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O’brien Tandaira a.k.a “Snake Under Grass” considers divorcing wife

O’brien Tandaira who rose to fame as Snake Under Grass in a viral video where he was mimicking a meandering snake, shouting ‘Unobiwa iwe, Mahorror’ has announced that he is having problems with his wife.

Tandaira who is married to his wife Pamela, took his problems to his twitter account to shed more light;

Also known as London Boy on Twitter, he wrote: “I’m having serious problems with my wife and I think the best way to solve the issue is divorcing. My wife thinks that I’m making money through the fame that I have now yet I’m not earning much.

Speaking with Sta Fm Dj Miss V-Candy in a recent interview, London Boy revealed he has three children; two girls and a boy.

‘I have three children, two girls( the one is called Whitney or Mufaro in Shona). The mother is Pamela Cherichezvi’, said the Snake Under Grass meme creator.

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London Boy who was born and bred in Mufakose, rose to fame recently following his ‘snake under the grass’ meme which circulated on social media platforms.

Despite the hilarious clip, Zimbabweans quickly judged him pinpointing that he was under the influence of ‘Mutoriro’ which is now popular in the ghetto.

Mutoriro or crystal-meth is a dangerous drug which is being abused in the slums by youths.

As of yesterday, social media was left in shock after images of Zimdancehall chanter Dobba Don surfaced looking scruffy.

Tweeps reacted to this photo alleging that the zimdancehall chanter has been affected by his abuse of ‘Mutoriro’.