“SA pays the price. We will speak. Every South African should speak about the crisis in Zimbabwe because we are affected daily.

“We share our neighborhoods, we share our hospitals and clinics. We share our economy. Everyone of us should support the end of the oppressive regime including protests and shutdowns,” Maimane added.

Moyo responded: “At least you’re helpfully justifying your role and not denying it. Otherwise, it’s known that you’re an @NDI Sadc pointman, not just a tool of white monopoly capital in SA; your ‘#ShutDownZimbabwe’ campaign is similar to the one you are mobilising against Eswatini with @afriforum!”

ZCTU president Peter Mutasa (Picture by NewsDay)
ZCTU president Peter Mutasa (Picture by NewsDay)

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition chairperson Peter Mutasa supported Maimane saying: “Zimbabweans who are facing danger daily appreciate your solidarity.

“At a funeral a bereaved family won’t move around chasing away mourners who are consoling them on baseless grounds. We need every voice to support us,” Mutasa said. Nehanda Radio