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Round table for Seh Calaz and Moira Knight

The emotional tug-of-war parents endure fighting for their kids can really be combative and emotionally taxing. This is not an exception for Seh Calaz and Moira Knight.

Seh Calaz is known in the contemporary Zimdancehall music arena for his signature lyrical chant “Check Check Check”, but one thing he is not giving is a real ‘Cheque’.

Two years later, Moira is rightfully demanding maintenance for their son born 9th March 2020. She has never received a dime from him. Perhaps his pockets are so empty and thin to the extent that he could sit on a dime and tell if it was heads or tails.

Clearly fame is ‘a dime a dozen’ when you don’t have a nickel to show.

UK based musician and model Moira Knight, who recently split from husband Seh Calaz
UK based musician and model Moira Knight, who recently split from husband Seh Calaz
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Fans are speculating Moira’s motive why she only filed for maintenance now, noting that she had been fine for the past two years. Some stated that it was a spiteful move after she found out that Seh Calaz has moved on and has an official girlfriend that he posted on a social media platform.

Contrary some fans are in support of Moira indicating that she has every right as a single mother to file for maintenance without being judged or labeled spiteful.

Moira took it to social media, I quote, “Our son needs to be looked after by BOTH parents. I have provided for him all by myself since his birth so it’s only fair that his father contributes from now on.”

Her lawyers stated that she is willing to have a round table conference to discuss and resolve the issue amicably. Seh Calaz has been given till the 18th of August 2022 to respond, if not, summons will be filed at the maintenance court.

Seh Calaz is not new to the court system. In May 2018 he was fined $100 or one month in jail if he failed to pay the fine by Harare Magistrate Josephine Sande for recording the song “Kurova Hohwa” which was deemed “indecent and obscene”.

The two are not new to toxicity and public drama, it followed them since the beginning of their bad romance in 2016. Barely a year after their engagement, on the 12th of June 2017, Seh Calaz was reported to have beaten up Moira after she had taken his phone.

She moved out of the Waterfalls apartment that the two were sharing citing fears for her safety. However, she did not press charges against Calaz saying that she was still in love with him.

Clearly love never dies, after all she has been through, Moira is still hoping for a round table talk with him over their son’s maintenance to avoid authorities getting involved.

Round table or square, a square can never fit in a round.

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