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Hopewell Chin’ono urges citizens to let Mwaruwari, Msiska and Shereni back ZANU PF

Award winning journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has ‘sarcastically’ backed the trio of ex-footballers Brenna Msiska, Harlington Shereni and Benjani Mwaruwari to choose and support preferred political parties of their choice.

Chin’ono’s remarks comes after social media went abuzz with a picture circulating mainly on whatsapp of the three above mentioned former athletes posing for a photo, donned in ZANU PF regalia.

According to reports, the picture was taken at a football tournament held in Tafara, Harare hosted by the ZANU PF Harare East candidate Mavis Gumbo over the weekend (Sunday).

The picture divided opinions within several groups in the country including football lovers and political party supporters.

But posting on his Facebook page on Tuesday, Chin’ono reckoned that the former footballers, just like any other Zimbabwean citizen have the right to express their political freedom.

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From right Brenna Msiska, Benjani Mwaruwari and Harlington Shereni.
From right Brenna Msiska, Benjani Mwaruwari and Harlington Shereni.

“From right Brenna Msiska, Benjani Mwaruwari and Harlington Shereni. These former footballers have a right to choose a political party to support.

“Don’t insult them for supporting ZANU PF, corrupt rule, repression and violence. They have chosen a side that dovetails with their personal values. What is important is that you now know where they stand,” he shared.

In the photo, the three are seen clothed in the ruling party’s attire which include caps and t-shirts with a print of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s face tagged at the front.

Of late there has been a notably increase in the number of celebrities taking part in politics.

Artists like Ricky Fire and Sani Makhalima have openly endorsed the country’s main opposition party leader Nelson Chamisa’s Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC).

While, Sandra Ndebele who was appointed Bulawayo’s representative for young women in Economic Development by Zanu-PF in August 2021. Nehanda Radio