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Minister says ‘kombis not coming back’

Local Government Minister July Moyo has vowed that kombis are not coming back and that only ZUPCO buses, or those under the ZUPCO franchise, are allowed to ferry passengers.

“Private kombis are not coming back, President Mnangagwa is working very hard to purchase ZUPCO buses which will be enough to cater for the commuting public,” Moyo said.

Local Government Minister July Moyo
Local Government Minister July Moyo

Despite the statement from Moyo many passengers are complaining that ZUPCO services end earlier than expected in the evening, leaving passengers in the lurch.

Tafadzwa Goriyati, the president of the Zimbabwe Passengers Association explained the crisis;

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“In the evening, passengers are boarding anything which comes on the road because of the shortage of ZUPCO transport, people are being robbed of their possessions because of transport challenges,” he said

Patricia Mberi, who lives in Budiriro, said their area was being serviced by one ZUPCO bus.

“If you miss that bus, you will have to wait for another trip, commuting to town is very hard and expensive because you hike from here and you pay US$1 to the roundabout and board another car to town,” she said.

The police have also warned commuters not to board mushika-shika transport as they risk being robbed or killed.

Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said that “members of the public must avoid boarding mushikashika vehicles or use their private vehicles as pirate taxis as they risk falling prey to robbers.”