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‘Zec must be sued like hell’ says exiled former minister Jonathan Moyo

Exiled former Information MInister Jonathan Moyo says the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) “must be sued like hell” to force it into handling the voters roll in a transparent manner.

“It is very clear that Zec, through its chairperson Chigumba and its chief elections officer Utoile Silaigwana, is contemptuous of voters and prospective voters; and the time has come for voters and prospective voters to hit ZEC very hard with lawsuits from left, right and centre,” Moyo said.

“That is what now needs to be done, by voters and prospective voters. Zec must be sued like hell. Civil society and other well-wishers, who want to see free and fair elections in Zimbabwe, must brace themselves and get ready to assist voters and prospective voters to support public interest litigation by voters and prospective voters.”

“Otherwise, Zec is accountable to the public; that is why section 233 (d) of the constitution requires Zec, and indeed all Commissions, “to promote transparency and accountability” as a public institution.

“Zec is required by the constitution to do this, that is to promote transparency and accountability, as an independent body which is not subject to the direction or indirect control of anyone, not even Parliament,” Moyo added.

“So, it is very clear that as an independent constitutional body in a constitutional democracy, Zec is without any doubt accountable to the public in accordance with the law. That is the essence of a constitutional democracy, full stop.

“There is absolutely no way that an electoral body operating outside the law can ensure the conduct of elections and referendums that are efficient, free, fair and transparent in accordance with the law,” he said.

“It is for this reason that the current Zec commissioners and senior managers must be disbanded and replaced,” Moyo said.

Zec has been under the spotlight after activists such as Team Pachedu exposed massive irregularities including the alleged registration of voters without known addresses and movement of over 170 000 registered voters from constituencies without their consent.