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US govt dismiss allegations of sponsoring media for regime change

The United States Embassy in Harare has dismissed allegations that it sponsors journalists and media outlets to push for regime change in Zimbabwe.

A few days ago, the embassy was accused of financially aiding investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono who is a fierce critic of the regime’s alleged corruption and incompetence.

Zanu-PF also alleged that the embassy is sponsoring independent media and the main opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC).

In a statement on Twitter, the US Embassy urged Zimbabwe not to confuse its media training for local journalists as regime support.

“We’ve seen reports misrepresenting our support of an independent press. Our training aims to strengthen independent media in Zimbabwe. An impartial, professional, and free press is key to all democracies,” read the statement.

“Our training fosters investigative journalism to inform citizens and promote public debate. We do not use the media to target or assist any particular political group.

“We provide training and U.S. exchange opportunities to journalists in Zimbabwe and around the world to build expertise.

“Our training and exchange opportunities are transparent and have no strings. We encourage all Zimbabweans to take advantage of the US sponsored opportunities we regularly share on our social media platforms.”

The regime is criticising Chin’ono following his address at the Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy.

Chin’ono told the world that Zanu-PF elites in Zimbabwe were looting US$100 million every month when the country’s hospitals were struggling to save people’s lives.

“The Zanu-PF political elites loot US$100 million every month. Our central hospitals require only US$50 million. So, what they are stealing in a month, can run the central hospital in two years,” he said.

This prompted Zanu-PF activists to castigate him, accusing of being a “sellout” and a puppet of the Western countries.

The ruling party is also intending to use its two thirds majority in Parliament to push for the passage of the Patriotic Bill in order to criminalise citizens against engaging with foreign embassies without government approval. Nehanda Radio