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Komichi “not afraid of being expelled” from MDC-T after leaked audio

MDC-T chairman Morgen Komichi confirmed he said his party was rejected by the people and vowed that he is not afraid of being expelled from the MDC-T over the statement exposed via a leaked audio.

A leaked audio on Thursday revealed Komichi in a conversation admitting to being embarrassed by the electorate during the by-elections after his party failed to win even a single seat.

A newly formed political party, the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), won 19 seats out of 28 in Parliament. Zanu-PF won 9 seats.

CCC was formed by Nelson Chamisa and his colleagues after Komichi, Douglas Mwonzora and Thokozani Khupe grabbed the MDC Alliance name, properties and funds.

Komichi’s MDC-T did not win any seat even in the local government where CCC bagged 75 out of 122 council seats.

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In the audio, Komichi is heard saying:

“Pakaoma hatina haaa party yedu yakarambwa nevanhu. Hameno but the truth of the matter is that people rejected the MDC-T. Kwavati MDC is not a worthy party. It is just a puppet of Zanu-PF. We can be subjective but the truth of the matter is, people rejected us,” Komichi said.

“This is the same party once led by Tsvangirai, performing well. The same party was once led by Nelson Chamisa. But now people are no longer taking it as a political party.

“So, find out from the people on the ground. They will tell you the truth. The best way of dealing with such a big problem is research so that you make something that is popular. Because if you ask me, I’m subjective because I’m an actor.”

Asked by Nehanda Radio to confirm whether the voice was his or not, Komichi said: “How are you doing….? Was the discussion wrong?”

He went on to say he was not afraid of being expelled from the party because he had not insulted anyone.

“Handina kutuka munhu so handityi. (I did not insult anyone, so I’m not afraid),” he said. Nehanda Radio